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Chapter 592: Cooperation (4)

“Well.” A young mercenary suddenly raised his hand.

Du Lang turned to him as the young man asked, “If I go, may I get my commission upfront”

“About that…” Du Lang looked at Shen Yanxiao, who nodded at him.

Du Lang said, “Yes.”

That mercenary smiled and scratched his head shyly.

“As long as you can pay me the commission upfront.

I dont know how long we will be gone… so I need to leave the money for my family.”

Du Lang was surprised.

“You want to go”

That mercenary nodded.

“Hou Xiao is like our little brother… no, our little sister.

As big brothers, we cannot stand by and do nothing when our little sister is in trouble.

Besides, Hou Xiao helped us when we were in trouble.

Therefore… Therefore, I am willing to go…”

Shen Yanxiao was stunned to hear what he had to say.

She did not realize that the short trip to Mount Kuluo had made those mercenaries regarded her as one of their own.

She was there to invite the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group to go with her.

However, she was also well aware of how horrifying it was for the ordinary folks to enter the Forsaken Land.

She was confident that there would be no large-scale wars between the demons and them, but those mercenaries were ignorant of such information.

They thought that they would have to engage in endless battles against the countless demons for as long as they were in the Forsaken Land.

For one to be able to give an affirmative answer even when they foresaw such dangers were just…

Rare and commendable.

Shen Yanxiaos looks softened.

Maybe she was not wrong about them.

Those mercenaries were marvelous.

After that young mercenary voiced his view, the others expressed their willingness as well.

Almost all of them agreed that Du Lang should accept the mission.

Only those with families were hesitant.

They were the only bread-winners in their families.

If they were to leave, what would happen to their parents After Du Lang confirmed that a large portion of the payment would be paid upfront, those people said yes as well.

The vote went on so smoothly that even Du Lang was surprised.

“If we all have agreed, its settled then.” Du Lang looked at Shen Yanxiao with a smile and waved at her.

Amid the looks of the mercenaries, Shen Yanxiao stepped toward Du Lang.

Her heart warmed when she looked at those sincere mercenaries.

“Thank you all for your support.

I promise to pay you 100 thousand gold coins before we leave,” Shen Yanxiao declared with a smile.

The amount stunned the mercenaries.

100 thousand

They would not be able to make that much even if they toiled for half a lifetime.

The mercenaries lives were cheap.

Sometimes, they would have to sweat blood for a few hundred gold coins.

They never thought they would make 100 thousand gold coins.

Shen Yanxiao had made a generous commitment to all present there.

The payment alone would cost her nearly ten million gold coins!

Apart from Shen Yanxiao, the mercenaries could not imagine if any other employers would give nearly 10 million gold coins for a middle-sized mercenary group.

“Xiao Huo, with this promise, we will devote our lives to you!” The Evil Wolf laughed.

The other mercenaries laughter ensued.

The scholar would die for his bosom friend!

It was just the Forsaken Land.

What was there to be afraid of when they had such a generous employer, such a loyal friend

Come on!

Shen Yanxiao looked at those excited mercenaries with a smile.

The 10 million gold coins were not a huge amount for her, but she knew its significance to those mercenaries.

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