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Chapter 659: Constructing a City that Would Never Fall (1)

After their display of might, those hidden shadows outside of their city had disappeared without a trace.

In the end, although Shen Yanxiao did not display her might to the other two cities, she concluded that there must have been spies planted within the various cities in the Forsaken Land, so teaching the Fantasy Devil City a lesson was basically making an example out of them.

She was telling the other two cities that she was not someone easy to bully!

If they dared to continue with their provocation, they would have to be constantly on guard that she would lead her mythical beasts to flatten their cities!

After Du Lang and the rest knew that Shen Yanxiao brought eight mythical beasts to someone elses city to have a display of might, he was frightened out of his wits.

At that moment, he finally realized that the number of mythical beasts in their city had reached a shocking number of eight!

If they were to flip through the entire Longxuan Empire, the number of mythical beasts they could find would probably be that number and right now, all of them were taken under Shen Yanxiaos wing.

They simply could not imagine if the Emperor of the Longxuan Empire had gotten hold of this news, would he faint from shock

After they resolved the problems of the ambush, the city had finally recovered its usual peacefulness.

With the help of those experts Qi Xia and his party brought here, the construction of the city increased its pace.

In less than a week, the city walls construction was complete, and the walls that were built with obsidian gave off a black luster.

Even in the gloomy Forsaken Land, it was still exceptionally eye-catching.

After the completion of the city walls, the construction of the city infrastructure had begun.

Among the people Qi Xia and the rest had brought over, dozens of them were experts in city construction.

Shen Yanxiao had directly handed over the building plans to them to handle.

When those responsible for the city construction knew that Shen Yanxiao decided to use obsidian stones for the city walls, all of their hearts bled.

They could not help but kneel down to cry and scream.

What a waste of precious resources!

“City lord, how could you use such a precious resource like obsidian on city walls” A middle-aged man looked at Shen Yanxiao with a tearful expression.

It was such a waste!

They did not dare to imagine how many tons of obsidian they had used to build the city walls.

Within the Longxuan Empire, the number of obsidian they could produce in a year was equal to the amount they had used in those walls.

However, their city lord was indeed luxurious.

She had unhesitantly used them all to build the city walls!

Even though the wall was sturdy, it was too luxurious!

It would do even if you used refined steel, and that material is so much cheaper!

Shen Yanxiaos mouth twitched as she looked at the group of professionals who were weeping with tears in front of her.

They treated her as if she was a bum who did not know her stuff because she used a precious sword to cut vegetables.

“If not on the walls, then where” Shen Yanxiao rubbed her temples.

She was indeed a noob in regards to construction, and she had only heard from Du Lang and the rest that obsidian was very sturdy.

As a result, she used them on the city walls to increase their defenses.

The moment Shen Yanxiao asked, the few professionals immediately listed a large number of places which obsidians could be used for.

Majority of them were used as the main support poles for palaces and houses, and most of the examples listed did not use obsidian on a large scale.

“Just these few But, there are still dozens of tons of obsidian piled up in the southern corner of the city.

If we used them according to your layout, we will not be able to use them all.” Shen Yanxiao was confused.

“Dozens of tons” All of them swallowed their salivas and stared at Shen Yanxiao in disbelief.

“There are other ores too, but Su He would be more knowledgeable on that.

Why dont you ask him instead” Shen Yanxiao felt an incoming headache.

She was an expert in regards to fighting and taking revenge, but as for constructing a city or what not, she was honestly not very good.

By now, Su He and the others had all recovered under Yan Yus care, and they could already walk on their own.

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