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It was hard to say… It was mainly because he didnt want to answer the other party.

At this moment, the Tyrannical Sea Legend was relaxed.

His original worry was gone.

It looked like it wasnt difficult for Shi Yu to pass the nine levels.

It was stable now.

At this moment, the heart of the legend of the Warring States skipped a beat.

Hard to say Then it was about the same Why were there so many geniuses in Dong Huang!

Twenty years ago, it wasnt that ridiculous.

Was this Tyrannical Sea Legend for real or was he bragging

“This guy is too stable.”

“Did he challenge that ruin back then”

At this moment, Zou Yun and the others also looked at Shi Yu, who was walking forward, in shock and extremely curious.

What would the outcome of the skill of freezing time versus the skill of mysterious space be

He didnt know which was stronger, this ice pet or that Void Mantis.

At this moment, even Ji Feng had to look at this “Lu Bai” solemnly.

After a comparison, he actually realized that unless he sent out his trump card, no matter which pet he sent, it couldnt be as outstanding as him in the first seven levels.

“Another ridiculously strong guy has appeared,” Ji Feng thought to himself.

This was the second opponent of the same level that he felt he should be cautious against after Lu Qingyi.

As for Shi Yu, Ji Feng had already given up struggling in the short term.

The pressure brought by that Iron-eating Beast still made Ji Feng unable to breathe.

He had already decided to challenge him after becoming a legend.

[The difference between battle talent and non-combat talent will become greater and greater.] Ji Feng also believed in this principle.

An hour later, as Shi Yu walked, Susu recovered.

They walked to the next opponent.

The opponent was another young man.

His expression was serious as he looked at Shi Yu solemnly with the pet beside him, a black cat with eight huge tails.

“Im…” Seeing Shi Yu, Hundred God was just about to introduce himself as the strongest master of the new generation of the seven islands and end Shi Yu here, but in the next moment, a biting wind blew.

Shi Yu didnt want to know too much at all.

After seeing his opponent, he directly attacked.

“30 million.”

This time, under Shi Yus instructions, the Ice Snow Saintess-like Susu directly used the time power stored in her body to reach a new height!

Before coming, it had eaten more than ten Time Fruits.

Its stomach even stored a years worth of food, enough for Shi Yu and the others to squander.

After the strong wind howled, the huge cat that had yet to grow into a nine-tailed cat and his Beast Tamer turned into works of art in the snow.

“Hes far inferior to Ji Feng and Senior.”

Shi Yu was silent for a moment before continuing to the next level, leaving Qian Chuan gradually losing consciousness in the snow in despair.

[Im so stupid, really… Why did I come down even though I knew this was the outcome…]

“Hundred God…”

After Shi Yu easily defeated the strongest master of the new generation of the seven islands, he continued walking forward.

On the sky ship, the JK girl who was sitting beside the Thousand River Hundred Gods at the start was already completely silent.

Didnt he say that there were 100 ways to deal with him

Didnt he say that he wouldnt exceed his level That he would guard the eighth level and block all enemies

“Fourth place of the seven islands, just like that…”

At this moment, on the sky ship, the new generation Beast Tamers of the seven islands and all the top-notch masters who had come to guard the ship had ugly expressions.

The expressions of the two ordinary legends and the titled legend began to become unstable.

In the Seven Islands Association, there was also a ranking for the contestants of the world competition.

Among the Beast Tamers under the age of 30, there were two legendary Beast Tamers on the seven islands, their battle power ranked in the top two.

There was a Beast Tamer who had reached level seven but had yet to nurture an overlord-level pet.

His battle power was ranked third.

Next was this Thousand River Hundred Gods.

His Beast Tamer level was level six, his pet was a middle-level overlord race, the monarch-level Nine-tailed Cat, and he was the strongest master of the new generation of the seven islands.

In the end, the fourth-ranked Beast Tamer in this Seven Islands World Tournament still couldnt withstand a single move from this Lu Bai

“Is this the difference between the upper four countries and the lower three countries” At this moment, the expressions of some of the Beast Tamers on the seven islands changed.

They were clearly shocked by the situation in front of them.

Among the totem factions, some totems ranked the seven countries.

Among them, Dong Huang, Shen Feng, Xue Yuan, and Rongguang were the four upper countries.

Their overall strength was stronger, and they posed a greater threat to the totem factions.

As for Ming Hua, the seven islands, and Tingxiang, they were the lower three countries.

Their overall strength was slightly inferior.

Regarding this, the seven islands were naturally unwilling to admit it.

However, the current situation made them speechless.

Today was destined to be a day of humiliation for the seven islands Beast Tamers.

Soon, the Thousand River Hundred God was brought back to the Sky Ship.

Apart from him, the guardians of the first to seventh levels were also here.

At this moment, the guardians were extremely uncomfortable.

“Uncle, cut him down!!”

After returning, Hundred God immediately cursed in his heart and cheered for the Beast Tamer in the ninth level.

The Beast Tamer of the ninth level of the champion path made the legends of the seven islands take a deep breath.

They completely didnt expect things to develop to this point so quickly.

This was only the first day…

He definitely couldnt let this Dong Huang Lu Bai pass the ninth level!

“The ninth level.” At this moment, even the usually serious Tyrannical Sea Legend revealed a thick smile.


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