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Chapter 112: Even if It Was Very Strong, One Had to Be More Cautious

The black market became more and more chaotic.

The peddlers had already started to pack their things and ran away to avoid trouble.

The members of the garrison team had already started to rush over.

Ye Xiao shook his head, greeted Wang Dalong, and turned around to leave.

He could not be bothered to watch the show with the peddlers.

If the humans were surrounded by star beasts or tiger demons, he might have pulled out his sword to help them.

However, that was a battle between humans due to greed.

He did not want to get involved in it.

What kind of saint would do that

The Divine Intent technique was activated, and Ye Xiao quickly returned home.

The night passed in the blink of an eye.

Early the next morning, Ye Xiao woke up from his sleep and went to work as usual.

After he bought breakfast, he still arrived at Boss Xus shop.

He had thought about it yesterday and wanted to slightly modify Boss Xus memory.

“Boss Xu.”

“Coming, coming.”

Boss Xu ran out with a smile.

Although Ye Xiao was not his biggest customer, he was a steady source of weapons and had great potential for development, so Boss Xu attached great importance to him.

However, he had just come out when he met Ye Xiaos eyes as he immediately started to activate the Big Dippers Grand Mystery.

In an instant, Boss Xu was completely stunned on the spot with no expression on his face.

Ye Xiao modified his memories and the throwing knives as something passed down from his ancestors.

Secondly, Ye Xiao modified the one million yuan that Boss Xu transferred to him as money that was only given to him to persuade him into marrying his daughter.

Boss Xus cultivation was only in Houtian fourth grade.

He was completely unable to resist Ye Xiaos Big Dippers Grand Mystery and was quickly influenced by Ye Xiao.

If his cultivation and spiritual energy were stronger Ye Xiao would not have been able to do it so easily.

If he left behind a trace of his spiritual energy, it would be discovered by other existences who specialized in spiritual energy or had high cultivation.

It would instead backfire and attract an even greater threat.

After the modification, Ye Xiao let out a breath of turbid air.

That time, he could rest assured that his secret would not be leaked.

However, very soon, he saw Boss Xu with a straight face and staring at him.

“Ye Xiao, you took my money! If you dont marry my daughter, Dont blame me for falling out with you! Be careful, Ill get someone to chop you up!”


It seemed like that excuse was not very feasible.

He once again activated the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and changed his train of thought.

He changed it to…

‘Hmm… I saved his life Not too good either.

My cultivation is only at Houtian second grade to him, and Boss Xu is at Houtian fourth grade.

How am I supposed to save him

After scanning through Boss Xus memories, he felt that it was better to change it to Boss Xu losing a bet with him.

Boss Xu himself often played a few rounds in the chess room next door.

Moreover, in that world, gambling was not that serious.

That was a more reasonable explanation.

After everything was settled, Boss Xu regained his senses.

When he looked at Ye Xiao, he said with a face full of unwillingness,

“Xiao Ye, the two of us will have to play a few rounds another day.

The last time I lost more than a million to you, it was purely due to bad luck.

If Im lucky, Ill definitely win it back!”

Ye Xiao nodded, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

That time, he could be completely relieved.

“Ill play with you some other day.

Ill go to work first.



After the two of them said goodbye, Boss Xu returned to the shop.

Xu Damao came down from upstairs carrying two bags of materials and could not help but say,

“Dad What were you whispering to Ye Xiao at the door just now”

Boss Xu snorted coldly.

“Nothing! In the future, dont talk to that Ye Xiao too much.

Hes not a good person.”

She was dumbfounded.

What was going on with her father

He was the one that had been trying to set her up with Ye Xiao these past few days.

Why did he ask her to stop interacting with Ye Xiao in the blink of an eye

It was really strange.

However, she did not think too much about it because her cultivation was not high.

She completely had not expected that Ye Xiao had the ability to modify her fathers memory.

On Ye Xiaos side, he ate buns and drank soy milk as he rushed to the library in a calm manner.

When he arrived at the main city district, the number of cars in the garrison on the streets had obviously increased.

The sound of horns would occasionally drift past him.

Not long after, a motorcycle stopped beside him.

“Old Ye, do you want me to give you a ride”

The person who would call him that was definitely Gu Hai.

“No need, I can walk there myself.

“Speaking of which, what is your garrison doing so early in the morning Why is it so serious on the street”

Gu Hai took off his gloves and took a steamed bun from his bag to eat.

“Dont mention it.

Last night, in the Black Market, a group of idiots fought over a set of grandmaster-grade armor, and several died.

The armor was also taken away in the chaos.

“This morning, Nangong Ling gave the command,send out all the garrison members in the city to look for the armor and the criminal who participated in the murder.

“I see.

Then go quickly.

If you catch someone and make a meritorious deed, you can get a bonus and save it to buy milk powder.”

Gu Hais wife, Lu Wanwan, had already been pregnant for several months and was about to give birth.

“Alright, Ill be leaving first.

Be careful.

Dont go to any remote alleys alone these two days.

Its easy to encounter danger.”

“Got it.”

Gu Hai rode his motorcycle and left.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiao continued to rush toward the library calmly.

He did not have the slightest sympathy for the matter of dead people.

They were all greedy people who did not want to spend money to buy.

They all wanted to take advantage of the chaos to rob.

Even if they died, they deserved it.

Very soon, he reached a fork in the road.

That fork in the road was the only way to the library.

The first one was to go to the main road and take a long detour.

The other one was a small road that he usually took.

It leads straight to the other main road.

After passing it, he would end up directly at the entrance of the library.

Was there still a need to struggle

He was so powerful.

He also had the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art to protect his body and the black scale armor, the Imperial Armor!

Not to mention a few small bandits, even if he encountered the divine grandmaster, what was there to be afraid of

He could casually kill the other party with a flick of his finger!

If one did not work, then there would be another hundred million!

Anyway, he had the Violet Sea of Stars, which was an imperial-level cultivation technique.

He did not lack spiritual energy at all.

So, of course, he decided to take the main road!

After all, that was not earth, but a spiritual martial world full of endless possibilities.

According to some unspoken laws, if he insisted on taking the small road because of his strong cultivation, there was a high chance that he would run into a gangster.

If it was not serious, then there was no suspense.

It was he who killed the gangster with a flick of his finger.

What if it was melodramatic There might be a lot of unstable factors.

What if the other party would shout hexes then turn around and run away What if he brought his grandfather back many years later

Ye Xiao was a person who hated trouble.

If he could avoid trouble, he would do just about anything.


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