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Chapter 581: Conspiracy (3)

Shen Feng was distraught when Shen Xi and his family passed away.

He mobilized all the powers he could to find the murderer, but he had failed.

However, not long after that, Shen Yanxiaos father, Shen Fengs youngest son, Shen Yu, and his family were murdered in cold blood as well.

Their deaths had been a mystery, but Shen Yue was convinced that Shen Duan must have been involved.

Unfortunately, Shen Yue was too afraid to ask about it.

He did not want to be the next person to suffer the same fate.

“Well… then, I will have to rely on you.” Shen Yue gulped.

Suddenly, he realized that he was unfamiliar with that side of his second brother.

Shen Duan laughed coldly.

“Of course.”

On the third day after she had returned to the capital, Shen Yanxiao paid a visit to the emperor and received a certificate of appointment to build a city in the Forsaken Land from him.

With the certificate of appointment in her hand, Shen Yanxiao snuck back to the Vermilion Bird family.

Her mind began to wander as she stared at the words Sun Never Sets in the piece of paper.

The city that the emperor had granted her was namedSun Never Sets, and it was located in the east of the Forsaken Land.

The four countries in the Brilliance Continent were all bordered with the Forsaken Land, each in a different direction, and the east was closest to the Longxuan Empire.

“Xiu, do you know where the Sun Never Sets is” Shen Yanxiao sat on her bed with her legs crossed.

She tossed and turned the certificate of appointment in her hands.

“The Forsaken Land is the base camp for the demons, and they have seven headquarters.

The Sun Never Sets is the headquarters in the east,” Xiu replied.

“Headquarters” Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

“The Sun Never Sets is almost as large as the capital of the Longxuan Empire.

Since it was once the demon races headquarters, the demons there are of a higher level, and the low-level demons are densely populated there.”

“The emperor sure is generous to me.

He has given me such a large piece.” Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

She was on the bed, but the chuckle merely stayed on her face, and not in her eyes.

There was danger in that seemingly generous gift.

If it were the other normal areas, anyone would be over the moon to have that massive piece of a fief.

However, the Sun Never Sets was in the Forsaken Land.

A larger area meant more demons would have to be killed.

The defense system and equipment needed for the city would be more significant as well.

In the past, winners of the Inter-academy Tournament would be granted smaller cities.

That way, they could avoid a large number of demons and, at the same time, engage in less work.

However, the emperors arrangement that year was a surprise.

“The emperor might have a problem with my profession.” Shen Yanxiao, of course, understood the emperors intention.

She saw the aversion in the emperors eyes when he handed her the certificate of appointment.

She knew that her journey to the Forsaken Land would be beset with difficulties.

The past winners could not even stabilize one small city, and the emperor had given her such a large one.

It meant that he did not want her to succeed.

On the other hand, it was what Shen Yanxiao had desired.

Her primary goal for the Forsaken Land was to raise demons.

She was not afraid of a large population of demons; too few meant that Xiu could not satisfy his appetite.

“Xiu, you must know something about the Forsaken Land.

What do you think we should prepare for our trip” Shen Yanxiao consulted Xiu.

Somehow, she had the feeling that Xius knowledge of the Forsaken Land was better than anyone elses.

Of course, Xiu did not let her down.

“You can hardly rebuild the Sun Never Sets without a thousand people.

But, when you first get to the Sun Never Sets, your main target would be to take care of the demons there.

Otherwise, all your efforts would be in vain even if you take ten thousand people with you.”

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