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Chapter 762: Messed Up (2)

What was this about

These young men could defy every law and regulation in the Longxuan Empire, but they had to behave like meek little lambs in front of their grandpas.

But first, they hovered around in the sky for a bit and saw nothing out of place in the Vermilion Bird Family.

Shen Feng was looking at them with a smile.

Realizing that grand display of might was for nothing, the young men put away their mythical beasts and landed in the yard, embarrassed.

“You punk.

How dare you! I didnt let you have the Black Tortoise to show off! You almost scared me there.

Are you getting tired of living” Tang Ao was the most short-tempered of them all.

When Tang Nazhi came to him, the first thing he did was to kick Tang Nazhis bottom.

As a good grandson, Tang Nazhi didnt resist at all, so with one kick, he was kicked to the ground.

Instead of lying on the ground and getting embarrassed further, he quickly got up and was about to explain when he saw Tang Ao grabbing Li Xiaoweis hands gently and asked with care, “My lovely Xiaowei, tell me, what is the story of your mythical beast It seems to be quite strong.”

Tang Nazhi felt unfair.

He was Tang Aos grandson as well.

Why was the difference in attitude!

Was Tang Ao his grandpa or not

“It is called Yamata no Orochi.

My teacher… left it to me.” Li Xiaowei looked at Tang Ao, ill at ease.

“Oh, I see, Yamata no Orochi.

It is suitable for you.

I have been trying to find you a magical beast, but since you already have one, I will stop my needless search.” Tang Ao looked at Li Xiaowei with a warm smile.

Compared to that idiot Tang Nazhi with all brawns but no brains, Li Xiaowei was adorable and clever.

“Grandpa…” Tang Nazhi extended his trembling arm, trying to establish a sense of presence here.

However, Tang Ao didnt even bother looking at him.

I am your grandson as well!! You cannot love the new and loathe the old!

“What are you doing here” Qi Cang cast a glance at the funny yet annoying trio.

He told himself that he could not make a fool of himself like that stupid Tang Ao.

The hillbillies from the Black Tortoise Family!

Remember your manners!


Look at me.

How graceful I am!

Qi Xiao explained with a smile, “Vermilion Bird said that the Vermilion Bird Family was in trouble so we hurried back from Sun Never Sets…” The sentence was stuck in his throat halfway through.

No man was wise all the time.

Qi Xia had done the most stupid thing!

“Sun Never Sets” Qi Cang squinted.

The next second, Qi Cang knocked on Qi Xias head with his staff forcefully.

To hell with good manners…

“You told me you went back to Saint Laurent Academy! What is this Sun Never Sets about You fool! Dont run.

I promise I will not kill you!”

“Well… grandpa, listen to me! Please! Dont beat my butt!”

Yan Yu and Yang Xi witnessed the misery that was happening to Qi Xia and Tang Nazhi quietly.

The two gulped in fear and looked at their grandpas nervously.

Yang Qiong stared at Yang Xi.

“Do you want to answer honestly or should I beat the answer out of you”

Yang Xi was clever.

“Answer honestly.”

Yang Qiong nodded gladly.

“Go ahead!”

“We didnt go back to Saint Laurent Academy!”

“Dont waste my time! Get to the point!”

“We had planned to join Xiaoxiao in Sun Never Sets a long time ago, so we headed there when we left home…” Yang Xi stole a glance at Qi Xia who was running around in the yard with Qi Cang chasing after him, and Tang Nazhi who was getting kicked by Tang Ao.

Yang Xis heart was beating quickly.

Yang Qiong raised his eyebrows.

“You told me you were going to sell the weapons you took from home in Black City.”

“The weapons are in Sun Never Sets.”

Yang Qiong raised his eyebrows even higher.

“How about the forgers you took from home”

“Also in Sun Never Sets…”

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