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Chapter 109: Am I About to Be Exposed

The throwing knife continued to absorb spiritual energy.

Qin Mingfeng could not help but exclaim in admiration,

“So powerful! This throwing knife is truly extraordinary!”

The amount of spiritual energy absorbed by ordinary grandmaster-grade weapons was limited.

“Although I was only a Houtian ninth-grade martial artist, I had used many grandmaster-grade weapons before, but none of them had reached this level of power.

“If it were any other grandmaster-grade weapon, the speed of absorbing spiritual energy would have slowed down by now.

After reaching a certain amount, it would completely stop absorbing spiritual energy.

“However, the speed of absorbing spiritual energy hasnt slowed down even now.

“This means that even if this throwing knife is a grandmaster-grade weapon, its craftsmanship far surpasses the skills of an ordinary blacksmith.”

“It is that powerful”

Qin Yuyan could not help but exclaim.

Qin Mingfeng smiled.

At that moment, the throwing knife in his hand had already turned a faint golden color.

That meant that the charging of the throwing knife had already ended.

He held the throwing knife tightly and glanced at the small hill behind the company window.

“If you dont believe me, look at the small hill behind.

I dare to bet that its power can create a huge mark on this small hill!”

Then, with a wave of his hand, he shot out the throwing knife.

The throwing knife turned into a streak of golden light and shot out like lightning.

It drew a straight line in the air, and in the next second…


With a series of violent explosions, the small hill was instantly crumbled under the force of the throwing knife.

Everyone in the room was stunned.

Looking at the once small hill that was completely destroyed, Qin Yuyan could not help but say faintly,

“Uncle, didnt you say that this throwing knife could only leave a huge cut on it Now… The entire hill has been completely destroyed.”

Qin Mingfeng wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

“I was careless.

I didnt expect that this throwing knife could have a certain amplification effect.

If thats the case, then the other partys skill in creating throwing knives is much better than what we imagined.”

The secretary said faintly,

“CEO Qin, such a big hill, it will probably cost a lot of money to compensate!”

Qin Mingfeng coughed lightly and immediately said,

“Our Qin family will pay for the compensation.

Tell me first, where did you buy this throwing knife”

“Its at East Wind weapons store in Jianghai City.

Its the largest weapons store in the city.

The weapons and armors of other refining companies will all be sold to East Wind weapons store and then registered for sale.”

According to the law, companies that sold weapons in the nine provinces must have a certain qualification.

Moreover, there had to be a certain standard when purchasing weapons.

Although it was a bit more expensive, it could prevent some immoral refiners or small buyers from selling weapons that did not meet the standard in private.

There were many cases where humans used weapons that did not meet the standard on the battlefield.

As a result, the weapons were easily damaged and people were swallowed by star beasts.

Those were all bloody lessons.

Another reason was to protect the blacksmiths.

It was to prevent people with ulterior motives from taking the other party away because of their skills.

That was because blacksmiths were not the same as martial arts experts.

Even if ones cultivation was high, it would be difficult for them to defeat a battle-type martial artist of the same cultivation level.

Once they were taken away, many people would be forced to refine weapons.

They would be treated inhumanely or even killed!

“Go and negotiate the compensation and report it to me.

Ill go to the East Wind weapons store.

Yuyan, come with me.”


Uncle and nephew jumped out of the window and found the throwing knife from the broken rocks.

Then they took a car and rushed to the East Wind weapons store.

In less than ten minutes, they arrived at the East Wind weapons store.

The marketing manager in the hall immediately went forward and said,

“Hello, what do you need”

Qin Mingfeng took out the throwing knife in his hand and said,

“Hello, I want to ask, do you still have this kind of throwing knife”

“Let me check it for you.”

The other party smiled and took out a tablet.

After taking a photo, he started to search and soon got the answer.

“Yes, there are about 13 more.

This item has only been in storage for a few days, so there arent many buyers yet.”

“I want all of them.”

“Okay, Ill transfer the goods for you now.”

The other party quickly gave Qin Mingfeng and Qin Yuyan the remaining 13 throwing knives.

After seeing the remaining 13 throwing knives, Qin Mingfeng could not help but narrow his eyes.

He looked at the tray in disbelief.

Even his body could not help but tremble slightly.

“This… This Is…”

“Uncle, whats wrong”

Qin Yuyan was a little puzzled.

Qin Mingfeng pointed at the throwing knives and said,

“Do you know what material this is made of”

Qin Yuyan raised her eyebrows slightly and became even more puzzled.

“This is cast from the scales of the black-scaled snake!”

“What did you say”

Qin Yuyans heart suddenly jumped violently.

Scales of a black-scaled snake

“No way! Wasnt the one we had just now made of pig iron How did these become scales of a black-scaled snake”

Qin Mingfeng explained,

“Although these throwing knives are made of the same technology, their materials are completely different.

The former is indeed made of pig iron, while the latter is made of scales of a black-scaled snake.”

“In other words, the blacksmith who made the throwing knives is very likely to be the martial arts expert who killed the black-scaled snake”

“Not necessarily.

After all, he is already a swordmaster and a high-level healer.

It is impossible for him to be a master of refining.

“Who can learn all the techniques and reach the pinnacle for each one

“Unless he is not human!

“However, even if that refiner was not him, he should still be his friend or at least someone he knew.

“After all, between experts, they should all appreciate each other.”

Thinking of that, he immediately opened his mouth and asked,

“I will buy all these throwing knives.

But I want to know, can you tell me, who is the refiner”

The sales manager pursed his lips and smiled.

“This wont do.

You should know that according to the laws of the nine provinces, our weapon company can not reveal the source of the weapons.

All the information is encrypted.

Without the other partys permission, once the identity of the refiner is revealed, it may also bring trouble to the other party, or even put their lives in danger.”

Qin Mingfengs interest in finding the martial arts expert was instantly extinguished.

“Uncle, forget it.”

Qin Yuyan comforted him, while Qin Mingfeng gritted his teeth and quietly said,

“If you can help me find out where this throwing knife was bought from, I can give you a reward.

Dont worry, I will never reveal that you mentioned it.”

Qin Yuyans expression changed.

“Uncle, you cant! How can you do this The law of the nine provinces doesnt allow it!”

“Dont you want to know who that mysterious martial arts expert is”

Qin Yuyans eyes were firm.

“I really want to know, but we cant go against the law.

If he can tell you, he can tell others.”

If he revealed their identity as a refiner, it was very likely that they would be targeted and their life would be harmed.

Even if they were strong and would not be caught by some evil people, if he revealed their identity and angered the martial artist who killed the black-scaled snake, he might be killed too!

“We cant kill an innocent person to satisfy our curiosity!”

Qin Mingfengs body trembled.

“Youre right.

Your uncle is obsessed.

We really shouldnt put an innocent refiner in danger for our curiosity.”


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