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Chapter 783: Shameless, Too Shameless (1)

It made him feel that having a kid was not such a bad thing.

Because of Shen Lings words, Shen Feng became less intransigent.

Make hay while the sun shines.

Shen Yanxiao continued to use adorableness as her weapon.

After a few cute blinks, Shen Feng finally gave in.

What had been happening inside this room shocked Vermilion Bird to his core.

Where was his overwhelming and bossy master

Was it okay for you to be so cute like this

Vermilion Bird realized that his master could be cute as well as cruel…

She was indeed a strange girl!

“Father, for the next couple of days, try to have some rest.

I will have stuff here packed up and prepared for our trip.” Since they decided to go to Sun Never Sets, they would have to make plans.

“Go ahead.” The past couple of days had exhausted Shen Feng.

Having experienced this crisis, Shen Feng had found out that Shen Ling was only his trustworthy son and now he was willing to let Shen Ling take care of certain matters.

“Xiaoxiao, tell me what we need to take to be ready for the Forsaken Land.

I will send people to buy them.” Shen Ling had never been to the Forsaken Land so he had to ask her for advice.

Shen Yanxiao was in a good mood for having convinced Shen Feng, so she said to Shen Ling with a brilliant smile, “You dont have to take much stuff.

Sun Never Sets has everything ready.

Just take our money and valuables.”

“…” Shen Ling was speechless.

He already found this girl was somewhat a money-grubber when she was billing the four families.

This feeling deepened as she gave this answer.

The Vermilion Bird Family was not poor.

But why was this girl so obsessed with money

Was it because she had a tough childhood

“Then I will take what I see fit.” Shen Ling thought he might just as well make the call himself.

If they were to bring gold coins to the Forsaken Land, he was afraid that they would not find a place to spend them.

He had to make due preparations.

While Shen Ling went off to take care of the “move”, Shen Yanxiao stayed behind and chatted with Shen Feng for a bit more.

She was about to leave to shop for some medical ingredients to bring back to the Forsaken Land when a servant came over in a hurry.

“Lady… the young masters of the four families are here to see you.

They are waiting for you in the hall.”

Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

Why were the beasts up so early She had her doubts when she saw how their grandpa took them back and assumed they should not be able to “get out of bed” today.

With this doubt, Shen Yanxiao went to the hall.

As soon as she came through the door, a tall guy threw himself at her.

But before he could even touch the corner of her clothes, Vermilion Bird kicked him away.

That beast flew across the hall along a perfect curve and smashed into the floor, face down.

“Eh…” Tang Nazhi was the one the Vermilion Bird kicked away.

He crawled up and looked at the Vermilion Bird with googly eyes.

“You are so little but so strong.” Tang Nazhi mumbled.

Vermilion Bird raised his eyebrows.

Qi Xia and the others looked at Tang Nazhi amusingly.

Shen Yanxiao rubbed her head and sat down on a chair.

“What are you doing here”

“What do you think” Qi Xia seated himself on a chair and gazed at Shen Yanxiao with a faint smile.

“What do I think” Shen Yanxiaos mind was occupied by the future arrangement when Shen Ling and Shen Feng would arrive at Sun Never Sets.

She truly did not know what the beasts were doing here this early in the morning.

Qi Xia tried to remind her, “This morning, someone from the Vermilion Bird Family came to the door of our Qilin Family, waving a flag around.”

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