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Chapter 594: Cooperation (6)

Shen Yanxiao took the three plants out from her interspatial ring.

A pale gray mist hung over the three plants.

An exquisite smell entered Freuds nostrils.

He was like a beast that had eaten the best of the meat.

He squinted his eyes and took a deep breath with satisfaction.

“How I miss that taste.” Freud opened his eyes which were now glaring in passion.

He had not smelled this smell for hundreds or thousands of years.

This was the dark aura that only belonged to the territory of the demon race and this was the source of the demons existence.

“I didnt expect that you could get such good stuff.” Freud stuck his tongue and licked his lips.

He did not have any food but he appeared to be content.

“What do you think” Shen Yanxiao asked.

“Deal.” Freud smiled.

On the day they first met, Shen Yanxiao once made a pact with Freud.

If in the future Shen Yanxiao could provide Freud with the infinite dark elements, he would render a service to her.

Shen Yanxiao was surprised that Freud would agree so readily.

She did not expect that the dark elements were not only contributable to Xius cultivation but also appealed to demons.

“Are dark elements that cruel to you demons” Shen Yanxiao asked curiously.

Freud darted her a look.

He stretched out his head and took another sniff on the three plants before he answered, “Incredibly so.

For demons, the dark elements are like air and water to humans.”

“But arent you living as usual without the dark elements” But humans without air and water would drop dead soon!

“It does resemble it, but its not the same.

Without dark elements, we can prolong our lives relying on eating internal organs of humans and beasts but that was mere survival for us.

Compared to the dark elements, you humans taste like hay, not tasty at all.” Freud appeared to be abhorred of that taste.


Shen Yanxiao looked into the distance.

As a human, she thought humans were the beloved food of demons.

Knowing that for demons, humans were nothing but hay…

This was a strange feeling.

“Anyways, do you think the other demons will work with me when I can provide these dark elements” Shen Yanxiao had to reconsider her plan of raising demons.

Freud looked at Shen Yanxiao with a shocking glare.

“Are you kidding me When you put this stuff in front of demons, they will kneel to you in an instant!”

Shen Yanxiao looked at Freud and then the three plants in her hands.

“…” Freud was speechless.

What was that look on her face that said kneel!

“I am heading to the Forsaken Land.

You must know that better than I do.” Forsaken Land was where most of the demons gathered in the Brilliance Continent, the base camp for demons, so to speak.

As an advanced demon, Freud must have better knowledge.

Freud frowned.

“They are a bunch of hillbillies over there.”

“…” So demons also had such stylish words! Shen Yanxiao felt her mind blown.

“But if you want to go there, you must take good care of the three plants.

I believe before you can demonstrate overwhelming powers, the demons there will try every means to kill you and take away the three plants, instead of surrendering to you.” If she could finish this nearly impossible quest would have to be determined by her actual abilities.

Freud grinned.

He was increasingly curious about the amazing things this human was capable of.

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