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Chapter 163: A Great Sage of the Buddhas School, Using His Body to Quell a Demon

Ye Xiao did not surf the internet, so he did not know about those things.

However, he could vaguely guess some of them.

However, it did not matter because he did not leave any information behind.

No one would know who he was.

Even if he remembered his appearance, it was a mask after disguising himself.

What made him happier was that he had obtained the spatial amethyst.

After obtaining that item, Ye Xiao immediately bought a large number of forging materials from Hu city.

It had to be said that Hu city was an international metropolis after all.

Its foundations were extremely strong, and one could easily find some of the rarer materials that Ye Xiao needed.

Soft gold, tungsten steel, 10,000-year-old meteorite for example… Everything was available.

However, the value of those things was not cheap either.

Adding them up, they easily exceeded ten million.

Ye Xiao did not have enough cash, but Ye Xiao had enough chicken feathers.

All of them were plucked from Ji Fengs wings.

Ye Xiao had never thrown them away.

The divine grandmaster star beasts chicken feathers were not cheap either.

They definitely could not compare to soft gold, tungsten steel, and other materials, but they were superior in quantity.

Hence, he found a black market.

Relying on a large number of Ji Fengs chicken feathers, Ye Xiao easily obtained the materials he wanted.

That made him think of a good way to make a fortune.

In the future, when he raised Ji Feng, he could pluck her feathers.

Her feathers were not cheap either.

After taking the materials, Ye Xiao left Hu city.

He originally wanted to go to the martial arts library in Hu city to take a look.

He wanted to find out if there were any suitable basic cultivation techniques.

However, the martial arts library in Hu city was very strict in its management.

It required a temporary residence permit and identity proof… There were a lot of requirements so Ye Xiao did not enter in the end.

After that, Ye Xiao went to a deep mountain forest and began to forge his new storage ring.

Using the spatial amethyst as the raw material, he purified it, compressed it, and formed an extremely small gemstone.

Then, he fused it with soft gold, tungsten steel, and other materials, making it have expansibility, extensibility, and a certain degree of rigidity.

Then, he transferred all the spatial energy stored in the original spatial ring into the new spatial ring, greatly increasing the spatial storage ability of the spatial ring.

Other than that, he also set up a miniature Eart-shattering Celestial Dipper Array in the spatial ring to protect it from being broken, and also to ensure that the life forms stored in the ring would be safe.

Moreover, in order to ensure that the living things that he stored in the ring in the future would not harm his storage, he did not make the spatial ring into a complete storage space.

Other than using a large spatial amethyst in the main space, Ye Xiao also inlaid a few spatial amethysts on the ring, which could also form some special storage spaces.

Each small space was set up with a separate array.

It was simply perfect.

The main body of the ring was made of tungsten steel and soft gold.

It looked like a pure black ring, and there was a spatial amethyst hidden inside the ring.

That way, it could easily block out the spatial amethyst, and others would not be able to see it.

They would not know that it was a spatial ring.

They would have thought that it was just an ordinary ring and that they were wearing it to look cool.

In the new spatial storage ring, the space inside was already as big as four football fields.

Compared to the space of the two three-story villas from before, it was like the sky and the ground.

It was not in vain for Ye Xiao to make a trip to Hu city to take the spatial amethyst.

After that, Ye Xiao put all the materials into the ring, including the corpses of a few divine-level star beasts.

After returning to Jianghai city, he could revive them and raise them again.

That trip could be said to have earned him a lot of money.

Seven divine-level star beasts, one spatial storage ring that was the size of four football fields.

Not to mention other things, just that one spatial storage ring was probably hard to find in the entire world.

It was 100 percent in private hands, absolutely not!

Only the space battlefield could transport martial artists on a large scale.

Ye Xiaos family was probably the only one who had it in private hands.

After doing all of that, they could return to Jianghai city.

However, at that moment, a black bolt of lightning suddenly shot out from the forest.

It was accompanied by a thick killing intent and headed straight for the back of Ye Xiaos head.

It was a Black-consuming star beast with the cultivation of late-stage extraordinary level.

It was just a hairs breadth away from reaching the grandmaster level.

Its speed was extremely fast.

In its bloody mouth, its sharp teeth were like four rows of steel saws.

If a martial artist below the grandmaster rank was bitten by it, their neck would probably be broken and their head would fly up.

However, Ye Xiao did not panic at all.

Although the Black-consuming star beast was very strong, Ye Xiao was already a divine grandmaster.

Not to mention, he also cultivated the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art and wore imperial-grade armor.

If the Black-consuming star beast really wanted to bite him, its teeth would probably be crushed into dregs!

Unfortunately, it did not come to Ye Xiaos side.

It had just jumped out, and in the next second, a sharp ray that was even faster than it suddenly shot out.


That sharp ray directly pierced through its head and nailed it to the mountain rock by the side.

The Black-consuming star beast swayed twice and completely lost its life force.

Ye Xiao looked in another direction.

It was a lady who looked to be in her forties.

However, even though she looked to be in her forties, her bone age was already over 70.

It was only because her cultivation had advanced to the Xiantian second-grade grandmaster rank that she looked so young.

She glanced at Ye Xiao with an unhappy expression and coldly said,

“Didnt you see the notice of the Forest City Garrison Team No human is allowed to set foot on this mountain now.

Do you know how dangerous it is If it wasnt for me just now, you would have died.”

Ye Xiao lightly said,

“Im from a foreign land.

I just passed by this place, so Ill take a rest for now.”

Hearing that, the other party looked at Ye Xiao suspiciously.

Seeing that he did not seem to be lying, her tone became slightly gentler.

“In that case, you should hurry down the mountain.

This mountain is not safe.”

Ye Xiao nodded and turned around to leave.

Just as he turned around, a few figures quickly rushed to the side of the female martial artist.

“Commander Lin, the array has already been set up on the mountain.

As long as these star beasts run out and step on the array, they will definitely die.”

Commander Lin nodded.

“Everyone, work harder these two days and search more.

“For some unknown reason, so many star beasts have been attracted to this mountain.

If we dont get rid of them, it will be a great threat to the citizens of Forest City.”


Everyone replied in unison and began the anxious search again.

The other partys words caused Ye Xiao to be a little curious.

A mountain that suddenly aroused the star beasts interest, could it be that there were some good things

With a thought, the Big Dippers Grand Mystery instantly scanned the entire mountain.

In an instant, the Golden Book divine soul in Ye Xiaos body instantly trembled.

‘This is… The Tathagata Divine Palm

Ye Xiao could not help but be slightly stunned.

He actually felt the power of the Tathagata Divine Palm in the mountain.

However, it seemed like a long time had passed, so the Buddha power in the Tathagata Divine Palm had already disappeared.

In the mountain, besides the Tathagata Divine Palm, there were also several extremely large waves of cynical spiritual energy.

The cynical spiritual energy continuously attacked the Buddha power.

When the Buddha power was completely destroyed, the cynical spiritual energy would spread out in all directions.

The spiritual energy of the cynical spiritual energy would gather together, it had already reached the peak of the Xiantian sixth-grade great sect.

If they were allowed to break out of their seclusion, it would probably bring a destructive disaster to the Forest City at the foot of the mountain.

The city with millions of people would definitely become a river of blood, and countless lives would be massacred.

Ye Xiaos heart moved slightly, and he immediately used the Earth-burrowing Technique and instantly sank into the ground.

When he arrived underground, Ye Xiao discovered that there was an empty space of more than 3,000 cubic feet within the mountain.

An old monk who was wearing a tattered Kasaya and had already passed away sat cross-legged on the ground.

His hands were clasped together, maintaining an extremely pious posture.

Beside him, there was a storage ring,

The power of the Tathagata Divine Palm was emitted from his body.

In front of him was a pool of blood.

There was thick, dirty blood flowing inside, mixed with an extremely dense, foul, and murderous aura…

From time to time, a vengeful spirit would pop its head out from within.

“Human! Its a human! What a fragrant smell of meat!”

Its cold, bloodthirsty voice shouted out.

The other vengeful spirits all popped their heads out from the pool of blood and cast their gazes on Ye Xiao.

“Hahaha, its really a human! I havent eaten a human for a long time.

Let me eat him!”

“Brothers, break through this seal.

Come on, quick!”

After seeing a living person like Ye Xiao, those vengeful spirits became even more excited.

Their eyes lit up and emitted a red light.

They wished that after breaking through the seal, they could tear Ye Xiao into pieces.

Under their assault, the Buddha power of the Tathagata Divine Palm on the old monks body became weaker and weaker.

Even his bones started to tremble.

It was obvious that he could not hold on much longer.


Ye Xiao did not waste any time and used the Tathagata Divine Palm.

When the palm slapped downward, the pool of blood exploded on the spot.

The vengeful spirits inside were shattered into pieces on the spot.

However, very soon, they merged together again and formed more vengeful spirits one after another.

“Tathagata Divine Palm! Its actually the successor of the Tathagata Divine Palm!”

“However, so what if they have the Tathagata Divine Palm We are not ordinary vengeful spirits.

We are vengeful spirits formed from the power of the soul and the blood of filth.

Just the Buddha power alone is not enough to completely kill us!”

Ye Xiao was not flustered.

With a sweep of the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, he instantly understood that the other party was a body that had a combination of illusion and reality.

With the attack of the Tathagata Divine Palm, one had to have a spiritual attack as well.

That was simple.



They still did not understand what was going on.

In the next second, Ye Xiao used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to control his spiritual energy and fused it with the Tathagata Divine PPalm.

Then, another palm struck down.

When that palm struck down, several vengeful spirits were completely turned into ashes.

Only then did Ye Xiao arrive in front of the Buddhist eminent monk who had passed away.


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