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Chapter 650: A Taste of Ones Own Medicine (2)

“Really A woman A woman would dare to come to the Forsaken Land to be a city master She must be sick of living.”

The group of men, who were stationed in and outside of the city, continued to gossip to the extent they did not a team was approaching from afar.

The other men looked common enough; fifty of them carried some tools on their shoulders as they walked.

A high-level demon and five intermediate ones led the way while more than a hundred low-level demons trailed behind them.

If the gossiping group of men paid any attention to the new arrivals, they would notice a black-cloaked petite silhouette hidden amongst them.

The figure was wrapped in a black cloak, so she did not look too different from the demons around her.

“Xiu, in a short while, activate your perception and pay attention to any movement around you.” The petite silhouette belonged to Shen Yanxiao, who was there to protect the team.

Due to her short height, she could only pretend to be a demon with a bent spine and trailed behind the group.

Almost everyone opposed her idea when she said that she would lead a team of her own.

She was only an advanced Warlock if she did not have the Vermilion Bird or two Phoenixes with her.

It was rather difficult for them to sense any hidden enemies in the wasteland.

Her friends almost tied her up to keep her from going with her plan.

Shen Yanxiao had assured repeatedly that she could deal with it, but she was pressured into bringing six wolves in her team.

It was then that her friends had reluctantly allowed her to go off on her own.

Shen Yanxiao did not actually need a mythical beast because she had Xiu with her.

He had even more powerful perception abilities than the mythical beasts.

That was something she had not revealed to anyone as it was her biggest secret.

She did not even dare to reveal a single word to those five jerks.

“About one kilometer ahead, a hundred archers are hiding behind the southeast mound.” Xiu did not disappoint as he quickly detected those bastards.

In comparison to a mythical beast, Xius perception abilities could be described as terrifying.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes, and her pitch-black silhouette stealthily flashed past the demons, similar to a light breeze.

Evil Wolf was walking at the front of the team when he felt an immense pressure on his back.

Not only did they have to deal with the enemies, but they also had to pay attention to a certain city masters safety.

The other teams had the mythical beasts to support them, but their team was rather pitiful.

Even though they had advanced level experts with them, they had only intermediate-level magical beasts with minimal perception abilities.

It would be difficult to detect the whereabouts of their enemies.

They honestly felt like crying.

Their city master had crossed the line.

They thought it was better to reduce the number of teams than to let her take the risk alone, without the help of her mythical beast.

If she were to lose even a single strand of hair, Du Lang would probably scold them to their death, and the demons in the city would also tear them to pieces.

There were also those handsome and influential young masters! From their attitude toward Shen Yanxiao, they would probably kill the wolves if they did not take good care of that little lady!

Just as they wanted to weep, Shen Yanxiaos voice suddenly sounded in their minds.

“There are a hundred archers hiding behind the southeast mount, about one kilometer ahead.

Everyone, prepare yourselves.” The Cave Wolves Mercenary Groups members changed their positions as they prepared to welcome their enemy.

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