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In the dining hall, the blue cat-shaped Huan Liuli walked out of the side door with a fish in its mouth.

Its enchanting cat steps were full of pride.

‘Humph! I can steal whatever I want.

I have the Phantom Cats bloodline! Im a grandmaster star beast! I stole it with my own ability, so how isnt that fair

‘Dont think that just because youre strong now and that Im forced to be your star pet, that you can do whatever you want.

‘Im not someone that you can control just because you want to!

‘When I advance in my cultivation and my spiritual energy increases greatly, Ill definitely take you in as my pet!

Huan Liuli leisurely walked out and happened to see Ye Xiao standing by the roadside, staring at a boulder outside.

‘Eh Whats wrong with him

Just as she was wondering, Ye Xiaos spiritual energy erupted in the next second, shattering the huge rock into pieces.


Huan Liuli screamed.

Her tail stood up straight and her hair stood on end.

Her eyes bulged and her jaw was wide open.

The fish in her mouth fell directly to the ground.

What did she just witness

Ye Xiao used his spiritual energy to instantly crush a boulder

Ye Xiaos spiritual energy could actually materialize

Was he joking with her

Was there a mistake

She did not know that Ye Xiao cultivated his spiritual techniques and thought that Ye Xiao only cultivated martial art techniques.

His spiritual energy could materialize but only grandmasters could achieve that!

Was her master actually a grandmaster martial artist

At that moment, Ye Xiao sensed movement and turned around to glance at her.

When he saw the fish on the ground, he could not help but frown.

“You stole something again”

Huan Liuli was so scared that she hurriedly shook her head.

“No, no, no.

Where did this come from I dont want it if someone else dropped it.”

‘F*ck, if I admit I stole it and anger Ye Xiao, wouldnt he kill me

Although Ye Xiao did not quite believe it, he did not go to the extent of checking the surveillance cameras.

He turned around and walked back to the library.

Huan Liuli heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, her brain had always been faster.

If she had been a little slower, she might have been just like that rock.

She picked up the fish on the ground and followed behind casually.

It seemed that her master was very powerful and was not just any ordinary person!

In that case, it would not be so easy for her to get rid of his control.

Even so… It seemed pretty good to have such a powerful master.

After all, he could protect her.

“No, no, no!”

Huan Liuli shook her head vigorously.

How could she submit to the tyranny of a human

She had the Phantom Cats bloodline.

Even among the star beasts, she was a superior existence.

She would definitely surpass that of a great grandmaster in the future.

How could she acknowledge a human as her master

However, she had to endure the humiliation for the time being.

When she had grown to a certain level, she would kick him out.

Star beasts were different from humans.

They only needed time to grow or devour martial artists to become stronger automatically.

Hence, Huan Liuli did not have to worry about her future cultivation.

‘Alright! Ive decided!

‘Ill only be his slave for 200 years!


Ye Xiao returned to the library to continue reading.

Spiritual cultivation techniques were not easy to find.

After all, in that world, ones main focus was martial arts.

When he noticed the clock chime at two oclock, Gu Hai appeared out of nowhere.

“Old Ye, youre reading again”

Ye Xiao put down his book and raised his head slightly.

He glanced at him and saw that he was in high spirits.

With a happy expression, he said faintly,

“Why are you free to come to my place during office hours”

“Hehe, didnt a few interns come in recently Theyve all been assigned to the second floor.

I brought one with me so that he can take care of my area.

I took the opportunity to steal some time and came over to look for you to play.

Also, theres something I want to talk to you about.”

“Spit it out.”

Ye Xiao picked up the book again.

It was very obvious that he was prepared to read while listening to Gu Hais babbling.

In any case, it was most likely not a serious matter.

“Im getting married.”


The book that Ye Xiao had just picked up fell to the ground in the blink of an eye.

He tilted his head and looked at Gu Hai, his brows knitting.

Gu Hais face could not help but twitch.

“What kind of expression is that Im a young man, and Im at the right age to get married.

Isnt it normal for me to get married”

“No, Im just curious.

Whose daughter was conned into marrying you”

“If I tell you, youll definitely be shocked.

Guess! You know them.”

Ye Xiao was silent for a moment.





Wang is old enough to be my mother.

Can you take this seriously”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“You should just say it directly.

Im too lazy to waste my brain cells.”

“Alright, then I wont keep you in suspense.

Shes Mr.

Lus daughter.”


That time, it was Ye Xiaos turn to be speechless.


Lu of the garrison team”

“Thats right, but you cant just call him Mr.

Lu from now on.

You have to call him Uncle Lu.

Didnt I often get caught by him He sent his daughter to give me an ideological education, but in the end, we were so compatible that others started to secretly approve of us.

Who would have thought”

“Did Mr.

Lu agree”

“He definitely wont agree.

But theres no other way.

Whats done is done.

If he doesnt agree now, then hell be plotting against his own grandson.”


“That move of yours is quite wicked.”

“Dont say that.

This time, Im serious.

In the future, Ill definitely be a good person and improve every day.

Ive already started preparing for the garrison exam.

I promised my father-in-law that Ill become a member of the garrison team.

In the future, Ill work with him and hell watch over me every day.”


Ye Xiao was even more speechless.

Gu Hai had even changed his way of addressing him to father-in-law.

However, he was quite happy for his good buddy to be able to turn over a new leaf.

“Alright, congratulations.

When are you going to leave your job”

“Theres no rush.

The entrance exam for the garrison team isnt done in one go.

Moreover, if I dont leave my job now, I can even collect a sum of money from the library when I get married.

“Oh right, theres one more thing I came to look for you for.

Yesterday, my wife and I went to the antique street and bought some stuff.

Among them was an ancient book that I couldnt understand.

Since you like reading so much, here, its yours.

If you dont like it, you can just throw it away.”

The moment Ye Xiao saw the book, the Golden Book in his body trembled.

That piqued his interest.

It was a basic cultivation technique.

He took it and read the cover.

He did not know all of the ancient characters on it, but he could vaguely recognize the word for sword written.

It was a sword technique.

Ye Xiao was instantly delighted.

It was actually a sword technique.

No wonder the Golden Book twitched.

He still lacked the last sword technique and before it could synthesize.


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