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Chapter 740: Master Archer (1)

After she obtained all the information, Shen Yanxiao pondered as to how she wanted to deal with Shen Yifeng.

She had a strong impulse to end his life right now, but she knew it was not wise to do so right now as he still had many uses.

Shen Yanxiao stood before Shen Yifeng and took out an exquisite dagger from her spatial bracelet.

The sharp knife flickered with a chill that reflected in her eyes.

“A beast like you is not worthy to stay in his world.

But its not your time right now since you still have some uses.” A bloody smile curled on the corner of her lips.

With a cold glint, fresh blood overflowed and scarlet blood splattered on her face.

But even then, her eyes revealed emotions of joy.

“Return and inform Shen Duan that you were injured by an expert on your way back and beg him to save you.” Shen Yanxiaos smile was similar to a devil.

As she looked at Shen Yifeng who was covered in blood, the hatred in her eyes did not diminish in the slightest.

An hour later, when the injured Shen Yifeng managed to crawl his way back, the guards were shocked by his bloodied appearance.

They hastily carried Shen Yifeng who had lost consciousness due to excessive loss of blood into the estate.

The entire Vermilion Bird Family was soon in chaos because of his severe injuries.

Standing some distance away, Shen Yanxiao revealed a chilly smile.

After she saw Shen Yifeng being carried into the estate, she immediately concealed herself and ran towards the back entrance.

In the Vermilion Bird Familys estate, Shen Duan looked at his barely breathing son with rage-filled eyes.

“Quick, invite a physician and find all the Advanced Herbalists in the capital!” Shen Duan only had one son so no matter how shameless his personality was, Shen Yifeng was ultimately his lifeblood.

Right now, Shen Yifengs condition was extremely bad, with dozens of knife wounds all over his body and there were several wounds where bones could be seen.

Shen Duan was deeply astonished when he saw his son dyed in blood.

He even felt like going crazy.

His son was in perfect condition when he went out, so why did he suddenly end up like this in a short period of time

A middle-aged man entered the room during the chaos.

The moment Shen Duan saw him, he immediately went up to welcome him.

“Senior Yuan, I have no idea what happened to Yifeng for him to be injured as such.

Please help Yifeng get justice!”

The middle-aged man was Shen Yifengs teacher, Ruan Yingzhe.

His actual age surpassed a hundred years but due to his strength as a second class expert, his appearance looked as if he was around his forties.

Overall, he looked like a rather dignified man.

Ruan Yingzhe came to the bed and looked at the unconscious Shen Yifeng.

He placed his hand over his chest and used his internal battle aura to examine his students condition.

After a round of examination, Ruan Yingzhe furrowed his brows.

There were no remaining traces of battle aura or magic in his body.

Evidently, he had been physically slashed by someone without the use of battle aura or magic.

However, Shen Yifeng was a Great Swordsman, so how could he possibly allow some random joe to injure him as such.

The only possible explanation was, the strength of the culprit far surpassed him.

Moreover, he or she had captured him before using such a torturous method to slash at him with a knife.

“Its mainly physical wounds.

Ill infuse some battle aura so that he can last longer.

Get a physician immediately so he wont be in life-threatening danger.” Ruan Yingzhes expression was rather ugly.

Shen Yifeng was his student, and he had been slashed to such an extent.

It was basically humiliating him as his teacher.

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