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Chapter 1398 - I Really Have A Good Temper!

Zhao Yan, Ye Ziling, and Gongsun Yan were surprised someone drew out the Radiant Sword Saints sword.

They couldnt help turning to look at Lin Yun.

The name of that sword was Sky Annihilation, a sword used by the Radiant Sword Sect before he became a saint.

So it still had the Radiant Sword Saints aura lingering on it even today.

Most of the pressure everyone felt on the stairs was from the sword.

The reason why they couldnt climb the stairs so easily was also due to that sword.

“What are you guys looking at me for” Lin Yun was surprised.

Ye Ziling and the rest quickly retracted their gazes as Gongsun Yan awkwardly replied, “Its nothing.”

In their view, Lin Yun should be the one to draw the sword out.

Xiahou Yan might be famous and considered a top-tiered genius amongst the younger generation of swordsmen in the Ancient Barren Domain, but they werent familiar with him, so they naturally felt unhappy after seeing how he showed off.

They thought Lin Yun would be significantly affected when he saw Xiahou Yan drawing the sword, but they didnt think Lin Yun wouldnt have any changes on his face.

“According to what I know, Xiahou Yan wasnt someone who likes to show off.

On the contrary, he has kept a low profile.

Im afraid that the reason why hes showing off today is probably for the saints or Senior Radiant.” Ye Ziling analyzed.

The Eastern Desolation was vast, but there were only three Sword Saints.

So it was the glory of any swordsman if they could become the Radiant Sword Saints disciple.

When Lin Yun raised his head, he saw seven towering peaks in the Sword Sect piercing through the clouds.

Within those clouds, he could sense several unfathomable auras above the Samsara Edict Realm, and they were examining them.

Now that he looked at it, it should be true that the saints have come out to take in disciples.

But he couldnt sense the Radiant Sword Saints aura amongst them.

He had seen the Radiant Sword Saints clone before, and he would be able to feel the Radiant Sword Saints aura if he was there.

So the news about saints taking in new disciples should be true, and the word about the Radiant Sword Saint taking in a disciple should be fake.

The Radiant Sword Saint probably never thought of taking in a new disciple, which meant his speculation might be wrong.

This meant that Xiahou Yans act of showing off was futile.

Right then, a soft voice resounded beside Jiang Tians ears, causing Jiang Tians face to change.

When Lin Yun recollected his thoughts, he looked at Jiang Tian, “So, are you still going to continue”

If they continued to fight, the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect would be bound to suffer a heavy blow.

So if Jiang Tian were willing to take a step, Lin Yun wouldnt mind putting this matter down.

Jiang Tian had already recovered from most of his injuries and smiled, “Whats the matter Are you anxious after seeing Xiahou Yan drawing the sword If you want me to let this matter go, come and fight me one-on-one and see who can reach that sword first!”

But Lin Yun was just calmly looking at Jiang Tian, waiting for him to continue.

“If you win, then Ill let this matter go.

But if you lose, then kneel and tell me the secrets of the Great Saint Origin!” Jiang Tian smiled while he tugged his hands together.

“Junior Brother Lin, dont agree with him!” Ye Ziling said.

She could sense that Jiang Tian was scheming something.

“Lin Yun, dont fall for it.

If we continue to fight, they will be the ones to suffer.” Gongsun Yan also spoke out.

If they continued to fight, the Jiang Saint Clan would suffer a more significant loss.

They would lose two to three people, but this meant that at least fifty or all of the Jiang Saint Clans geniuses would be eliminated.

“Whats the matter You dont have the guts” Jiang Tian chuckled.

“I have a good temper.

Since you want to bet, lets go with it,” Lin Yun indifferently replied.

When everyone from the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect and Gongsun Yan heard Lin Yun claiming he had a good temper, they instantly became speechless.

Even Zhao Yan was sending a weird look at Lin Yun.

Back on the Profound Wither Island, Lin Yun slew the geniuses of the eight big sects under his rage, and those scenes were still fresh in their minds.

They couldnt figure out how Lin Yun had the guts to claim that he had a “good temper”.


Flower Burial, you really have a good temper, indeed.

Lets go, then.

If you win, then Ill call it all off!” Jiang Tian laughed with an unnoticeable sinister light flashing through his pupils.

When he was done, he turned around and charged up the stairs, instantly climbing more than fifty steps.

This immediately made Gongsun Yan enraged, “Holy **, that bastard is really shameless!”

A violent gale blew past him, forcing him to close his eyes.

When he reopened his eyes, he discovered Lin Yun was already gone.

Seeing Lin Yun casually climbing the stairs made the corner of Gongsun Yans lips twitch.

“That fellow is the one cheating, instead.”

Lin Yun seemed to have an even easier time climbing the stairs than Jiang Tian, who was at the Heavenly Elysium Core Realm.

Not only Gongsun Yan, but everyone else was shocked by Lin Yuns speed.

The pressure on the stairs would become heavier as they climbed up, and many people were eliminated or forced to give up after the five-hundredth step.

But Lin Yun was just casually climbing the stairs like he was strolling.

Jiang Tian was fast for someone on the Elysium Core Ranking, so it wasnt surprising to them.

But why the hell was Lin Yun so fast as well

Jiang Tian didnt have to turn around to sense that Lin Yun was closely following him.

He didnt want to turn back, but he couldnt help turning around.

When he saw Lin Yun climbing the stairs so easily, he began to grit his teeth.

Simultaneously, his speed slowed down for a split moment when he turned around, allowing Lin Yun to pass him.

This instantly made Jiang Tians mouth widen with shock.

When he quickly turned around, he saw Lin Yun enveloped in a faint golden sword intent, and Jiang Tian noticed that the pressure was negated on Lin Yun.

That also meant that Lin Yun was in no danger and it was no different from taking a stroll for him.

“What the hell So what if you have the firmament sword intent You think its impressive!” Jiang Tian cursed out as he lost control of his emotions.

“The firmament sword intent is, indeed, impressive.” Lin Yuns voice resounded ahead of Jiang Tian, nearly causing Jiang Tian to throw out a mouthful of blood.

He then circulated his astral energy and pushed his cultivation at the Heavenly Elysium Core Realm to the limit.

But even so, he noticed that he wasnt catching up to Lin Yun, but was losing him instead.

It didnt take long for him to lose sight of Lin Yun.

“Forget it, then.” Jiang Tian gave up chasing after Lin Yun and slowed down with a smirk on his lips.

So what if Lin Yun is fast This only means he will die faster.

Lin Yun was surprised upon sensing that Jiang Tian had slowed down.

It made no sense because it shouldnt be a problem for Jiang Tian to continue climbing since the astral energy of a Heavenly Elysium Core Realm was at least ten times greater than someone at the Greater Elysium Core Realm.

Just when Lin Yun was puzzled, six figures suddenly appeared before him and stood on the last step.

The gate of the Sword Sect could be seen behind them.

The gate was majestic, with six pillars and an ancient signboard hanging above.

The Sky Annihilation Sword was above the rune on the signboard, emitting a terrifying aura.

When the six people simultaneously opened their eyes, their gazes fell onto Lin Yun.

When Lin Yun sensed their hostility, he stopped and calmly looked at the six of them.

He knew that Jiang Tian wouldnt give up so easily, and his so-called “bet” was nothing but a scheme.

Judging from the auras the six released, they were all at the Heavenly Elysium Core Realm.

He could also sense a temperament similar to Jiang Tian from them, which meant that they were probably from the saint clans.

Knowing they would gang up on him, Lin Yun had no fear, but rage was blazing in his pupils.

Even he had no idea how strong he had become after going into seclusion for two months in the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect to digest his harvest from the Profound Wither Island.

He wasnt afraid and was only furious.

He felt that he had a good temper and had repeatedly been putting up with Jiang Tians provocation because he didnt want his fellow martial brothers from the Fleeting Cloud Sword Sect to lose their chance of entering the Sword Sect because of him.

He had expressed his goodwill, putting up with all the ** from Jiang Tian.

So he had already done the best he could, but Jiang Tian still had no intention of letting him go!

“Hahaha! Lin Yun, are you surprised” Jiang Tians laughter resounded as he caught up.

He really wanted to know if Lin Yun would have despair on his face after seeing so many people ganging up on him.

“You lied to me.” Lin Yuns voice faintly resounded.

“So what if I lied to you Youre from the lower realm and cant even be compared to those barbarians from the Profound Azure Prefecture.

Do you think Ill really bet with you Youre too naive.

Ill be honest: I already planned this ten days ago!” Jiang Tian spoke in a disdainful tone as he rubbed his nose.

He continued, “So what if youre strong Youre still a fool being toyed around by me.

I can do what I want on the test as long as I dont violate the Sword Sects rules.

But youre really foolish to come alone when I suggested it.”

But he soon stopped when he saw Lin Yun turning around and giving him an eerie smile.

With his eyes squinted, Lin Yun grinned, “Well, theres nothing I can do about it since I have such a good temper.

I really have a good temper, and I dont lie about it!”

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