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Chapter 190: Turning the Tide


With a loud explosion, even Chimu caused a huge hole in the cement ground after being thrown aside.

Dust and gravel flew everywhere.

Then, he crawled up the hole, dumbfounded.

He touched his chest with a puzzled expression.

‘My Injuries are all healed What happened Wasnt I seriously injured by the star beast

Le Xinling flew to his side and explained,

“It was that Saber-sword Immortal from Jianghai city who saved us.”

Even Chimu was shocked.

“His healing technique is also so strong”

Le Xinling nodded.

“My God, this senior… Is a little too strong, isnt he Not only is his offensive strength powerful, but his healing technique is also amazing.

He is almost invincible.”

Even Chimu could not help but sigh.

With the healing technique, it meant that he had unlimited endurance.

That senior could always be in an undefeatable position in a battle against others.

After all, there was almost no one in the world who could cultivate both battle strength and healing techniques to such a high level.

If that was the case, no one at the same level could be a match for that senior!

“Thats not the case.

Although he has such a powerful technique, he also needs a large amount of spiritual energy as support.

If he doesnt have enough spiritual energy, it will be in vain.

“It can only be said that he is close to being invincible in a one-on-one battle.

If there are too many star beasts surrounding him, he might not be able to resist.

“He is ultimately a human and not a god!

“However, even so, he is very strong.

It is truly a blessing for the human race to have a martial arts expert like him.”

Even Chimu nodded, Le Xinlings judgment is indeed very precise.

Although Ye Xiao was strong, if his mental strength was not sufficient, he would be unable to perfectly output his own such powerful strength!

Nevertheless, that does not stop him from being a champion of the human race.

That was because, for others, it was not easy for them to learn so many different types of techniques, have so many of each type, and have extremely high endurance.

After Lian Chimu was sent flying and the two divine-level star beasts charged into space, Liu Chengxun moved.

The sword art was a martial path that emphasized speed.

He was so fast that he moved like a shooting star.

From one moment to the next, it was almost instantaneous.

Hence, from the moment he disappeared, Liu Chengxuns figure was no longer in the air.

There were only countless sword glows that slashed rapidly.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

Every sword gleam landed on the divine-level star beasts body precisely.

Furthermore, the sword gleams landed at the same spots.

As a divine grandmaster, Liu Chengxun had rich combat experience.

Hence, he could tell at a glance that the star beast was a strength-type defensive star beast.

If he attacked randomly, he might not be able to break through its defense.

He had to gather his strength on one sot but not linger at that area.

That way, when the other party would raise their defenses in that area, he would change positions.

Therefore, Liu Chengxun chose a few weak points of his opponent as his special attacking position.

One slash, ten slashes, a hundred slashes, a thousand slashes… So many attacks were completed within two seconds.

Usually, before the power of the previous slash disappeared, the damage of the next slash had already arrived.

Under Liu Chengxuns fierce and swift slash, his opponents diamond-like armor was finally slashed into several sword scars.

Bright green star beast blood splattered like dazzling fireworks, emitting a faint fluorescent light.

“Its done!”

Liu Chengxuns eyes turned cold.

Next, he attacked with all his strength.

He concentrated all of his remaining strength into one spot and attacked from one of the scars, injecting the violent power of his sword intent into the opponents body.

He destroyed it from the inside!

With a step, spiritual energy burst forth.

Within a hundred feet, it was Liu Chengxuns home ground!

At that moment, his comprehension of the sword art was fully displayed.

Within a hundred feet, it was as if there was only a ray of sword light left.

Suddenly, a heart-wrenching pain suddenly came from the meridians in Liu Chengxuns body.

It was from the sword strike from the Saber-sword Immortal that had not fully recovered yet.

Now that he had forcefully unleashed his full strength, the wound was once again torn open.

However, he had no choice.

The arrow was already on the bowstring, so he had no choice but to unleash it!


The sword ray blasted out, and the world was filled with white light.

It was extremely dazzling as if it had locked the vision and senses of the surrounding creatures.

That stunning sword instantly arrived in front of the divine-level star beast.

It was only half an inch away from the wound.

He was going to win!

“Dont tell me you think you can kill me just like that”

At that moment, the other partys teasing voice suddenly entered Liu Chengxuns ears.

Not only that, his hands formed into large palms, and slapped the sword ray away.


Following an intense explosion, Liu Chengxuns sword ray suffered an intense vibration and exploded.

‘This is bad!

Liu Chengxuns heart skipped a beat.

That sword ray was condensed with his strongest power.

If it went out of control and exploded between the two of them, its power would definitely be extraordinary.

However, the other party had an extremely strong defense, but his was far from being as strong as the others!

In the next second, he was instantly blasted away by the huge force of the explosion.

In an instant, Liu Chengxun felt as if his internal organs were about to shift.

The shockwave from the explosion had almost flattened half of the Jianghai Martial Arts Academy.

If not for the fact that the students had already been moved, many people would have died or been injured.

Liu Chengxun crashed into a building and spat out a mouthful of blood.

His complexion was extremely dispirited.

He was already injured, and now, his injuries were even worse.

He could not even lift his arm.

As the light faded, there were also many wounds on the star beasts body, but most of them were blocked by its armor.

Therefore, its injuries were very light.

Then, under the powerful vitality of the Xiantian eighth stage, it was rapidly healing.

Liu Chengxuns eyes were gloomy.

If he did not have any injuries on his body, he would definitely be able to kill the other party with that attack.

Unfortunately, there were no ifs in that world.

He had not expected that he would actually die in the land of the nine provinces.

He did not know if that counted as returning to his roots.

The divine-level star beast slowly walked toward Liu Chengxun.

On the strange insects face, an evil smile appeared, making it even uglier.

“As expected of a Xiantian eighth-grade human warrior.

I was almost killed by you.

“But unfortunately, you seem to be injured, so theres nothing I can do.

Just let me eat you.

“A human of Xiantian eighth rank, the stain should be enough to increase my strength, right”

Liu Chengxun let out a long sigh and raised his head to look at the sky.

As a powerful warrior, he had the awareness of a one.

People who practiced martial arts either killed or were killed.

No one knew when their day would come, but since it was here, there was nothing to be afraid of.

There was no need for him to cry for his parents and act like a little girl.

In 18 years, he would be a hero again!

However, when he looked at the sky, the corners of his mouth inexplicably curled up.

“Looks like I dont have to die today.”

The divine-level star beasts pupils constricted.

When it noticed his expression was unusual, it immediately became alert.

“Hmph! You want to launch a sneak attack on me! Youre courting death!”

It shouted sternly and turned around to punch.

At that moment, the powerful strength of a Xiantian eighth grade was perfectly displayed by it.

That strength was so powerful that it caused the entire air to tremble一the air and spiritual energy were quickly squeezed out, forming a vacuum zone!

It was confident that its punch would allow the sneak attacker to bear the pain that it could not bear.


It was wrong.

Its fist, which had always been extremely confident in, met an even stronger fist after it turned around.

That fist was very small, only the size of a normal adult human man.

Compared to its fist, it was like a porcelain bowl next to an iron basin!

However, the strength of the fist was so strong that it could not withstand it.

In the instant when the two fists collided, its indestructible iron fist began to change shape and shatter.

It was like a bubble that exploded with a crash.

From the fist to the elbow, it was completely ruptured.

The huge impact made its body unstable and it was pushed back.

However, the momentum of the fist did not decrease and it continued until it landed on its chest.

Without any suspense, the punch immediately pierced through its chest, shattering the beating heart inside, and then through its back.

The Great Nirvanas Fist!

One punch to kill everything!

So powerful!

That was its last thought.

It did not even get a good look at its opponent.

That was because its opponent was too fast, so fast that it could not even catch its sight.

It wanted to lower its head to see the other partys appearance clearly, but its consciousness had already sunk into a blur.

Liu Chengxun coughed and immediately forced himself to speak,

“Senior, this junior, Liu Chengxun, wishes to meet you…”

Unfortunately, before he could finish speaking, Ye Xiao had already left with the divine-level star beast, not giving him the chance to speak at all.

However, before he left, Ye Xiao flicked his finger and shot out a healing light that landed on his body, quickly healing his injuries.

That fellow acted on behalf of Jianghai city.

Although he was sword saint Han state, he was still worthy of saving him.

It was to return the favor.

Liu Chengxun did not feel happy when he felt the feeling of a withered tree in spring.

He was just a little shocked.

‘I didnt expect Senior to know healing techniques! Moreover, his healing ability is so strong.

Hes really a God!

‘Unfortunately, I was still unable to meet Senior.

What a pity!

‘What a pity.

However, his eyes quickly became resolute.

‘Senior, I, Liu Chengxun, will definitely find you!

‘If two years isnt enough, then Ill add another year!

‘Three years!

‘Three years.

Since were both in Jianghai city, this junior doesnt believe that I wont have the chance to find you.

On Ye Xiaos side, after putting away the divine-level star beasts corpse, he immediately chased after the others in the sky.

How terrifying was his speed Even if the other party had already flown out for a few seconds, it would be a piece of cake for him to catch up.

In the sky, Mo Yu and Susan, the two divine-level star beasts, had already entered the high altitude domain.

“Were almost at the teleportation array at this location.

Open the teleportation array.”

“But the Iron Bull hasnt come up yet.”

“Dont worry.

With his strength, one minute is enough to deal with that Xiantian eighth-grade human.

Open the teleportation array first.

He should be here soon.”


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