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Chapter 194: The Strong Preys on the Weak.

Youre Just a Bee, Yet You Still Want to Cling on Your Dignity

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Apart from the weakness of the initial sword move not being strong enough, the Imperial Sword Art also had a huge weakness.

That was, it needed to continuously attack in order to increase its strength.

Therefore, if there was not enough spiritual energy, there was no way to unleash the final attack.

There was no way to unleash the final attack, which also meant that it was impossible to unleash its strongest power otherwise.

Of course, that problem might have been a lot of trouble for Susan.

However, for Ye Xiao, the problem was not very big.

He had already learned two mental cultivation techniques, both of which were imperial-level mental cultivation techniques.

The Violet Sea of Stars and the Dharma Scripture.

These two mental cultivation techniques were sufficient to support Ye Xiao, allowing him to display the Imperial Sword Art to an extremely powerful level.

However, even so, the Imperial Sword Art was ultimately only an imperial-level sword technique, and it also had its limits.

At the later stages, the more spiritual energy it condensed, the slower the speed of its display would definitely slow down.

Therefore, strictly speaking, the main focus was still to raise ones cultivation!

Ye Xiao was not in a hurry.

In any case, he had found three Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts now.

One of them could produce milk, and the other could produce honey.

With the two added together, it could raise his cultivation by quite a bit every day.

In addition, his cultivation technique was being cultivated at all times, and it was also raising his cultivation.

Ye Xiao did not need to worry at all.

‘Oh right, speaking of which, its already the second day.

Yesterday, I told them that I would start handing over the shells, milk, and honey today.

‘They should have already prepared it.

‘Its been a long time since I tasted milk and honey.

“Huan Liuli.”

“Im here, Im here.

What does Master want”

“Go collect todays meat, eggs, milk, honey, and shells.”

“Milk and honey”

Huan Liuli had a puzzled look on her face.

Ye Xiao, on the other hand, explained,

“Last night, we caught three Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts.

Among them, there was a cow, a bee, and an insect.

The cow and bee can provide milk and honey.

The other provides shells.

I want to use them to refine armor.”

Huan Liuli was instantly shocked to the point her soul trembled!

‘Are you kidding me

‘Three Xiantian eighth grade star beasts

‘Isnt this a little too fierce

‘Master is indeed Master!

‘Hes getting more and more powerful.

‘No, no, I cant.

Meeting such a powerful master and only following him for 1,500 years is too much of a loss.

‘No, I have to double it!

‘3,000 years!

‘Ill be a slave for Master for 3,000 years!

‘3,000 years is enough for me to get enough benefits.

“Master, dont worry.

I promise to complete the mission.”

However, an hour later, Huan Liuli limped back with her walking stick.

“Sob, sob, sob… Master, you have to do it for me!

“Theyre a bunch of b*stards! Not only did they not obediently hand over the things, they even gave me a beating.

“Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo… My face is swollen.

Look, look.

“If it hadnt been for the fact that you wouldnt let me, I would have beaten them to death.”

Ye Xiao raised an eyebrow.

What was going on

A night has passed.

Have they not done their ideological work

“Ill go take a look.”

Ye Xiao used the Earth-burrowing Technique and quickly came to the underground area beneath the library.

He entered the seal.

When he entered, he saw that Norfis and the other star beasts had also been beaten black and blue.

It could be seen that Norfis and the others were very sensible now.

They knew that Huan Liuli was one of their own, so they knew to help block her.

Looking at Susan and the other two, although there was a moment of fear in their eyes, their eyes revealed a stubbornness.

“Are you so unwilling to be a poultry”

Susan sneered,

“Why dont you do it”

As soon as she finished speaking, Ye Xiaos fist landed on her face.


Following a violent explosion, Susan was instantly sent flying and hit the inner wall of the array.

She was bounced back and fell under Ye Xiaos feet.

Ye Xiao stepped on her face.

“I asked you to answer, not to ask a question.”

Susan was hit by this punch until her head was dizzy and her mind was in a mess.

Her soul almost left her body.

D*mn it!

It hurts so much.

That b*stard does not know how to take pity on women at all!

In fact, it was impossible for Ye Xiao to take pity on women like her.

Ye Xiao was a human, an upright person.

She was a bee.

Even if her cultivation was high and she could evolve into a human, she would still be a bee.

Who would pity a bee

Moreover, who knew how many humans had died at her hands

When she killed humans, would she show mercy Would she have any sympathy

Perhaps she ate more than anyone else.

Ye Xiao increased the strength of his feet, making Susan feel that her bee head was about to explode.

“Isnt it good to be a bee with a brain Why must you force me to make a move If I make a move, you wont be able to defeat me.

“After being beaten to death by me, I can still resurrect all of you.

“I really dont understand.

What exactly do all of you want”

Susan clenched her teeth and said,

“You can torture me, but dont expect me to be poultry for you.

Im a Xiantian eighth-grade divine grandmaster star beast, a general under Lord Tiger God.

I have my dignity!”

Ye Xiao was silent for a moment.

“You want your dignity, right Fine, Ill seal all of your cultivations right now and sell you to the circus.”

He squatted down, lifted Susans head, and whispered into her ear,

“The human circus will be touring the world.

At that time, countless people will go and take a look.

“At the same time, because youre a Xiantian eighth-grade star beast, youre an existence that humans can only dream of but can not reach.

Youll definitely be able to satisfy their desire for revenge.

“Just think about it, a bee is a Xiantian eighth-grade star beast! Performing under the whips of humans will bring joy to those humans.

“How exciting How fun

“At that time, youll definitely become famous all over the world.

“There should be many people who respect you!”

Susan shivered violently.

Ye Xiaos move was too vicious!

He was simply a devil.

What she cared about the most was her self-esteem.

If she was humiliated by the human ants that she looked down on the most, she would become a clown in the human circus and make the humans happy.

Moreover, she would not be able to fight back at all.

In fact, she would even be seen by all the humans in the world.

She might as well die.

However, the scarier thing was that Ye Xiao would definitely not let her die!

He would let her live and continue living.

If that was really the case, to be honest, she might as well be poultry for Ye Xiao.

At the very least, she only needed to make honey.

Although it would also make her feel humiliated, serving only one human was much better than serving all the humans in the world.

Moreover, there was one more point.

If not so many people knew about it, she would be able to preserve her face.

In the future, when she escaped, she could take revenge on the humans.

At that time, at least not many people would know about her humiliation, and it would not be spread to the star beast camp.

She would also be a Xiantian eighth-grade divine grandmaster star beast, a general under Lord Tiger God!

After considering the pros and cons, she finally made a decision that went against her heart.

Although she was very unwilling, she could only grit her teeth and say,

“There are no flowers here!”

“What did you say Speak up, I didnt hear you.”

Susan was so angry that she gritted her silver teeth, but she still opened her mouth and said,

“There are no flowers here.

If our bee race wants to produce honey, we need fresh flowers.

Otherwise, theres no way to produce honey.”

Ye Xiao was stunned.

It was not that he did not know that bees needed flowers to make honey.

It was just that he had not expected that star beasts also needed flowers to make honey.

“Theres no problem with needing flowers, but theres one thing I want to know.

“Will there still be spiritual energy in honey made from flowers What I need is honey that contains a huge amount of spiritual energy and can be used to increase cultivation.

Its not honey that simply has a sweet taste.”

“With spiritual energy, the honey that our bees make will be cultivated with spiritual energy.

Of course, this has a lot to do with the variety of flowers.

“The better the flowers are, the more precious they are, the honey that I brew will also be better.”

Ye Xiao rubbed his temples.

It seemed like he would not be able to eat the nectar today.


“I will prepare the flowers later, but when the time comes, remember to make up for the amount that you have missed in those few days.”

Ye Xiao let go of her and then cast his gaze on Iron Bull.

Iron Bull shivered violently.

Iron Bull quickly endured the pain and took off a piece of his shell, handing it over to Ye Xiao.

“This is my shell.”

“At least you know your place.”

Ye Xiao kept the shell and then cast his gaze on the last person, Mo Yu.

Mo Yu was shocked and said with a sobbing tone,

“I… I dont have a bucket.

Dont sell me to the circus and make me perform for the entire human race.

If it really doesnt work, you can just come over and drink it right now.”


“Im not that crazy.

You can start delivering the goods tomorrow.

Ill let you off today.”

Mo Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank… Thank you.”

Ye Xiao laughed mockingly in his heart.

Look, that was a star beast.

If you were not strong enough, they will eat you like food.

However, as long as you were strong enough, they have to obediently be your poultry.

The law of the jungle was always the same between humans and star beasts.

He quickly resurfaced to the ground and was about to start work.

There were a lot of people who came to the library today.

The vast majority were people from Jianghai Martial Arts Academy.

The battle last night was too rushed, and the scope of the battle was too large.

Many more buildings had been destroyed.

Therefore, the school would need an entire day to be repaired during the school holiday today.

It was because the people of that world practiced martial arts and worked quickly.

In addition to the new construction materials, which were quickly dried, they were able to repair a campus that had been destroyed by more than half in a day.

Ye Xiao squeezed through the crowd.

The students nearby were chattering..

Other than discussing what had happened last night, there were also some special topics that attracted Ye Xiaos attention.


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