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Chapter 691: Ouyang Huanyu (3)

Words of concern flowed out of Ouyang Huanyus mouth.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows a bit.

What was this feeling that something was wrong when Ouyang Huanyu uttered those words of concern and love Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows in realization.

In such a place of growing crisis, stored the richest treasures of the Brilliance Continent.

“When you were in Saint Laurent Academy, I had always been hoping to finally meet you.

I want to see what kind of person dares to risk being alienated by everyone else and tread on the path of a Warlock,” Ouyang Huanyu exclaimed to Shen Yanxiao.

In the depth of his eyes, he displayed delight.

“People of the Brilliance Continent hold a bias against Warlocks after the previous disasters.

You should know that in the entire Longxuan Empire, Saint Laurent Academy is the only place that still has a Warlocks Division.

Even so, it has been years since the Warlocks Divisions has recruited any students.

Do you know how excited I was when I heard that a student had decided to become a Warlock On this continent, there is still a person that is not affected by secondhand prejudice.”

“The profession in itself is not good or bad, the people are.

The nightmares that the Warlocks had brought to the people had nothing to do with the Warlock profession.” Shen Yanxiao had no idea why Ouyang Huanyu would mention this out of nowhere.


Right or wrong can only be deduced by behavior and action, nothing else.

But I do believe that you must have felt the negatives your profession has brought you since you have arrived at the Forsaken Land.” Ouyang Huanyu looked at Shen Yanxiao and went on slowly, “Each year, the winner of the Inter-academy Tournament is given a city in the Forsaken Land.

When the winner is rebuilding the city, they would gain immense support from the Longxuan Empire.

However, when it comes to you, the Emperor gave you nothing.

You must know the reason why, right”

Shen Yanxiao frowned.

She was well aware of how harshly she was treated by the Emperor.

But she did not mind.

A city that was built with her own hands was a city that belonged to her.

She did not need to owe anyone.

“The Emperor must have his reason.

We cannot discuss that.” Shen Yanxiao was getting impatient.

She was at a loss after Ouyang Huanyu talked endlessly with no end in sight.

“Right, the supremacy of the Emperor.” Ouyang Huanyu smiled.

He seemed to have sensed Shen Yanxiaos impatience.

He stopped rambling on and put on a straight face.

“You already know about this, so I will not waste anymore of your time.

As a matter of fact, I have come to the Forsaken Land under the Emperors order.”

“The Emperors order” That took Shen Yanxiao by surprise.

It was the Emperor that had ordered Ouyang Huanyu to come to the Forsaken Land

“I heard that a special group of envoys sent here from the capital was staying in Sun Never Sets.

Prince Longyue and State Master Pei Yuan are in the group.

Several months ago, the Emperor received State Teacher Pei Yuans hand-written letter stating that he and the prince would stay in Sun Never Sets for a while.

Although the Emperor believes in the state teachers abilities, he is still a bit worried, so he has asked me to come for a visit.

After all, he knows that you were a student of Saint Laurent Academy, which in turn means that you have some relationship with me, the Principal of Saint Laurent Academy.” Ouyang Huanyu spilled out the reason for his visit to the Forsaken Land without holding back any information.

He was implying the Emperors worry in his words.

It had been over two months since the group of special envoys had arrived at the Forsaken Land.

Pei Yuan and Long Yue had been staying in Sun Never Sets for a couple of months already.

No matter how assuring Pei Yuan was in his letter, the Emperor would still be worried about them after two months.

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