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Chapter 651: A Taste of Ones Own Medicine (3)

“Hey, theyre here! Everyone, prepare to attack!” The members of the Fantasy Devil City finally discovered Shen Yanxiaos team.

All of them revealed a cruel smile.

They had killed dozens of miners with their arrows yesterday and as fresh blood dyed the ground red, their blood was boiling with excitement.

“Haha, its an easy feat.

We dont need to prepare to deal with those groups of pigs.” When they had taken action yesterday, the opponent had no means of retaliating at all as they shot out at the same time, and each of them had their own targets.

Thus, killing dozens of men in an instant before they retreated.

There was basically no danger to speak of.

“Haha, just treat it as a hunt! However, the object of our hunt is not animals but instead, humans! Haha!”

As they saw the team gradually closing the distance, these archers rubbed their palms as they chose their targets.

When the team was about to completely enter their attack range, the leader gave a command and all the archers loaded their bows while aiming towards their targets!

Hundreds of arrows rapidly shot towards the crowd.

However, just as it was about to strike their targets, all the arrows seemed to have been frozen in the air.

“This… whats going on!” Those from the Fantasy Devil City were all dumbstruck as the arrows they shot out were all frozen in mid-air.

A petite silhouette walked out from the crowd and her raised arm had revealed her fair skin.

She pulled down her hood and revealed a cold smile as she looked at the group of people standing above the mount.

“You are the ones who attacked my citizens” A chilly yet gorgeous smile blossomed on her gorgeous face.

Shen Yanxiao had utilized Xius power and stopped all the arrows in the air.

The archers from the Fantasy Devil City panicked.

This bizarre scene had shocked their souls out of their physical body and they forgot to immediately retreat after attacking.

Instead, they were discovered by the opponent and the shock of getting discovered pulled them back to their senses.

All of them did not dare to utter a single word and instantly turned around to escape.

“Thinking of leaving Shen Yanxiao looked at their pathetically feeling backviews and a chilly smile curled on her lips.

With a twist of her slender arms, the arrows in the air changed directions and aimed at their original owners.

The next second, hundreds of arrows flew out at lightning speed with a wave of her hands and pierced through the backs of those escapers in the blink of an eye.

A series of miserable shrieks resounded throughout the skies.

Shen Yanxiao sternly commanded, “Dont let a single one go.


The moment Shen Yanxiao issued a kill order, dozens of mercenaries summoned their magical beast at the first instance.

Those demons who waited in the group seemed to have been unchained as they pounced towards those archers.

For a moment, flesh and blood spilled all over and a pungent smell of blood suffused the air.

Among the miserable screams, they could hear some people who revealed that they were from Fantasy Devil City in order to protect themselves, in hopes that the agreement between the four countries could stop Shen Yanxiaos massacre.

However, Shen Yanxiao remained standing with her hands on her back within the bloodbath.

She looked at those people who were getting torn into pieces and said.

“The dead dont speak.

As long as all of you are dead, no one will know I did this.

Moreover, I wouldnt know who had sent you.”

“You cant…” Screams of protest continuously sounded and they were thoroughly torn apart the next second.

A drop of blood splattered on Shen Yanxiaos cheeks and she raised her hand to wipe it away.

“Those who commit crimes against me shall be punished regardless of the distance.”

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