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Chapter 253: Samuels Desire

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just as everyone was puzzled, one of Chen Qingxuans students suddenly said,

“Wait a minute, why do I feel like this is the heaven and earth phenomenon that will be triggered when the imperial array appears”

When he said that, everyone was shocked.

“Hiss, Old Chen, are you already so strong The array you set up can actually trigger the heaven and earth phenomena”

The corner of Chen Qingxuans mouth could not help but twitch.

In fact, he had seen through it earlier than his student.

That thing was the heaven and earth phenomenon triggered by the array.

In fact, he was also shocked.

Why would such a situation happen

There was one thing that he was very clear about.

That was, the heaven and earth phenomenon was definitely not triggered by his array.

He had a good understanding of his own array level.

He would definitely not be able to reach that level alone.

Only when he joined hands with a few other top professors in the country would he be able to reach that level.

“Old Du, youre slapping my face by saying this.

“I did build such an emperor array, but that was built by me and the other top array masters in the country.

“Its definitely impossible for me to reach such a level by myself.”

Du Changfeng was slightly surprised.

“You can already be considered as one of the top array masters in the entire nine provinces, yet youre still unable to create a great array that can trigger the phenomenon of heaven and earth”

Although Du Changfeng was previously a professor at the Jingdu Martial Arts Academy, in reality, he did not know much about arrays.

As the saying goes!

It was like a mountain separating them.

Since he did not know about arrays, he naturally did not know whether the level of arrays was good or not.

In the next second, the speed at which the entire Jianghai city absorbed the spiritual energy suddenly became violent.

It was as if a huge whirlpool had been born in the sea, swallowing the surrounding seawater.

“My God!”

Everyone could not help but exclaim in shock.

The speed of the absorption of spiritual energy was much, much faster than the formation that Chen Qingxuan had just set up.

The spirit-gathering array that Chen Qingxuan had set up was already several times stronger than the array that Guangliang had set up previously.

At that point, that new unknown spirit-gathering array was actually able to instantly overshadow the array that Chen Qingxuan had set up!

It was too powerful.

Seeing that scene, Chen Qingxuan let out a faint sigh.

“There is always someone better than you.

There is always someone better.

This is a true array master!

“Compared to him.

I, the so-called top professor in the country, felt like a little kid.

I was completely unpresentable.

“Old Du, he is from your Jianghai city.

You should know who he is, right”

Du Changfeng also let out a long breath and said with a serious face,

“If my guess is right, it should be him.

“Have you heard that there is an unrivaled master in Jianghai city”

“An unrivaled master in Jianghai city”

“Yes, he has been very popular on the internet recently.

He is very famous.”

“You should be talking about the Saber-sword Immortal, right But thats not right! Isnt he a martial arts practitioner”

Chen Qingxuan looked at Du Changfeng in confusion.

Du Changfeng smiled helplessly.

“He is indeed a martial arts practitioner.

But in fact, his attainments in array formations are far beyond that of ordinary people.

Right now, there is still the imperial array he set up in Jianghai city.”

Chen Qingxuan was stunned.

After a few seconds, he looked at the endless stream of spiritual energy pouring into Jianghai city and sighed,

“Amazing! There is actually such an unrivaled array master in the world.

I really admire him.”

Several martial arts experts of Jianghai city could not help but be stunned when they felt the sudden increase in the speed of the absorption of spiritual energy.

“Whats going on How did the city suddenly increase so much spiritual energy”

“Isnt this speed a little too fast”

“I heard that the top array master in the country sent by the nine provinces alliance from the Jing province is building an array.

Could it be that this array was built by him”

“Thats impossible.

This array formation… Why do I feel like Its more powerful than the spirit-gathering array in the Jing province

“If they built it, why didnt they build it better in the Jing province”

In the library, Jiang Chen, the new director, narrowed his eyes.

“This array… Is so powerful! The Alliance sent Chen Qingxuan to build the array.

Could it be them

‘No, its not him!

‘I have seen that kids level, but he is far from this level.

Thinking of that, he walked out of the pavilion and carefully sensed it.

Only then did he realize that the center of the array was actually under the feet of the statue of the Saber-sword Immortal.

‘This is… The Saber-sword Immortal of Jianghai city This guys attainments in arrays have actually reached such a shocking level

‘In the entire nine provinces, I have never seen an array master stronger than him!

‘Saber-sword Immortal, who on Earth are you

Liu Chengxun naturally also felt that change.

He came to the window and stared at the statue of the Saber-sword Immortal.

‘Senior, could it be that this time, it was you who made a move in the dark again As expected of you.

In this world, Im afraid only you can be so shocking and move the Heaven and Earth!

After thinking that, his gaze inadvertently glanced at the director at the door.

‘Isnt that guy the newly appointed director From his expression, could it be that he has already guessed that this was the work of the Saber-sword Immortal

‘Hes quite skilled.

‘A mere sixth-grade Xiantian realm martial artist is actually able to see through this point.

Hes not simple.

At that moment, the craziest reaction was given by none other than thepoultry in the array!

Even though Ye Xiao had already told them before that he wanted to nurture them, it was still a matter of words.

However, if he really wanted to do it, it would probably take a very long time.

After all, just the preparation time alone would not be short if he wanted so many divine grandmasters to raise their cultivation.

In their hearts, it would at least take a month or even more time.

In the end, they did not expect that Ye Xiao had just said in the morning and it had already begun at night.

That speed was a little too fast, right

What made them even more pleasantly surprised was that the speed of absorbing spiritual energy in that array was more than 20 times stronger than before!

It was too amazing!

With that spirit-gathering array and them being in the core of the array, it could be imagined just how dense and powerful the supply of spiritual energy would be in their environment

That would allow their cultivation speed to directly increase to more than 20 times compared to before!

“Good fellow, as expected of Ye Xiao! Hes actually so strong, too abnormal.”

“This poultrys life has only just begun! If he had used this method earlier, I wouldnt have argued with him for so long back then.

I would have directly made him poultry.”

“This is simply heaven on Earth.

This poultry is becoming more and more satisfying.


Among the star beasts, the one who was the most excited was Samuel.

After so many years, he, the Strength God Qingniu, and the War God Fenglong were known as the three great generals under the Tiger God.

However, what everyone did not know was that the Strength God Qingniu and the War God Fenglong looked down on him.

It was all because his strength was not enough.

The Strength God Qingniu and the War God Fenglong had already reached the lesser divine beast.

Only he was at the peak of the Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster and was still far from the lesser divine beast realm.

Therefore, he had always been very troubled.

He was troubled that his cultivation was not enough.

In his heart, he even felt that he was just there to make up the numbers.

However, things were different now.

With this spirit-gathering array, from today onward, he would cultivate at the fastest speed possible.

That speed was even faster than cultivating beside the Tiger God!

He would definitely be able to cultivate to the lesser divine beast realm in the shortest amount of time possible.

That was not right.

If he remembered correctly, Ye Xiao had previously said that he would go all out to help them raise their cultivation.

Therefore, there was a high possibility that there would be other methods to speed up the increase in his cultivation.

That way, he might even be able to surpass the Qingniu and Fenglong!

The more Samuel thought about it, the more excited he became.

He was so excited that his body began to tremble.

It had been over a thousand years!

A whole thousand years!

He had finally waited for the time to turn the tables.

By the time he got out of that seal, be it the Strength God Qingiu or the War God Fenglong, they might have already turned into dust.

Even if they did not turn into dust, it did not matter.

That was because he would become a star beast that would truly surpass them in all aspects!

It was very likely that he would become a true divine beast!

In order to speed up his progress, should he consider giving Ye Xiao more flesh and blood

He could not bear to lose a child and not get a wolf, so he might as well be ruthless.

In the past, he would only chop off one wing and one leg every day.

Now, he might as well chop off two wings and two legs every day.

In any case, Ye Xiao had a healing technique, so he would not die there.

His injuries would also be quickly healed.

Perhaps he would give him something better to raise his cultivation faster.

Just thinking about it made him feel happy.

Ye Xiao had long thought of that situation, so he was not too excited.

Moreover, his goal was more ambitious than other people and the poultry.

What he wanted was to raise the poultry to the level of lesser and divine beasts in a short period of time.

Then, he would provide them with stronger flesh and blood to help him cultivate.

After doing that, he went straight back to his home to take the next step of his plan.

On the other side, two figures appeared in the sky above Jianghai city.

One was tall and sturdy, while the other was thin and tall.

“This place should be Jianghai city, right

“This is the place where Lord Tiger God detected the bloodline of the human emperor.

“Susan, Mo Yu, and Iron Bull had also disappeared here.

“Then Samuel, that idiot, came here and disappeared here.”

“Thats right.

This is just a small human city.

Logically speaking, there shouldnt be any genius martial arts experts.

“Moreover, I didnt sense any powerful aura.

How did Samuel and the others disappear”

“Forget it, lets go down and have a look first.

Well find a human tongue to scratch and ask..

Well see if we can get some results or something.”


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