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Chapter 820: Auction (2)

As the start of the auction got closer, a large number of people had already entered the Forsaken Land.

Some of them were from the various aristocratic families in the continent, and most of them were wealthy, very wealthy.

There were also some hidden experts who had snuck into the Forsaken Land.

However, to all of them, entering the Forsaken Land was a huge challenge.

No one knew what kind of dangers awaited them in a place where demons ran rampant.

Aristocratic families gathered a group of powerful elites to go with them.

Wealthy tycoons spent a fortune to hire a large number of mercenaries to escort them.

As for those who were already powerful and were contracted to magical beasts, they dared to go alone.

With such a large flow of people, the generals at the border of the Longxuan Empire were so busy that they had to check permits day and night.

During the inspection, the people who were prepared to go to the auction house formed a temporary alliance.

The Forsaken Land was already dangerous enough, and no one could guarantee that they could safely travel across the Forsaken Land.

So, instead of fighting on their own, it was better for them to gather their force together to guard against the possible hordes of demons.

Therefore, at the border of the Forsaken Land, all sorts of alliances were created constanty.

If they met someone they knew, with just a few casual words, they would naturally form an alliance.

If they did not know that person, then they would have to rely on their shameless mouth and thick skin.

The originally independent forces banded together to enter the Forsaken Land.

Of course, their collaboration was limited to the journey to Sun Never Sets.

Once they arrived at their destination, their relationship would immediately turn hostile.

They did not take such a huge risk to enter Sun Never Sets to benefit others.

They had their own motives too.

People with different intentions had no choice but to group together for the time being.

With uneasiness in their heart, they entered the savage Forsaken Land.

The first day …

The road was a little rundown, but they did not encounter any dangers.

It seemed like the border of the Forsaken Land was not as scary as it might seem.

The next day …

Was it really the Forsaken Land Where were the demons They did not even see a shadow of a ghost.

On the third day …

“Brother Li, do you want to drink in my carriage”

“Oh, Brother Wang.

Coincidentally, I have some dishes that pair excellently with wine here.

Ill be right there.”

“Family Head Liu, are you interested in playing a game of chess with me”

“Very well, very well …”

Those who had constantly heard of the horror stories coming from the Forsaken Land suddenly felt that the Forsaken Land was not as terrifying as the rumors claimed it to be.

They had not seen a single demon in three days, and only ruins filled their sight.

They began to wonder if the rumors about the Forsaken Land were greatly exaggerated.

After they relaxed their vigilance and nervousness, the group of young masters had nothing better to do, so they began to play around in their respective carriages.

They would drink and play chess in their carriage in the morning.

Reciting poems with arms around each others shoulders at night.

It did not matter which country they were from.

Everyone had nothing better to do than to drink and enjoy themselves.

Even the guards who had always been on high alert were gladdened by the overly comfortable journey.

They were no longer as vigilant as they were before.

Instead, they would steal a few drinks and brag to their brothers.

They had a strange feeling that they were not there to bid for treasures.

Instead, they were there to sightsee.

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