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Chapter 610: A Carnival for Demons (2)

As soon as the demon uttered that final word, there was a commotion by the Sun Never Sets gate.

Many ugly low-level demons leaped out from dark corners and surrounded Du Lang and the rest of the team in the blink of an eye.

It looked as if a thousand demons had gathered on the ground, rocks, and even the roofs!

The demons hunched their black bodies, spread their sharp claws, and let out disgusting roars from their mouths, with their sharp teeth exposed in front of Du Lang and the others.

Of the one thousand low-level demons, there must have been about a hundred high-level demons.

Plus, the two mysterious high-level demons were still there.

Du Lang and the others sank into the depths of hopelessness.

“My guest from afar, please enjoy our welcome ritual.

You should know that these kids have been starving for over a hundred years.

Thank you so much for sending yourselves here to rescue them from their hunger.” The two demons stood there as they continued to speak.

They used their elegant voice and a tone that indicated no good intention to keep on teasing the poor, fragile nerves of those humans.

Their manners were as graceful and dignified as before, but their mouths were pure evil.

“Damn those demons!” Evil Wolf and his group members summoned their magical beasts.

It was the first time in their lives to have encountered that many demons.

The two purple-eyed demons smiled and ordered, “Eat them!”

All the low-level demons jumped on the group of humans at the same time.

The dark figures formed a wall of darkness that was quickly falling!

“Well, lets not be hasty.” At that critical moment, everyone heard Shen Yanxiaos unmistakable voice.

Then, three giant fireballs flew past the group and immediately blasted the demons back to where they were before that!

The flame burnt many of the demons; they fell to the ground, rolling and howling.

Scattered sparks also fell onto the floor and lit the dimmed area.

The two high-level demons looked at that in astonishment.

Then, simultaneously, they raised their heads and darted a glance to the source of the voice.

Shen Yanxiao, who wore a smile on her face, stepped out from the crowd.

She was followed by the Vermilion Bird, the Phoenixes, Lan Fengli and Freud.

“Xiaoxiao.” Du Lang and Uncle Nine sighed in relief when Shen Yanxiao stepped forward.

The mythical beasts stood behind Shen Yanxiao!

They had three mythical beasts with them, so they could still win the fight!

Shen Yanxiao smiled at the team to comfort them and then continued to step forward.

The fire forced the demons to withdraw.

A glint of pity flashed in her eyes as she fixed them on the demons that were gradually reduced to ash when the fire consumed them.

Those were the creatures that she would breed.

One dead meant one less for her!

She felt her heart ache so profoundly!

The two high-level demons were surprised by Shen Yanxiaos action and even more so by a presence that was too similar to them.

However, what shocked them was that…

Did the human display some signs of sadness as she looked at the bodies of the demons that died

Why would a human feel sorry for the demons

That must have been a joke.

The demon on the left observed Shen Yanxiao and the five people behind her.

The demon had an acute sense of smell, and so he realized that none of those five people were humans.

Three very advanced magical beasts, one advanced demon, and…


“This is interesting.

Three magical beasts, a high-level demon, and… Well Are you a dragon Or an elf”

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