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Chapter 708: Fifth Layer of Seal (2)

“I can provide some herbs from my family.” Yan Yu had already started to think about what herbs he should steal from their warehouse to get them a good deal.

“I will take care of the venue of the auction house and the staff members.

I will have them transport the rare items that we can collect soon.” Qi Xia mentioned.

Tang Nazhi was upset.

This was the time for them to compete in family backgrounds, but he had nothing to give.

Tang Nazhi had an amazing father but the valuables in his family were not for sale!! That was the truth!

Magical arrays were practical but they could not be sold as tangible items!

“How about… we go and capture some advanced magical beasts” Noticing how his younger brother was depressed, Li Xiaowei comforted him, which was rarely seen.

Tang Nazhi immmediately cheered up.

The next second, his eyes were fixed on Little Phoenix that was curled up on Vermilion Birds head, sleeping soundly.

“I think… we have them now.

The Phoenix is… kind of small, but if we put its parents up for sale, it will create a shocking scene.” Quite excited, Tang Nazhi was picturing how he could hold Little Phoenix in his hand and present it at the auction.

He felt he could already see countless gold coins pouring into his pocket.

“…” Shen Yanxiao looked at this pair of foolish brothers.

She wondered if she should warn them that fire was already bursting out from Vermilion Birds eyes!

How stupid did they have to be to talk about selling Little Phoenix right in the face of its guardian

Shen Yanxiao thought Tang Nazhi was silly enough.

Now, she knew that Li Xiaowei was not faring any better in the brain aspect.

No wonder those two were brothers!

“If you are willing to face the fury of two Phoenixes and a Vermilion Bird, then you are welcome to have a go.” Quite carefully, Qi Xia cautioned the two brothers.

Gold coins were valuable, but not so much as life.

He wondered if Black Tortoise and Yamata no Orochi could withstand the anger of three fire-wielding mythical beasts.

That was kind of exciting to think about!

“I am making a joke…” Tang Nazhi gulped.

He threw a look to Vermilion Bird whose eyes were leaking fire.

Seriously… selling Little Phoenix Xiaoxiao would be the first to fight him, not to mention Vermilion Bird and the two Phoenixes.

Although Little Phoenix was not a mythical beast that was contracted with her, this little guy had been raised by Vermilion Bird.

At this point, it was basically Shen Yanxiaos second mythical beast.

Everyone knew that this girl was overly protective.

If they were to sell Little Phoenix for real, Shen Yanxiao would chop them up like cabbages within seconds.

“You can joke more if you want.” Shen Yanxiao gave Tang Nazhi a look of contempt.

“…” Tang Nazhi was on the verge of shedding tears.

He was merely trying to have presence in the conversation.

These people had no sense of humor!

“I will take care of public promotion.

After all, I am much more comfortable dealing with those merchants.” Qi Xia shifted the conversation back to its right course.

He was convinced that those hungry merchants would not let go of this huge opportunity once they noticed the abundant mineral resources in Sun Never Sets.


The construction of Sun Never Sets will be finished in about a month.

You can go and take care of your own tasks.

I will take Jia Lan with me to negotiate with the other advanced demons tomorrow.” Shen Yanxiao was eager to get into action.

It was right at that moment when she heard Xius familiar voice in her ears.

“Tonight, I can help you undo the fifth layer of the seal.”

Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

She said slowly, “It has been several months since we last met, Group Leader Du.

I am glad that you have recovered well.” Shen Yanxiaos heart skipped a beat.

She had been waiting for this moment for several months.

Previously, Xiu had not been able to make any progress, but finally, the day had come!

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