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Chapter 765: Messed Up (5)

“No, you, wait…” The four Family Heads were trying their best to find excuses to stay longer.

However, Shen Yanxiao just went back to the dungeon with her adorable mythical beast without looking back.

She did not give them even a second for the Family Heads to say their excuses!

She was so shameless that the most infamous merchant of the Longxuan Empire, Qi Xia, would have to admit defeat.

“This is not right.

Shen is so righteous.

So, why would he have such a shameless granddaughter Did she suffer from some sort of mutation” With mixed feelings, Tang Ao looked at the bill and then threw a glance at Shen Yanxiao who had excused herself.

“Hey, did you and Shen mistake your kids back in the day Maybe that girl should be in your family instead” Yang Qiong was convinced that his speculation was reasonable when he said it to Qi Cang.

“Are you saying that Qi Xia is like Shen” Yan Hua raised his eyebrows.

Yang Qiong became dazed for a moment and then shook his head.

No kidding.

Qi Xia was as cunning and shameless as one could be.

Of course, he was a kid of the Qilin Family!

Cunning, scheming, shameless.

Those were the genetic traits of the Qilin Family!

“Well, so sorry about that.” Shen Feng was speechless as well but at the same time, he found it amusing.

His granddaughter was impressive.

“Its okay.

It is getting late.

We shall take off now,” Qi Cang replied with a smile.

“Eh, grandpa, you are leaving Then you can leave without me.” Tang Nazhi blinked.

He patted the dirt off his clothes and stood in a line with the other four beasts.

They waved their hands obediently to bid farewell to their grandfathers.

“Do you think you can stay here You wish!” Tang Ao pinched Tang Nazhis ear and dragged him away.

Li Xiaowei gulped in fear and then followed them after he felt the glare from Tang Ao.

Qi Cang, Yang Qiong, and Yan Hua looked at their grandsons with a smile.

Qi Xia, Yang Xi, and Yan Yu did the smart thing.

They turned around and said goodbye to Shen Feng politely.


Shen, we will head back now.

We will come and see Xiaoxiao soon.”


Take care.” The entire day was like an emotional roller coaster for him.

Looking at them now, he was not envious of the kids of the other four families anymore—his granddaughter Shen Yanxiao was just as good as those four punks.

“Goodbye!” The three beasts turned around at the same time.

Their goodbye felt solemn and stirring.

Farewell to the heroes with a lonely quest—a one-way passage of pride.

They were going to take a beating back home!

Shen Feng watched as they left.

He then smiled and shook his head.

He and those old pals of his had been battling for years and now, they were joining hands.

Plus, Qi Xia and the other kids had shown their deep friendship with Shen Yanxiao when they came here in a hurry to support her.

He could tell from the way that they came to the Vermilion Bird Family.

They, the ones of the older generation, had been arguing and competing for their entire life.

For the longest time, they were unwilling to befriend each other.

But those kids had become so close while they were kept in the dark.

“That is good.” Shen Feng put on a smile and gazed into the night sky.

The dark clouds had dispersed and the moonlight shone brightly onto the ground.

“Shen Ling,” Shen Feng said.

“Yes.” Shen Ling had been standing here for a long time, awaiting his grandfathers next orders.

“Lets go to the dungeon.

We cannot let Xiaoxiao face this alone.

The Vermilion Bird Family has sinned considerably.” Shen Feng let out a deep sigh.

Shen Yanxiao had not killed Shen Duan or Shen Yue yet.

She kept them imprisoned in the dungeon with Shen Yifeng who had not recovered yet.

But, Shen Yanxiao was letting them live a bit because she wanted to fish for more information out of them.

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