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Chapter 965: Black-bellied Master and Adorable Disciple (2)

Shen Yanxiao sat in the study, pondering about how she should talk to Nangong Mengmeng.

After all, she had indeed neglected this little girl recently.

But now, she was interested in using her to maintain her relationship with the God Realm, but she had to find an excuse first.

However, when Shen Yanxiao saw Nangong Mengmeng, she immediately felt that her previous thoughts were idiotic.

“Teacher… Father… youve finally remembered me! I miss you so much!” Nangong Mengmeng arrived before Shen Yanxiao did.

Her roar that sounded like a spoiled child stunned Shen Yanxiao.

The next second, an energetic figure dashed to Shen Yanxiao.

From the moment she entered the room to the moment she lifted her skirt and knelt, Nangong Mengmeng had taken less than three seconds.

She did not even give Shen Yanxiao time to respond before she knelt before Shen Yanxiao whilst still holding a cup of… tea in her hand.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Nangong Mengmeng in horror and then at the cup of tea which unexpectedly did not spill a single drop.

As expected, those from the God Realm were either talents or weirdos.

“Get up first.” Shen Yanxiao calmed herself down and sighed.

However, Nangong Mengmeng remained unmoved.

“Teacher, please drink this cup of tea before I get up.” Nangong Mengmeng had already thought it through on the way here.

Regardless of the reason why Shen Yanxiao called for her, she had already made up her mind to see it to the end.

She would make Shen Yanxiao accept her no matter what.

Whats honor Whats pride It had long been crushed into dregs by her excited heart.

A moment ago, Shen Yanxiao was still pondering over the reason to accept Nangong Mengmeng as her disciple.

At this very moment, Nangong Mengmeng had taken the initiative to send herself to Shen Yanxiaos doorsteps.

Shen Yanxiao had mixed feelings about this.

It was rare to see someone so eager for her to fool them.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the sincere Nangong Mengmeng and wrinkled her brow.

“Do you really wish to acknowledge me as your teacher”

Alright, since youre so proactive, Ill go along with you.

“Really! I cant think of anything I would wish for more!” Nangong Mengmeng was very determined.

Shen Yanxiao looked troubled.

“I am very touched by your sincerity and I am also very gratified.

However, you are someone from the God Realm and the position of the God Realm is extremely respected in the Brilliance Continent.

I was unwilling to accept you previously because I felt that I was not worthy to be your teacher.

There are countless people in the God Realm who are more capable than me, so why do you have to settle for some second-rate teacher like me”

“Youre not second-rate at all! Teacher, I really admire you.

Furthermore, the Sage has already… er, he has already agreed to acknowledge you as my teacher and he had even told me not to cause trouble for you.

The Sage admires you very much, and you are not inferior to those old men from the God Realm at all! I sincerely wish to acknowledge you as my teacher and the Sage also feels that you have the qualifications.

Please accept me!” Seeing that Shen Yanxiao had slightly loosened up, Nangong Mengmeng continued to work harder in her attempt to entice Shen Yanxiao to accept her.

In her heart, Shen Yanxiao who had such achievements at the age of fourteen would absolutely qualify to be regarded as the number one person in the Brilliance Continent.

Be it her boldness or courage, it had made countless experts feel ashamed.

There was no lack of experts in the God Realm.

What they lacked was courage and temperament.

Someone that dared to risk everything under the heavens and insistent on their choice.

Such traits were admirable.

Shen Yanxiao frowned and looked at Nangong Mengmeng with a sigh.

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