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Chapter 211: The Star-Picking Hand.

It Held the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.

There Was No Such Person in That World.

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It was said that star beasts cultivated both their souls and bodies.

As they grew older, they would increase their cultivation and soul at the same time.

In fact, that could not be blamed on the human race.

The human races natural strength was weak.

The first thing they needed to do was to increase their own strength and survive.

Only then could they consider advancing to a stronger level.

By cultivating their spiritual energy cultivation and strengthening their physical strength, they would wait until they were at Xiantian ninth grade before charging into the soul aspect.

From there, they would be able to raise their strength to the King realm, which was safer for the human race.

Otherwise, the human race would be able to cultivate their soul and body at the same time like the star beasts.

It would have taken them 200 years to reach the divine grandmaster rank.

That was only an analogy.

In fact, many people would only reach the divine grandmaster rank after a few hundred years.

That point was not allowed from the perspective of a humans lifespan.

It seemed like he would have to think of a way to cultivate the power of the soul next.

The Big Dippers Grand Mystery cultivated spiritual energy.

Spiritual energy was not the same as soul power.

It was like cultivation was not the same as the physical body.

Soup power was the same as the power used by the soul, just like spiritual energy was the power used by the physical body.

Therefore, spiritual energy could harm the physical body, while soul power could harm the soul.

That corresponded perfectly with the fact that only those who were at the level of a great grandmaster or above, or those who specialized in spiritual cultivation techniques, could deal with existences like ghosts.

‘Looks like Ill have to think of a way to increase the power of the soul next.

After understanding the information of the King realm, it was also time to get off work.

The Golden Book in Ye Xiaos body had already cultivated the last claw technique to perfection, and the Golden Book was emitting a faint golden light.

He could go home and synthesize it.

After punching out, Ye Xiao executed the Divine Intent technique and instantly disappeared from where he was.

When he returned home, he began to fuse the claw technique.

Driving the Golden Book divine soul to synthesize, a few pieces of paper that recorded the cultivation technique gradually fused into a few large words.











Another few strange words, but it seemed to be very reasonable.

After all, that was how the claw technique was used.

Its basic skills were nothing more than those methods.

Very quickly, the basic skills were combined into a brand new imperial claw technique, Star-picking Hand!

The Star-picking Hand could take things from the air and kill people without being seen.

When ones cultivation was strong enough, crossing a hundred miles, a thousand miles, and ten thousand miles to capture someone was as easy as taking something from a bag.

So powerful!

It was simply an invincible control skill.

With that move, no matter how far the enemy ran, they would be able to capture him in an instant.

After he learned that move, would he be able to control it from a distance and capture some star beasts in the space battlefield

If the distance was very far, Ye Xiao did not have to worry about facing a powerful star beast like the Tiger God.

After learning the cultivation technique, Ye Xiao continued to read some books that he had brought back from the library.

He calculated that Susan the bee should have finished her work, so he let Huan Liuli go to the mountain where he planted flowers and pick a portion of the flowers.

Then, she sent it over and let Susan continue to gather honey.

As a qualified breeder, he had to make good use of every minute and second at all times to try his best to let the animals he farmed create more income for himself.

There was another point.

Only by making them extremely busy would they not have the mood to resist him and think about how to escape.

Huan Liuli received the order and quickly ran to pick the flowers.

The hardworking her had to let her master know that she was more than a hundred times stronger than the Great Dragon.

The Great Dragon was just a cold metal lump that could only cut people.

As for her, not only could she wash clothes and cook, she could also work and warm the bed.

After she gained Ye Xiaos favor, she would serve Ye Xiao for another 3,000 years.

She would probably become a divine grandmaster, right

Just thinking about it made her feel happy and happy.

In Ye Xiaos array, Chen Qingxuan and the others were abnormally miserable.

Originally, they thought that even if they could not break that array in one go, they would at least be able to break the array in a months time, right

In the end, they did not expect that they had really thought too much.

The array was not just an illusion array formation, it actually had the power to kill!

In other words, it was a killing array formation.

From the fourth hour, they had barged into the array, the killing formation in the array began to operate.

Then, all sorts of attacks were launched at them without any regard for their lives.

They were beaten until they were in a complete mess.

The dignified divine grandmaster, great grandmaster, and array master were beaten until they were covered in injuries as they scurried around the array.

At that moment, the killing force stopped and turned into an illusory array.

Everyone finally heaved a sigh of relief.

However, they were also beaten to the ground.

Their bones were so tired that they were weak.

It was difficult for them to even get up.

“I… I cant do it anymore.

Professor Chen, can we really escape from this array”

Chen Qingxuan, who was lying on the ground, had tears in his eyes.

Tears flowed down silently.

That was because he did not know anymore.

He had completely lost himself in the array.

The Chen family had existed for nearly a thousand years.

They had been practicing arrays for generations.

Even a three-year-old child in the clan was proficient in one or two arrays.

Now, he had fallen in Jianghai city and was trapped in the array.

He could not even escape.

What a disgrace!

The face of the Chen familys ancestors had been completely thrown away by him.

He estimated that when the illusory formation turned into a killing formation again, it would be the time for them to die completely.

At that time, he would die completely in that formation, and no one would even find his corpse.

How miserable!

However, at that moment, a silver bell-like female suddenly appeared in his eyes.

“Im a florist, and Im very good at picking flowers.

After I pick up the stones, Ill pick up the gems, and all of them will be lit up.”

“A girls voice Could it be… An illusion But, why does this illusion feel a little real”

He struggled to get up from the ground in a daze.

His eyes instantly widened in disbelief.

Not far from him, there was actually a little girl wearing a japanese high school uniform.

She was holding a basket and picking something.

Then, he rubbed his eyes hard.

After repeatedly confirming that he was not dreaming, he immediately waved his hand excitedly and shouted,

“Miss! Little miss! This way!”

The others also noticed her and stood up one after another, waving their hands.

“This way! Save us!”

Huan Liuli stood up and glanced over.

“Eh A human Is it a human that accidentally barged in”

However, she did not approach them.

She was a star beast, and the other party was a human.

If she walked over recklessly, she might be attacked.

It was better to go back and tell her master.

After saying that, she shook her head and turned to leave.

Chen Qingxuan and the others rushed up.

“Dont go! Dont go!”

However, they did not run far before they crashed into an invisible wall of air.


The huge impact force caused the few of them to be bounced back.

Chen Qingxuan and the rest instantly wanted to cry but had no tears.

“Theres actually an imperial-level defensive array formation in this place that separated the inside! Heavens, who is it exactly Who set up such a perverse array here”

When it was late at night, Ye Xiaos Star-picking Hand had finally completed its cultivation and had already reached perfection.

He came outside and wanted to test the power of the Star-picking Hand.

His body came to a position in mid-air about 30 miles away.

Ye Xiao released the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan and pick a target.

It was a little bird that was sleeping peacefully in a birds nest.

According to the distance between the two of them, it was about 60 miles away.

Following that, Ye Xiao slowly extended his right hand and used the Star-picking Hand.

In the blink of an eye, the little bird had arrived in his palm.

The sound of the airflow in the sky woke the little bird up.

Although it could not speak, Ye Xiao could see its thoughts from its expression.

Who is this

Where am I

What am I doing

After experiencing a short period of shock, it immediately began to scream and flutter its wings, wanting to escape.

However, being controlled by the Star-picking Hand, it could only flutter its wings in Ye Xiaos palm, unable to escape at all.

‘As expected of the Star-picking Hand.

Its really amazing.

I havent even used my full strength yet, and I can instantly capture something within 100 miles.

If I use my strength to the limit, I dont know how far I can catch something.

Ye Xiao once again used the Star-picking Hand, and the little bird was instantly placed back into the birds nest.

After returning to the birds nest, the little bird looked left and right, completely dumbfounded.

That little head was completely unable to figure out what had happened.

After testing the Star-picking Hand, Ye Xiao was prepared to go back and rest.

At that moment, a figure suddenly barged into his perception range.

“This is… A star beast”

Ye Xiao looked in the direction not far away.

In the next moment, an extremely powerful figure appeared there.

Dressed in black leather clothes, his eyes were sharp and cold, and his body emitted a dense killing intent!

“Human martial artist Just nice.

Looks like I dont need to go down and scratch my tongue.”

He spoke to Ye Xiao,

“Human, let me ask you a question.

Answer honestly and Ill spare your life!”

Ye Xiao was silent for a moment, then immediately unleashed the Tathagata Divine Palm.


That star beast had not expected that Ye Xiao was actually a genius martial arts expert.

It did not expect that his attack would actually be so decisive!

Without saying a word, he raised his hand and directly attacked.


Following a violent explosion, a streak of resplendent light was released from the sky.

Countless figures in Jianghai city were startled awake.

“Whats going on”

“Is there an enemy attack”

“Ah, its happening again.

Its the second time this month.

I just finished recovering, and its really going to break.”

Du Changfeng and the other martial arts experts quickly gathered.

“What a powerful attack and aura.

This is Senior Saber-sword Immortal!”

“Why did Senior Saber-sword Immortal suddenly attack”

“I dont know.

The pressure above is too terrifying.

Its suppressing us so much that we cant rise.

However, Senior Saber-sword Immortal wont casually attack.

“Could it be that another martial arts expert is attacking”


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