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Chapter 935: Returning to Sun Never Sets (1)

If Long Fei wanted to go to Sun Never Sets, he must travel through the northern and eastern region.

No one knew how many demons he would encounter on the way.

Qin Qiong stayed in Blizzard City to arrange everything in Blizzard City while Wu Run went along with Long Fei to Sun Never Sets.

Other than Long Xueyao, Gu Feng, and Shen Yanxiao, there were also three hundred advanced-level professionals with them.

There was nothing that could stop such a decked out team even if they were attacked by demons.

With so many powerful mercenaries, even though Long Fei and the others had encountered several waves of demons in the northern region, they easily survived without any mishaps.

Shen Yanxiao did not attack from the moment they began travelling.

She had already broken through to the Second-Class so there was no need to train with demons anymore.


The mini dragon seemed to like to stand on her shoulders, and Shen Yanxiao did not want to bring this adorable idiot around all day long.

The mini dragons expression was very arrogant.

It seemed to regard itself as an emperor.

Even when it stood on Shen Yanxiaos shoulders, its gaze when looking at others was filled with contempt.

On the other hand, Long Xueyao found the mini dragon adorable so she would tease it from time to time.

However, the mini dragons reaction could only be described as arrogant.

They safely left the northern region and finally stepped into the eastern region of the Longxuan Empire.

“This is the east Its much warmer than where we were.” Long Xueyao and Shen Yanxiao were in the same carriage.

Long Fei and Wu Run were also in the carriage.

Long Fei had arranged for Gu Feng to be in another carriage.

The reason for that was that he was too noisy!

“There are many demons in the eastern region of the Forsaken Land.

The demons here are not like those in the northern region who have some contact with humans.

We have to be careful when we are here.” Long Fei looked at the scenery outside the window.

The miners of Blizzard City had once been active in the eastern region so he knew that the demons there were very savage.

With the exception of the eastern region, humans had already settled down in the other three regions.

The three cities had more or less interacted with the surrounding demon settlements, and they had paid a lot of slaves in exchange for stability.

However, the Sun Never Sets was only built a few months ago.

Even if they had that thought, they would not be able to implement it so soon.

Long Fei informed everyone that they had to be vigilant after entering the eastern region as they could start a battle with demons at any time.


On the first day when they entered the eastern region, they saw some demons from afar.

However, those demons did not rush towards them.

Instead, they turned and left.

Long Fei only regarded them as low-level demons who did not have the courage to approach them.

The next day, a group of demons led by five to six advanced-ranked demons openly walked past their carriages.

Almost all the mercenaries were prepared for a bloody battle, but those few advanced-ranked demons merely glanced at them with a calm expression before leading their minions to continue their journey.

They seemed to not even have the appetite to eat humans.

The same thing happened on the third day…

Long Fei was puzzled.

Blizzard City had been active in the east for quite a while.

So, how come the demons in the eastern region had become so polite after only a few months

They did not pounce over to bite them the moment they saw them.

Instead, it was as if they were accustomed to it and completely ignored their team.

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