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Chapter 680: Control the Emperor and Command the Nobles (3)

“Well, your Emperor seemed a bit fatuous.

I see no reason for why he should not be replaced.” It was rare that Li Xiaowei would voice his opinion.

“Agree.” Qi Xia summarized all the above comments in one word.

Shen Yanxiaos mouth twitched.

On the surface, these beasts acted as if they were worried about her “potential” treason when in fact, she could tell from their joyful tones and happy looks that they were almost on the verge of cheering for her!

“Can you not use your brains to ponder about such useless issues I just want to be the city lord of Sun Never Sets.

I am not interested in becoming an Empress.” The five great aristocrat families enjoyed high prestige but they had always been loyal to the country.

How come at their generation, each one of them had become so rebellious

None of them was thinking about how to repay the country with unwavering loyalty.

The only thing on their minds was to rise in revolt!

“Ah Is that not part of your plan” Tang Nazhi could not accept Shen Yanxiaos answer.

She had kidnapped the prince and threatened the state teacher.

Yet, Shen Yanxiao did not intend to conspire against the empire at all.


She was messing around with them, right

“No, not now, not in the future.” Shen Yanxiao rolled her eyes at Tang Nazhi.

“Are you saying that you plan on releasing them back to the Longxuan Empire in the future” Tang Nazhi stared at Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

Was she supposed to keep them in Sun Never Sets and let them eat and drink for free forever Come on, food was precious!

“Oh my god.” Tang Nazhi slapped his forehead.

For the first time, he thought Shen Yanxiao had become naive.

“You dont think that they will forgive our misdeeds by not killing them or just not plotting a rebellion, do you Trust me, as soon as you send them back, they will gather troops in the capital to attack Sun Never Sets.” All the preparations had been done for a rebellion.

How could she throw away such a perfect opportunity at this time Did she even think about the consequences

Shen Yanxiao looked at Tang Nazhi and the others that wished to speak but stopped themselves.

She scratched her head and said, “You have made the matter too complicated.

I just didnt want them to leak the information about Sun Never Sets.

That is why I have detained them.

I am not thinking about anything else.

As for how they will retaliate in the future, for me, that is not important.

When Sun Never Sets is finished, if the Emperor has the ability, he sure can send troops here to attack me.” She believed that with the magic arrays and the obsidian city walls, the city could withstand some cannons from the Longxuan Empire.

She could just stand on the city wall and let the enemies blast at the wall for three years and not worry one bit.

She was just this confident.

Lets see what the Longxuan Empire is capable of!

“Dont you think you are being too reckless” Yan Yu was a bit worried.

What Shen Yanxiao did today had crossed the line of monarchical power.

It was not forgivable in any country to detain a prince.

“Reckless” Shen Yanxiao smiled.

“I dont care about the Emperor as long as he does not come and trouble me.

As for that Pei Yuan, I dont think he is a petty person.

Also, there is another reason for letting them stay in Sun Never Sets.” Shen Yanxiao gazed at the Sun Never Sets ongoing construction.

Light of hope was flickering in her eyes.

“I hope that they can see with their own eyes how the demons and humans are coexisting in harmony in Sun Never Sets.

They can experience the details of coexisting with demons.

I hope that everything here can change their notions about demons.”

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