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Chapter 212: The Three Great Generals Under the Tiger God

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the sky, after Ye Xiaos palm strike, he was not careless.

He only raised his head and looked in another direction.

The star beast from earlier was standing there, but he was already slightly panting.

Clearly, he had used a secret technique to raise his speed to the limit in an instant.

Then, he avoided Ye Xiaos attack.

After taking in two deep breaths, his expression returned to normal.

However, his eyes no longer looked down on Ye Xiao like before.

Instead, they were filled with extreme caution.

“Good fellow, I was careless.

I didnt expect you to be a Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster!

“No wonder Susan and the others were killed! They must have met you in Jianghai city!”

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly.

The other party actually mentioned Susan.

Does that mean that he is a follower of the Tiger God

Moreover, it was a Xiantian ninth-grade star beast!

At that moment, Ye Xiao suddenly became very grateful to the Tiger God.

He was just worrying about where to find a Xiantian ninth-grade star beast to put in the breeding ground.

He did not expect that he would bring it to him.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly as Ye Xiao made another move.

Infinite Calamity Finger.

The Infinite Calamity Finger was mainly swift and strong.

It was several times faster than the Tathagata Divine Palm.


In the next moment, the Infinite Calamity Finger detonated at the opponents position.

However, at that time, he still escaped.

“Give up, human.

You still dont know my name.

This general is the Wind God Samuel under the Tiger God.

Speed is what this general is best at.

“Although your attack is very strong, its a pity that in front of this generals speed, youre like a human child playing house.

You cant even keep up with this generals body.

“You still want to hurt this general Hehe, its just a waste of strength.”

However, just as his voice fell, Ye Xiao suddenly arrived by his side with lightning speed.

“So fast!”

Samuels pupils constricted.

He simply could not believe his eyes.

Ye Xiaos speed was actually not much different from the movement technique that he was most proficient in.

However, he did not dare to be the slightest bit careless now because Ye Xiaos punch had already blasted over.

Great Nirvana Fist!

The power of that punch was so terrifying that it instantly sucked out all the spiritual energy in the surroundings, leaving only the vacuum zone.

A thick aura of death enveloped the iron fist.

Samuel knew very well that with his cultivation and strength, he would definitely not be able to withstand that punch.

If he really fought with Ye Xiao, he would definitely lose.

What was even more terrifying was that the other partys speed was even faster than his.

If the two of them were injured, then it was very likely that they would die in the next second.

He was very smart, and the speed at which his thoughts operated was extremely fast.

Almost in an instant, he already had an idea.

In the next moment, he swung out a fist at the same time and met Ye Xiaos fist.

Although they were both at the Xiantian ninth grade, his fist appeared so pale and powerless in front of Ye Xiao.

The instant the two collided, his fist was like tofu, directly exploding into a cloud of blood mist on the spot.

A pained expression appeared on his face, but it quickly disappeared.

What replaced it was thick excitement.

In the next second, he appeared a hundred miles away.

“Human, youre ruthless!

“But dont be too pleased with yourself.

On the day of the beast calamity, I, Samuel, will definitely invite Lord Tiger God to personally come to Jianghai city to destroy you.

“I hope that when the time comes, you wont commit suicide because of fear!”

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

It turned out that Samuels fist bump with him just now was intentional.

Its purpose was to display the Blood Explosion Technique.

Ye Xiao had read from a book before that the blood essence itself was the most precious thing in the bodies of humans and star beasts.

Cultivating first tempered the body.

Every time everyone cultivated, the blood essence and body inside the body would all be tempered by spiritual energy.

After countless times of tempering, there was already quite a lot of spiritual energy in the body.

Therefore, during a battle, if one felt that they could not bear it, they could choose to detonate their own blood essence in exchange for a large amount of spiritual energy to ensure that the cultivation technique would instantly reach a strength that surpassed their own.

Who would have thought that the other party actually had such a cultivation technique

At that moment, Samuel was already prepared to turn around and leave, but how could Ye Xiao let him leave

The fat meat that was delivered to his doorstep was already on the tip of his tongue, yet he still wanted him to leave

Did Ye Xiao not care about his face

The moment the Star-picking Hand appeared, Samuels body was suddenly fixed on the spot.

His body stiffened, revealing a hint of fear and shock.

Ye Xiao actually knew a long-range control attack

Just how many more tricks did that human have How could he be so abnormally strong

His battle technique was strong, his movement technique was strong, and now he could even use long-range control!

Just how many cultivation techniques did this fellow cultivate

“How is this possible

“How can this be

“Let me go!”

He shouted sternly and gathered all the strength in his body, wanting to completely break free from this restriction.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiaos spiritual energy was many levels higher than his.

No matter how much he increased his strength, he was unable to shake Ye Xiaos strength in the slightest.

Ye Xiaos originally open right hand clenched slightly.

Crack! Crack!

“Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah… No!”

Amidst a wave of miserable cries, Samuels bones were crushed by Ye Xiao in the blink of an eye.

He was forcefully suppressed and kept back into his storage ring.

The corners of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up slightly, and he was delighted.

‘The first Xiantian ninth-grade divine-level star beast has been successfully captured!

The next step was to place it in the breeding ground.

Such a good star beast, yet he still did not know what its true form was.

Hopefully, it was a star beast with a better taste.

Of course, if it could lay eggs or something, it would be pretty good.

However, he seemed to be a male, so he probably could not lay eggs either.

Under Jianghai city, in front of the library door, Huan Liuli came with a basket of spiritual flowers.

She could not help but complain,

‘Which idiot is this again Why did it come here He actually came to our Jianghai city.

If he met master, he would be dead for sure.

Shaking her head, she entered the underground seal and sent the spiritual flowers in.

“Hey! Bee, todays flowers have been sent to you.

Hurry up and work! Turn all the flowers into honey.

Dont delay masters enjoyment tomorrow morning.”

Huan Liuli threw the spiritual flower in front of Susan.

Susan spat at her.

“Traitor! You, the disgrace of the star beast race, dont have the right to order me!”


Huan Liuli glanced at her.

“I think youre itching for a beating again, right Do you believe that I wont call Master over right now”


Hearing Huan Liuli threatening to call Ye Xiao over, Susans expression instantly became much more obedient.

Although she really could not bear to see Huan Liulis pretentious look, she still has to give some face.

After all, if she does not, she would be beaten to death.

Seeing her be obedient, Huan Liuli just satisfied nodded, and then high-and-mighty in the stars of the beast body swept a glance.

“Recently have been a bit more honest, you do not make things difficult for me, so I wont make things difficult for you.

“We live in harmony and serve the master wholeheartedly.

“When the master is well, you will be well, and everyone will be well, and everyone will be happy, understand”

With those words, she put her hands behind her back and turned around to walk out of the room.

The star beasts in the back are so angry, their teeth are itchy.

One after another, they stared at her back, wishing they could cut her into a thousand pieces, eat her alive, and tear her into pieces.

“This d*mned eunuch cat, sooner or later, I will skin her and pull out her tendons.

Let her taste the pain we have suffered today.”

Norfis spat.

Mo Yu sighed faintly.

“Unfortunately, the Tiger God is not here.

If he were here, we would not have suffered such humiliation.”

Norfis was attracted by her words.

“Little Cow, is the Tiger God youre talking about the Star-shaking Tiger”

Mo Yu and the other two were instantly shocked.

“Could it be that Senior knows about our Tiger God”

“Hehehe, its not just knowing.

Back then, the two of us could be considered to be of the same generation.

“However, I arrived on the ground a step earlier and was trapped in the Shaolin Temple.

“I didnt expect that after not seeing him for such a long time, he had already become a King realm divine beast!

“If my original body had not come down back then, I should have already become an existence of that level by now, right

“Why would it be like today To be someone elses prisoner, without any dignity.”

“I did not expect Seniors status to be so high! We have been disrespectful previously, I hope Senior Norfis can understand.”

“It doesnt matter, you are all just some juniors.

My original body has been sealed in this world for several hundred years.

It is normal that you do not know my name.”

Pausing for a moment, he spoke again,

“Speaking of which, I remember that old fellow, Zhen Xinghu, seems to have three more powerful geniuses under him, right Why didnt he send them over

“The strength of the three of them should be even stronger.

“If it were the three of them, you would definitely not be tortured like this.

“Then the emperors bloodline holder would definitely be brought to the starry sky.”

Mo Yus eyes lit up when he heard that, and there was a hint of worship in them.

“Senior, you must be talking about the three generals under the Tiger God, right Wind God Samuel, Strength God Qingniu, and War God Fenglong!

“They are now the three generals under the Tiger God.

Each of them is the Tiger Gods right-hand man.”

“Oh is that so I didnt expect those three brats to be so powerful now.”

Norfis sighed.

Iron Bull, who had been silent all that time, seemed to have also talked about something exciting.

He also interrupted,

“Of course.

They are now the three most popular idols in our entire Tiger God clan.

“Each of them is as powerful as ascending to the heavens.

“Just take Wind God Samuel for example.

“His movement technique was at perfection.

“There was no one in the entire Tiger God tribe who could catch him.

“Not to mention that human brat.”

Mo Yu also nodded.

“Thats right..

If Wind God Samuel came, he definitely wouldnt be caught by that b*stard.”


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