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His eyes were like torches as he stared fixedly at the Three Lives Golden Lotus blooming above his head.

Ye Qiu took that step without hesitation.

“Did he do it”

At this moment, everyone outside the arena became nervous.

It had been countless years since anyone stepped foot in that most sacred place.

The Nine Heavens Jade Platform!

The legendary Heavenly Palace Holy Land, the holy land of life that nurtured the world.

Tens of thousands of years ago, a peerless woman lived there.

She blessed all living beings with the appearance of a mother.

There were too few records about her.

Many people had even forgotten, in a certain period of time, there was once such a peerless beauty who stood on the Jade Platform and benefited all living beings.

As Ye Qiu stepped into the Jade Platform, an incomparably desolate and silent aura assaulted his face.

There was also sorrow in that aura.

In just a few seconds, Ye Qius heart was filled with incomparable sorrow.

Ye Qiu reached out and grabbed the wind.

His gaze was absent-minded as he muttered to himself, “What kind of sorrow is this What kind of despair did the people who once lived here experience”

Shaking his head, he did not know how to describe his current mood.

His emotions were completely infected by this sorrowful aura, and his heart was incomparably heavy.

Ye Qius eyes flashed as he took another step, as if he could see the scene from ten thousand years ago.

That peerless beauty who stood above all living beings used her body to block the darkness and block the future.

Her back was facing all living beings.

Ye Qiu could only see her back, he couldnt see her face clearly.

However, it was not difficult to tell from her actions that she was an incomparably stunning woman.

Ye Qiu could feel an incomparably peaceful aura from her.

“Is this the legendary Lord of Jade Platform”

Ye Qiu looked at the woman in the illusion with a burning gaze, his heart filled with admiration.

Taking another step forward, green light appeared on the two stone tablets on both sides of the Three Lives Golden Lotus, and runes appeared.

Ye Qiu was stunned for a moment and didnt continue walking forward.

Under the light, a phantom gradually appeared.

At this moment, Ye Qiu finally saw the womans appearance in the image.


She was extremely beautiful.

At this moment, Ye Qiu seemed to have lost his mind.

He was completely immersed in the other partys beauty and couldnt extricate himself.

Her actions were dignified and elegant.

A gentle smile appeared on her face as she stared at Ye Qiu with a gratified gaze.

She floated quietly in the air.

At this moment, it was as if the entire forbidden area had been illuminated.

Ye Qius breathing became tense and he remained silent.

The moment she appeared, the entire forbidden area seemed to be covered by a fog, blocking everyones vision.

The people outside did not know what was going on inside, nor could they see what was going on inside.

The other party slowly said, “As time passes, so will the clouds.

No one has set foot on this land for countless years.

Young man, youre not bad.

To be able to pass the layers of tests I set up and step into this domain, Im filled with anticipation for your future.”

Hearing her praise, Ye Qius heart trembled.

He didnt dare to be arrogant and said humbly, “Senior, you flatter me.

I was just lucky enough to step foot on this land.

I apologize for disturbing you, Senior.

Please forgive me.”

The other party didnt say anything.

She just maintained her smile and looked at Ye Qiu appreciatively.

After a while, she said, “You… dont have to be reserved.

Being able to enter this place is enough to prove that you have extraordinary qualities.

“The current me is just a dead remnant soul.

My obsession has yet to dissipate, and its just the last spirit wish left in the world.

“You dont have to worry about me hurting you.”

Hearing such sad words, Ye Qius heart trembled.

He really wanted to know what kind of despair she had experienced.

Why was her obsession still lingering in the world ten thousand years after her death and refused to leave

Confused, Ye Qiu asked, “Senior, can you tell me what kind of despair you experienced”

She shook her head and maintained her smile.

She did not explain and only said, “Some secrets can only better protect you if they are completely buried underground.”

Her answer was almost the same as the Lord of Forbidden Area.

Could it be the Longevity Calamity Ye Qiu couldnt help but guess.

He didnt ask and only nodded.

Curiosity killed the cat.

Before one reached a strength that was enough to protect themselves, sometimes pretending to be confused was also a way to protect oneself.

After a while, Ye Qiu grabbed the center of gravity and asked, “Senior, do you have any last wishes I wonder if I can help you fulfill them.

Please tell me.”

It had been countless years since the peerless woman in front of him was struggling in the void.

This kind of long loneliness was difficult for ordinary people to endure.

Just like the Lord of Forbidden Area, he was extremely lonely after being bound for tens of thousands of years.


Hearing Ye Qius words, the other party sighed and shook her head with a bitter smile.

She said, “Currently, you dont have the strength to face that terrifying thing.

After so many years, Ive already thought it through!

“Everything in the world is destined! Im waiting here to seek a fated person to pass down my mantle.”

Looking at Ye Qiu, the other party shook her head and said, “Unfortunately, youre not the person Im waiting for.”

Her eyes were filled with disappointment.

Perhaps she did not expect such an outcome after waiting for so many years.

Hearing this, Ye Qiu felt disappointed.

However, on second thought, his eyes suddenly lit up.

“I wonder what conditions the fated person Senior mentioned has.

Perhaps, I can help Senior find this fated person.”

As soon as these words were spoken, her gaze froze in surprise.

She looked at Ye Qiu with interest and felt very gratified.

Her heart, which had wanted to give up, stirred up a trace of hope.

After a while, she said, “The person Im waiting for is a kind-hearted person who has no desires and can see through the good and evil of the world.

He dares to fight against the heavens for living beings and benefit the world.

“Only such a person is qualified to inherit my inheritance.

“A persons heart is filled with desire and evil.

If one cant truly comprehend the profundities of life, they wont be able to go far even if I pass down my mantle.

“Young man, can you find me someone who meets these conditions”

She smiled at Ye Qiu as if she had seen through his thoughts.

In front of her, Ye Qiu felt like his clothes had been stripped off.

He had been completely seen through.

After thinking about it seriously, Ye Qiu suddenly remembered that there seemed to be such a person beside him.

He was overjoyed and promised, “Haha, Senior, I think I know where the person youre talking about is.

“Perhaps she is the only person in the world who meets Seniors many conditions.”

As soon as these words were spoken, her expression froze in disbelief.


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