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Chapter 753: Glory of the Vermilion Bird Family (4)

The four Family Heads really meant to help, but it was a pity that they lacked the ability to.

For one, they could not defeat Ruan Yingzhe, even if they joined hands.

For another, even if they could, they had to think about their families.

They were not afraid of one Ruan Yingzhe but the Broken Star Palace that Ruan Yingzhe represented!

“Outrageous Who is the most outrageous one here, Ruan Yingzhe Who is swaggering around in someone elses home like their own Who is helping two bastards trying to murder their own blood father and brother The way I see it, you are the outrageous one here, the most outrageous of the outrageous.

The affair of the Vermilion Bird Family should not be meddled by an outsider like you!” Ruan Yingzhes manner did not intimidate Shen Yanxiao at all.

“Punk! Who do you think you are This is not a place for you to point fingers.

The Vermilion Bird Family You are an insignificant brat! Do you honestly believe that a Vermilion Bird Family that had past their prime means something Let me tell you the cold hard truth — I can wipe out as many families like yours when I want to! Dont misunderstand that I like to be your Family Head.

If it was not for the fact that Shen Duan, my dog, came to me begging for hope, I would not resign myself to deal with you ants.

Without the mythical beasts, the five aristocratic families mean nothing!” Ruan Yingzhe laughed out loud.

He voiced his contempt for the five aristocratic families out loud and with unbridled arrogance.

In his words, it was clear that he thought little of the five families.

He even included Shen Duan as a target of his contempt.

Ruan Yingzhes remark was harsh.

Qi Cang and the other Family Heads pulled a long face.

The five aristocratic families had declined, which was true, but they had never been dismissed like this.

They just hated the fact that they were not powerful enough.

They could not talk back as Ruan Yingzhe continued to berate them.

This was such a shame!

“Youre talking really big for someone of your status.

You are nothing more than a pile of dirt I would scrap away from my shoe.

How dare you walk around with your puny strength in my territory Who gave you the courage to think that you are invincible in the world, huh Just because two dogs are riding on your coattails That is ridiculous! Why dont you consider your old age and stop sticking your nose in other peoples business before you disintegrate into ash Dont make a fool of yourself by showing off your poor abilities.

Do you have no shame I suggest that you go back to that **ty Broken Star Palace.

I am already quite entertained looking a senile old fool strutting in my backyard.” Shen Yanxiao gave a full demonstration of her ability to insult someone.

She hurled curses at Ruan Yingzhe without dropping any “f” bombs.

Ruan Yingzhe was old but since he was in his second class promotion, he still appeared young.

However, Shen Yanxiao made it abundantly clear that what was outside could never hide his age.

How stunning were her words!

“That girl has quite the vicious tongue.

She is like that little fox of your family!” Yang Qiong was dumbstruck.

This was the first time that he saw anyone with the courage to vent a torrent of abuse toward an expert of the second class promotion.

She sounded just as good as Qi Xia, that cunning little businessman.

Qi Cang tried hard not to laugh out loud.

His fondness of Shen Yanxiao quickly grew in his heart.

No wonder his grandson spoke so highly of this girl.

Her courage and her vicious tongue were enough for people to admire here!

Those Family Heads had been holding a grudge against Ruan Yingzhe, but as leaders of their family, they had to worry about the safety of their respective families.

Otherwise, they would curse this old bastard that had no awareness of his old age.

They wished they could applaud and cheer for Shen Yanxiao now that she had spoken their mind!

Good girl! Go on! Cuss that old jerk to death!

Ruan Yingzhe turned deathly pale.

Never had anyone dared to curse him in his face, not to mention a 14-year-old girl who was so much weaker than him.

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