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Chapter 129: The Divine Sects Ambitions

It was not just Lingnan city, but also Wanghai City, Jiangdong City, and several other surrounding cities.

A large number of star beasts suddenly emerged in each city, but in the blink of an eye, they were all annihilated by an inexplicable sword light.

It could be said that it was a narrow escape.

While people rejoiced at having survived the calamity, they could not help but begin to guess the identity of the mighty figure who had saved them.

Many people thought of the few mysterious martial arts experts in Jianghai city.

In a short while, the local forums of various cities were all filled with posts about the martial arts experts in Wanghai city.

Although there had been similar posts before, at that time, Ye Xiao had not displayed his strength in other cities, so there were not many discussions in other cities and the attention was not very great.

At that point, Ye Xiao was really popular.

“A mysterious martial arts expert has appeared again, suspected to be the reincarnation of a sword immortal.”

“The sword has arrived before the person can be seen.

With a single thought, an expert can destroy 20,000 star beasts, seeking the cultivation data of an expert.”

“Jianghai city says that a senior martial arts expert is a great grandmaster, but I think its pure nonsense.

That senior, Sword Immortal must be a divine sect martial artist!”

All sorts of posts were hyped up.

Some netizens from cities further away could not help but feel envious.

“Im so envious.

Our Chu provinces Zhongshan city is in trouble.

Right now, the streets are filled with star beasts.

I dont even dare to go out.”

“The Jing provinces Shan city is envious.

I just lost a finger to a star beast and have retreated to the hospital at the back, but the hospital is already full.”

“Why didnt the martial arts expert come to our city Sob, sob, sob, sob… Its not fair.

I strongly request that the mysterious martial art expert come to our city.

I can give the martial arts expert a monkey!”

Ye Xiao naturally did not know about those things.

At that moment, he was in the canyon, eating heartily with Huan Liuli.

“Not to mention, this old b*stards meat is a bit lean, but its not tough at all.”

Huan Liuli nodded frantically in agreement as she hummed,

“Braised tortoise meat is my favorite, sweet and spicy with honey sauce.

King El should be out in two days.

When that time comes, shall we make braised mutton stew”

“Braised mutton isnt good.

Barbecue is the way to go.”

“Doesnt mutton soup smell good”

“Mutton soup isnt good.

Mutton soup tastes good when its cold in the winter.

Its not good yet.

Its the season for barbecue and beer to prevail.”

The master and the servant, a human and a cat, ate up all the braised turtle star beast.

Huan Liuli patted her round belly and lay on the ground, unable to get up.

“Master, look, youve made my stomach so big again!”

“Who told you to eat so much”

“Its too delicious.

I cant help it.”

“Stop talking nonsense.

Quickly gather all the star cores and flesh of these star beasts.”

Ye Xiao kicked Huan Liulis buttocks, and she hurriedly got up to work.

“Got it.”

At that point, she felt that she was no longer so resistant to being Ye Xiaos slave.

Star beasts were never slaves, but she could not refuse Ye Xiaos food and shelter.

The Xiantian fifth-grade Black Tortoise bloodline star beast, a great grandmaster, was stewed just like that.

The taste…

The texture…

The material…

Why was she so obedient Well, it was hard to find something just as good in the world.

After eating braised tortoise meat, her cultivation was already close to a Xiantian fourth grade.

Now, her blood essence was pumping non-stop.

It was likely that she would advance to the next grade tonight.

Just thinking about it made her happy.

She decided to add another hundred years and become his servant for 800 years.

She would do something about it after 800 years.

Huan Liuli quickly collected all the star cores and star beasts that had just died.

She placed them in front of Ye Xiao and piled them into a small mountain.

Ye Xiao did not say anything and immediately began to use the Ten Thousand to One to refine all those materials into a medicinal pill.

If he was not surprised, King El should be about to make his grand entrance.

Although he could cross ranks to fight, it was still better for him to raise his cultivation and reach the divine grandmaster rank.

It was safer.

In the Xiantian realm, only the three grades of the great grandmaster rank required one to comprehend the true meaning of martial arts.

After reaching the divine grandmaster rank, ones thoughts and understanding of the true meaning of martial arts would gradually mature.

Therefore, as long as ones cultivation was sufficient and ones thoughts evolved, one would easily advance to the divine grandmaster rank.

There were originally more than 140,000 star beasts here.

Around 100,000 of them had already been sent out, and there were less than 40,000 left.

However, there were more grandmasters here, and there was also the star core of the Black Tortoise clans bloodline.

It was a Xiantian fifth-grade star core.

In addition to that, he had just eaten a Xiantian fifth-grade b*stard, and his body had accumulated quite a bit of spiritual energy and blood essence.

All of that combined was enough for him to try and advance to the Xiantian seven grade or the divine grandmaster rank.

Ten Thousand to One quickly refined the blood essence of tens of thousands of star cores and star beasts corpses, waiting for them to fuse into one.

Under normal circumstances, alchemists would usually refine a pill with similar levels of star cores or star beast corpses.

Otherwise, it would explode due to the clash of the different attributes of two or more star cores and star beasts flesh!

That was very dangerous, and it might even be life-threatening.

However, the Ten Thousand to One was different.

It was an alchemy technique at the imperial level, so with its assistance, Ye Xiao could be at ease.

He could easily fuse different types of star cores and star beasts together.

However, because there were too many of them, Ye Xiao spent a full three hours before he could be considered to have fused all the star cores together.

It was really not easy.

Very soon, Ye Xiao refined a round medicinal pill.

As it contained too much energy, its size far exceeded that of an ordinary medicinal pill.

It was as big as an egg.

It emitted a rich golden color and was filled with a medicinal fragrance that made people drool.


Huan Liuli could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

So big!

She swore that she had never seen such a big medicinal pill in her entire life!

Although that medicinal pill had not reached the level of an imperial pill, it was enough to reach the level of a half-step imperial pill.

The energy contained within it一if she were to eat it, it would probably allow her to instantly advance the last bit of the Xiantian third grade.

After completely digesting it, she would be able to continue advancing to the Xiantian fourth grade.

She might even become a great grandmaster.

However, it was a pity that she was only looking at it because, in the next second, Ye Xiao immediately swallowed it in one gulp.

Drip, Drip, Drip…

Huan Liuli was so greedy that her saliva flowed continuously.

“Master, what flavor is it”

“Its a little like the taste of a 70 percent raw steak.

Its fresh, tender, and delicious, not greasy.”

Huan Liuli was even more envious.

After Ye Xiao swallowed the pill, he immediately felt a majestic energy flow down his throat and pour into his internal organs.

The strength was too strong, too dense!

After all, it was the star core of more than 40,000 star beasts.

When added together, its strength was beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

Ye Xiao once again felt his body begin to boil intensely.

Compared to the previous time, it was several times stronger!

That was because the last time he refined it, there was only the black-scaled snake, a Xiantian fourth-grade corpse, and a star core.

That time, there were more than 40,000 star beasts, and among them, there was no lack of grandmasters and great grandmasters!

However, it did not guarantee that he would be able to successfully advance.

Although the medicinal pill from the last time was small, he had already cultivated for a few months back then, and his body had already absorbed quite a lot of spiritual energy.

At that moment, he had just advanced to Xiantian sixth grade, and it had only been a month.

In addition, the more his cultivation advanced, the more spiritual energy he needed to advance, so he could not be 100 percent sure that he had advanced to the divine grandmaster rank.

The spiritual energy surged in his body as all kinds of cultivation techniques were activated on their own.

They began to circulate in the meridians in his body, suppressing the violent spiritual energy and washing over Ye Xiaos veins and meridians.

Overpowering Saber, Heaven-cleaving Sword, Divine Intent, Violet Sea of Stars, Indestructible Diamond Divine Art, Mending the Heavens, Morning Star Method, Godly Craftmanship, Ten Thousand to One… Even the spiritual cultivation technique, Big Dippers Grand Mystery, also circulated together and consumed the spiritual energy in the medicinal pill.

That portion of spiritual energy came from the star beasts star core.

There were only two techniques that did not circulate.

After all, they were not within the range of the main bodys strength and were considered external assistance.

Under the suppression of the various powerful cultivation techniques, the originally violent spiritual energy gradually became obedient at that moment.

Then, they followed a certain operating route and continuously washed through Ye Xiaos meridians.

Even so, Ye Xiaos meridians were unable to withstand the sudden bombardment of the enormous spiritual energy.

There was simply too much!

They could obediently follow the path that the cultivation technique lured them in, but they could not slow down.

Otherwise, they would definitely explode instantaneously.

That made Ye Xiao sigh with emotion.

There were risks in eating pills, so he had to be careful before eating them!

Fortunately, his Mending the Heavens technique and the Morning Star Method were constantly activated to repair his broken meridians.

Then, he circulated the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art to make his meridians as hard as steel.

That way, no matter how violent the spiritual energy was, it would not be able to cause any harm to Ye Xiao.

It could only allow his cultivation to continue to soar, soaring up like a rocket.

As his cultivation increased, Ye Xiaos confidence grew stronger.

King El, wait for me!

At the same time, sinister laughter was continuously emitted from the ground beneath several cities.

‘Fresh blood, its the smell of fresh blood!

‘I can already smell it, hehehe…

‘So much fresh blood.

With so much pure energy, how can this d*mn seal stop me

He immediately began to rapidly absorb the blood essence that had seeped into the ground.

He could feel the power in his body continuously increasing.

After being sealed for so many years, the power that had dried up was like a withered tree that had just come back to life.

The return of the power had also brought about the revival of his ambitions so a dense killing intent was continuously spreading.

‘Humans! For 56 years, this king has suffered.

This time, I will return it all to you!

‘I will make you regret what you did back then!

‘I will let you know that God is inviolable!

‘And that brat from the library, just you wait.

‘I will definitely cut you into pieces, just like eating sashimi.

I will not dip you in any sauce and eat you piece by piece.


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