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Chapter 213: All Cooled Down

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“Even if it wasnt the Wind God Samuel, if it were the other two generals under the Tiger God, they would have been able to do this.”

Susan could not help but interject,

“To be honest, that Ye Xiao only took advantage of his cultivation.

“His cultivation is a little stronger than ours.

“But if he were to really meet a Xiantian ninth-grade martial arts expert, he would become a piece of trash in a minute.

“Once Lord Tiger God appears, Im afraid he wont even be able to endure for two seconds.”

Iron Bull spoke again,

“The next beast calamity is coming soon.

When that time comes, Lord Tiger God will sense that we are here and will definitely come to save us”

Mo Yu pursed her lips into a smile.

“Iron Bull, do you think that human brat has the qualifications to compare with Lord Tiger God

“Lord Tiger God doesnt need to come personally.

He only needs to send one of the three generals to rescue us in a minute.”

“Youre right.

I think too highly of that kid.”


The entire breeding ground below the seal burst into laughter.

In the eyes of those miserable star beasts, that was a rare bout of happiness.

A self-comforting spiritual victory!

However, just as the star beasts were laughing heartily, Ye Xiao suddenly appeared inside the seal.

In an instant, all the laughter and smiles disappeared.

The air fell into a deathly stillness, and it was filled with a terrifying and oppressive aura.

“Are you guys talking about something funny Why were you all laughing before I came”

Ye Xiao felt rather curious.

The corners of the star beasts mouths could not help but twitch violently.

‘You are already here.

How can we still laugh

‘Moreover, the happy things that we were talking about were bad things about you!

‘Mocking you in front of you, isnt that a death wish

Seeing that they did not say anything, Ye Xiao did not mind.

In any case, they were only providing him with blood essence and spiritual energy.

As long as he could obtain endless benefits from them, it would be fine.

He threw Samuel in front of the star beasts and said again,

“He is not completely dead.

Not long after, his powerful healing ability should be able to bring him back to life.

“From today onward, he will be your new partner.

I hope that you can get along well and not give me any trouble.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao turned around and left.

When Ye Xiao left, the star beasts could not help but surround him.

“Who is this unlucky fellow Why is he so blind Wherever he goes is not good, but he just had to come to Jianghai city.

“His head has really been kicked by a donkey.”

“I dont think its just his head that has been kicked by a donkey.

His luck is not good either.”

The star beasts were commenting as they silently turned over the other partys body.

However, the moment they saw the other partys face.

Mo Yu suddenly covered her mouth, Iron Bull immediately screamed, and Susan staggered back a few steps.

“Impossible, impossible! How is this possible”

The other star beasts could not help but look confused.

“Whats going on”

“Whats wrong with all of you”

Only Norfis looked at the person lying on the ground with a strange expression and said faintly,

“This fellows face is very familiar! I should remember him.

He seems to be the Wind God Samuel”

Once those words were said, the other star beasts did not say anything.

The fighting spirit that the person had just gotten up with was beaten to the bottom in the blink of an eye.

The shock that it brought to them was no less than the arrival of the end of the world.

They had originally thought that Ye Xiao only had an advantage in terms of cultivation when it came to them.

Facing those veteran star beast martial arts experts, or rather, those genius star beast martial arts experts who had been cultivating outside, there was a 100 percent certainty that he would lose.

In the end, they did not expect that the other party had taken down Wind God Samuel, one of the three great generals under the Tiger God throne, in the blink of an eye.

That allowed everyone to have a brand new understanding of Ye Xiaos terror.

That fellow was really not a human!

Susan slowly walked to the side and transformed back into her bee form.

She began to gather pollen and brew honey.

When Ye Xiao left the breeding ground, the rate at which the spiritual energy in Jianghai city was being absorbed increased by quite a bit.

That time, he stuffed an entire Xiantian ninth-grade divine-level star beast into it.

Compared to the star beasts from before, it was much, much stronger.

Therefore, the effect he brought was also the best.

Everyone in Jianghai city felt the change in the spiritual energy.

Everyone knew that Senior Saber-sword Immortal was helping Jianghai city again.

In an instant, countless people revealed their high respect for him.

All sorts of posts praising Saber-sword Immortal appeared once again on the Internet.

Du Changfeng and the others could not help but sigh in their own homes.

“As expected of the Saber-sword Immortal! The speed at which the city absorbed the spiritual energy is so fast that even I feel scared.

“This speed is almost comparable to the Jingdu city.”

“Its a pity that Chen Qingxuan and the other masters havent come yet.

Otherwise, we could ask them to take a look at the array on the ground and see whats inside.”

“By the way, havent we found the Masters yet Its been a day and a night.”

“Were doing our best.

All the members of the garrison have done their best.

Some of them are still running around outside because they havent found professor Chen and the others.”

Du Changfeng looked up to the sky and sighed.

“Qingxuan, where the hell are you Why are you still not willing to come out”

The other party had a few great grandmasters and a divine grandmaster protecting them.

He did not think that Chen Qingxuan had gotten into any trouble

However, a day and a night had passed.

The person who was supposed to have arrived yesterday had yet to arrive.

He could not help but be a little worried.

At that moment, Ye Xiao had also returned home.

Huan Liuli had already prepared a meal and made a sumptuous dinner out of the star beasts meat and eggs.

When she saw Ye Xiao return, she immediately went forward, knelt in front of him, and handed him slippers.

“Master, youre back.”


That silly cats mental state was really becoming more and more unstable.

Now that she was doing all these fancy things all day long, it made her look like a female lead in some kind of movie.

She really did not know what kind of madness she had gone through

“Can you be a little more normal”

“Alright, My dear master.”

After saying that, she even blinked her big eyes.

Right now, she felt that being a slave for Ye Xiao was really too great!

It was a feeling that was so great that it exploded!

She could berate a few divine-level star beasts whenever she wanted to.

The feeling of being a beast on top of a beast really made her feel superior.

Therefore, she had to be even more perfect as a slave.

She could not let herself fall out of favor in front of Ye Xiao.

“If you continue to use such strange words to talk to me, Ill cut off your tongue.”

Huan Liuli was so frightened that she trembled.

She hurriedly stood up and bowed to Ye Xiao,

“Master, Ive already prepared the meal.

Do you want to enjoy it now”

“Thats more like it.”

Ye Xiao felt slightly better.

He really could not stand the cats whiny appearance.

It really looked extremely disgusting!

“Master, please sit properly.

Ill bring the dishes to you now.”

Huan Liuli quickly brought all the sumptuous dishes to him.

Ye Xiao tasted them and Huan Liuli looked at him with anticipation.

“Master, how is it Is the taste much better today”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Its pretty good.

Looks like your culinary skills have improved!”

“Thank you for your praise, Master.

These are all cooking methods that I learned from the Internet.”

“Not bad.

Youve improved.

From tomorrow onwards, you can eat an egg every day.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Huan Liulis eyes lit up and she immediately expressed her gratitude.

Ye Xiao pushed one of the fried eggs in front of her.

Huan Liuli was about to start eating when she remembered something and immediately said,

“Oh right, master.

Speaking of which, when I went to pick the spiritual flowers just now, I saw a group of people inside your array.

“They even called me back then, but I ignored them.

“I was afraid that they would attack me if they saw that I was a star beast.”

Ye Xiao ate a piece of the Black Earth Pythons meat steak and said nonchalantly,

“You did the right thing.

They will be fine inside my array, but the array will not protect you.

If you go in front of them, they will very likely hurt you.

Thats right, what do they look like”

Huan Liuli raised her small head and thought for a moment.

“Theres an old man and a few middle-aged men.

However, their cultivation is quite strong.

They are basically above the great sects.

Among them, theres one whose strength has already reached the Xiantian seventh grade divine grandmaster rank.”


The strength of those few people was not low!

In that world, they could be considered a small team of extremely powerful opponents.

Wait a moment, something does not seem right.

Such a team, where did they come from

They could not have casually appeared in Jianghai city, right

Could it be that…

Ye Xiaos expression suddenly became a little ugly.

He had already recalled what Gu Hai had told him that morning.

Over at Jing province, they would send a few array masters to help Jianghai city set up the array, but in the end, they disappeared halfway.

Could it be them

“Ill go out and take a look.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao immediately executed the Divine Intent technique and left the house.

Huan Liuli hurriedly shouted,

“Master, dont go.

Your food is about to get cold.”

She hurriedly followed.

After a few minutes, Huan Liuli came to Ye Xiaos side, panting heavily.

She looked at the few corpses in front of her and panted heavily.

Only after gasping for a few breaths did she gradually regain her calm.

“Master, they… All seem to be completely cold.”

Ye Xiao nodded silently and was somewhat speechless.

Actually, the array that he set up had an isolation effect.

Although normal creatures would barge in, the illusory array would guide them out.

At that time, if they were unscrupulous and unwilling to leave, or in other words, if they wanted to break his array, they would definitely suffer the backlash of the array.


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