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Chapter 876: Northern Region (3)

“What” Shen Yanxiao, who was still gnawing on her rations, was stunned.

“What do you mean” Forgive her for being slow-witted, but she had not recovered from her training-focused mindset.

“You, fight me,” Xiu said calmly.

“Fight… you!” Shen Yanxiao almost choked to death from the rations that she had just consumed.

What a joke!

She had just become an Advanced Professional and he wanted her to fight him

Did he want her dead

Shen Yanxiaos heart clenched as she thought about how Xiu had crushed an eighth-ranked magical beast with one finger and how Xiu had defeated a Second-Class expert in one move.

She had been cultivating diligently during that period, and she did not make any mistakes.

So, why did Lord Xiu suddenly decide to get rid of her

Shen Yanxiao knew that she could not even withstand a single blow from Xiu.

“Yes.” Xiu did not think that his proposal was shocking at all.

Shen Yanxiaos heart instantly shattered into pieces.

“I cant defeat you.” Shen Yanxiao wiped her tears discreetly.

She was not ashamed at all as she revealed that she still had a smidgen of self-awareness.

“Thats for sure.” Xius ice-cold tone petrified Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry.

Why did he torture her when he already knew about it

Instant kill! She would definitely be insta-killed!

If Lord Xiu were to be careless again, he might crush her to death…

She was there to train, not to commit suicide!

“Theres no need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

I think Id better find a few advanced-ranked demons to practice with.

I would not need your help then!” No! She would rather go all over the mountain to find demons to fight than to be tortured by Xiu!

“You have too little actual combat experience so your speed of improvement is only considered fast among humans.

If you do not increase your actual combat experience soon, you will not be able to unleash your full strength.

Even if you were to look for demons now, it will not be effective.

Rest assured that after I guide you, you will have plenty of opportunities to look for demons to train with.” Xiu spoke calmly as if he did not notice Shen Yanxiaos fear.

“But you will beat me to death…” Shen Yanxiao muttered to herself.

“Hmm” Xiu raised his voice.

“You are too cruel.

My arms and legs cannot take it.” For the sake of her life, she would crush her dignity and throw them away.

“I know my limits.”

“But you have accidentally crushed an eighth-ranked magical beast.

If you were to be careless while training with me… I think I might not be as durable as an eighth-ranked magical beast.” Humans trained in offense.

Moreover, her two professions, Archer and Warlock, had the weakest defense.

Knights might be able to withstand Xius carelessness, but with her weak defense, she would be sent flying before Xiu could even slap her.

The disparity between their strengths was too great.

It was not that she was weak, but the enemys fighting strength was off the charts!

“…” Xiu suddenly wondered if he had traumatized that little kid.

After a moment of silence, Xiu seemed to hesitate before he slowly said,

“I will not let you get hurt.”

“I am afraid that you will not be able to stop once you get into it.” She knew that Xiu would not kill her, but… Xius past achievements were too brilliant! She could not stay calm even if she wanted to.



“You are too weak to provoke my fighting spirit.”

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