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Chapter 262: Dragon Energy, Emperors Bloodline, Divine Blood, and Conjectures About the World.

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It was not a cultivation technique, but a book on the evolution of cultivation.

From the looks of the book, it should have been written a long time ago.

It might have been written by some older warriors.

What was written on it was information about dragon energy.

The so-called dragon energy was the essence of the power that he had obtained in the Dragon bloodline.

Last night, Ye Xiao had relied on that power to raise his current cultivation by about 10 percent.

Therefore, he was extremely interested in that power now.

He really wanted to know what that power was.

After opening that book, a line of simple and unadorned words appeared before his eyes.


That d*mned classical Chinese!

Fortunately, he was already in the King realm at that point.

When he circulated the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, his spiritual energy was activated at an extremely fast rate.

Very quickly, he was able to decipher the meaning within, allowing him to read it without any obstruction.

Those with dragon energy had the fate of the human race! The fate of mountains, rivers, and oceans!

They were usually born within the dragon veins.

If an ordinary person obtained that fate, they would be able to break through the shackles of the physical body and become an emperor!

The so-called emperors body was an existence that transcended the binding force of the laws of space and time.

Only by becoming an emperor would one be able to break free from the suppression of the laws and further cultivate.

If one was unable to become an emperor, when ones cultivation reached a certain age, they would naturally die.

Even if they used some special methods to maintain it, it would only be able to prolong their life.

Compared to a true lifespan, it was far from being comparable.

However, how difficult was it to form the emperors body

The emperors body could not even be easily restricted by the laws of space and time.

One could imagine how powerful it was.

It was practically a dream for a mortal to become an emperor.

Forget about the ten billion people, even if there was one among the 100 billion people, it was already a very large proportion.

Ye Xiao could not help but be a little shocked.

If it was according to the ratio in the book, there would not even be a single Emperor realm martial artist in the entire world.

It was too difficult.

At the same time, his curiosity was piqued as he continued to look down.

There were two methods to become an emperor.

The first method was to awaken the Emperors bloodline.

That was an extremely special bloodline.

It was already not suppressed by the laws of space and time.

Even if one broke through, there would not be a lightning tribulation.

Although they did not know how it was born.

They also did not know how strong it was.

As long as it was the Emperors bloodline, the final cultivation would definitely not be low.

Most people could not have the Emperors bloodline.

At that time, some martial arts experts discovered another way.

That was to extract dragon energy from the dragon veins and let oneself have that special power to temper ones body.

Let oneself have the same as the Emperors bloodline holder, breaking through the shackles of the physical body, to reach the true Emperors bloodline.

It was precisely because of that that in history, there was an emperor who ordered his subordinates to cut off all the dragon veins in the nine provinces!

In order to prevent future generations from destroying his descendants!

Dragon energy was the essence of the creation of many heavens and earth.

It already contained the power of laws.

It could be the same as the lightning tribulation, so it would not be overly repelled by the lightning tribulation.

Only those who had dragon energy could pass the test of the lightning tribulation when they advance.

Even if their bodies were tempered by lightning, they would not die.

Without the protection of dragon energy, no matter how strong ones cultivation base or talent was, they would never be able to withstand the powerful suppression of the lightning tribulation.

That thing could also be understood as a kind of key.

It was the key that led to the Emperor realm and opened the door to the Emperor realm.

Therefore, if one wanted to become an Emperor realm martial artist.

Moreover, if one did not have the bloodline of an emperor, one had to obtain the dragon energy, and the more the better.

Otherwise, no matter how deep one cultivated, one would still die in the end.

According to the authors guess, the dragon energy was actually more like a catalyst.

It could catalyze the human body, catalyzing certain parts of the human body to be like the Emperors bloodline.

That way, even an ordinary person.

Would be able to possess strength and aptitude as powerful as the Emperors bloodline, and then advance to the Emperor realm.

That book was just a fragment.

There were no records of what happened after it.

Perhaps it had been damaged in the long river of time.

Perhaps its owner did not write it at all.

Regardless of the outcome, there was at least one thing that Ye Xiao knew.

He should go and find more dragon energy to temper his emperors body.

Otherwise, he would not be able to advance that realm.

Naturally, he would not be able to grow into an Emperor realm martial artist.

If he could not even reach the Emperor realm, what was the rest of it

Then again, when he obtained the dragon energy, his body did indeed receive some catalysis.

It was not very accurate to say that it was catalyzing.

If one had to use one word, it would be more suitable to be tempered.

It had kicked out many impurities in his body, leaving behind some very powerful blood essence.

According to the authors guess, the dragon energy was to temper the human body and turn the blood of the human body into something similar to the Emperors bloodline holder.

Then, would he not be the same as Qin Yuyan

Could he also have the Emperors bloodline

No, there seemed to be something wrong.

The reason why the Emperors bloodline was the elusive existence it was that it was extremely different from ordinary bloodlines.

Otherwise, how would the Emperors bloodline be differentiated

At that moment, Ye Xiao suddenly thought of the term divine blood.

Divine blood was a term that he had just learned about previously.

It was also the reason why star beasts attacked humans.

Legend had it that humans were all descendants of the god race, and the god race was the most powerful race in the universe.

Therefore, the blood essence in the human body contained divine blood, but it was very rare.

It might require billions, or even tens of billions of humans, to be refined.

It could allow divine beasts and super divine beasts to go one step further, and it could also allow human King realm martial artists and Emperor realm martial artists to become true gods-like existences

Ye Xiaos heartbeat suddenly started to accelerate.

He seemed to have vaguely understood the connection.

He had a guess.

The Emperors bloodline was actually the divine blood!

In other words, those who had awakened the Emperors bloodline had actually awakened the divine blood.

The divine blood would not be targeted by the spacetime laws, so when they broke through, there would not be a lightning tribulation.

They could continue to break through as usual.

However, ordinary humans did not awaken it.

The vast majority of peoples blood was the blood of ordinary humans.

They needed dragon energy to refine their own fresh blood to reach the level of creating the divine blood.

That way, ordinary people would also have the same fresh blood as the Emperors bloodline.

Ye Xiao had some basis for thinking that way.

The last time, the Tiger God sent Susan and the others down to snatch Qin Yuyan, it should be because the Emperors bloodline was actually the divine blood.

If not, why would the star beasts come to capture Qin Yuyan

To fall in love

Perhaps, to boil her bones into soup

Ye Xiao would not believe that the star beasts would be so bored.

They must have some unspeakable secret behind their actions.

He has to give it a try!

No matter how much he thought about it, it was better to give it a try.

Ye Xiao used his spiritual sense to scan the surroundings.

After confirming Qin Yuyans location, he immediately used the Divine Intent technique and teleported out to Qin Yuyans side.

Le Xinling was right in front of her, imparting her cultivation knowledge.

However, Ye Xiaos speed was very fast.

The speed of a King realm martial artist was so terrifying that it was not something that the two of them could even sense with their naked eyes.

In an instant, Ye Xiao took out a drop of Qin Yuyans blood.

Then, he used his cultivation technique and left again.

The entire process only took 0.00001 seconds.

Neither of them could keep up with that speed.

Qin Yuyan touched her chest.


Why do I feel like something stung me just now”

Le Xinling shook her head.

“Are you mistaken There cant be mosquitoes here.

If something stung you, I would definitely notice it.”

“Thats true.

Teacher Le is a martial arts expert at the divine grandmaster rank.

How can he hide from your eyes”

“Dont be distracted.

Listen to my lecture honestly.”


The two women continued to impart knowledge and study.

On the other side, Ye Xiao immediately left after receiving Qin Yuyans blood.

He arrived at an uninhabited area and forced out a drop of blood from his fingertip.

He scanned the twos blood through the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and compared them.

He scanned them more than 2,000 times per second!

After several rounds of screening, he could finally confirm his assumption.

The comparison between the blood of the two of them, apart from the fact that they were both human blood, also had an extremely unique similarity.

The blood of the two of them had traces of faint golden brilliance, which was the condition of the blood after being tempered by dragon energy.

However, Ye Xiaos was very weak while Qin Yuyans was very bright and very clear.

That was right, the Emperors bloodline was the divine blood!

Therefore, after the Emperors bloodline was awakened, he would have a cultivation speed faster than ordinary people.

Furthermore, he would not suffer from lightning tribulations or anything.

He understood.

Now, he understood everything.

Why did he have to look for dragon energy That was because that kind of pure power of nature could help the human race, temper their bloodline, and let the human race that was unable to awaken become the god race

However, after thinking through that point, Ye Xiaos heart started to become heavy again.

Although the Emperors bloodline was very magnificent existence, the Emperors bloodline was not a heaven-defying irregularity.

If the Emperors bloodline was the divine blood, then Qin Yuyan could only be considered an ordinary person who had awakened the divine blood.

In the entire starry sky, just how many people would awaken the divine blood like Qin Yuyan

Xia Bingning, right

Where did she come from

She had said that wherever she was, there were martial arts experts.

She also had eye-bloodline techniques.

The vast majority of powerful eye-bloodline techniques were either born naturally, obtained their own inheritances, or passed down by the clan elders.

Then Xia Bingnings background was even more worth pondering!

Could it be… That there might be an even grander world under the starry sky that was far beyond his imagination

Was the human world just a corner of it


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