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No one thought that the Vermilion Bird would reject Shen Jiawei.

According to the Vermilion Birds promise, it would undoubtedly pledge his loyalty to one disciple from the family when he awakened from his slumber, even if it was one that he did not like.

That was the agreement between him and the first generation of the Vermilion Bird Family.

Everyone thought that Shen Jiawei was already halfway to his ownership of the Vermilion Bird.

Shen Jiawei had the same thoughts too.

As he approached the Vermillion Bird, he fantasized about how he would send Shen Yifeng to the branch family once he became the successor to the Family Head position.

He had found that talented older cousin of his an eye sore long ago.

He was also Shen Fengs grandson, so why was his position inferior to Shen Yifeng As for his sister, no one would blame him if he was ruthless since she was the one who attacked him first.

There was also that idiot, Shen Yanxiao.

Once he obtained the Vermillion Bird, he would certainly have his grandfather toss that trash from the family home the first chance he got! He was about to inherit the Vermilion Bird Family, and he would never allow the existence of such disgrace to the family!

With countless plans in his mind, Shen Jiawei finally dragged his scar-riddled body before the Vermilion Bird.

He smiled confidently as he knelt on one knee, and said, “Lord Vermilion Bird, I am the last disciple of the Vermilion Bird Family here today.

It is my great honor to be of service…”

Before Shen Jiawei could finish his sentence, the Vermilion Bird suddenly pointed his finger at Shen Jiawei, and an invisible force lifted him from the ground.

The action took Shen Jiawei by surprise, but he was not thrown out like what had happened to Shen Jiayi.

It was evident that the Vermilion Bird might be trying to sign a contract with him!

Or so he thought.

“It appears that you humans are still stuck in your old ways! How dare you lie to my face!” The Vermilion Birds voice was filled with fury.

At the very next moment, Shen Jiawei was thrown from mid-air, and his beautiful dreams were shattered along with that action.

Shen Jiawei was confused with what the Vermillion Bird had said because he most definitely did not lie to him.

Shen Yifeng and Shen Jiayi had indiscernible expressions on their faces as they looked at Shen Jiaweis brutal treatment from the Vermillion Bird.

They were happy that Shen Jiawei did not obtain the Vermilion Birds favor.

However, they were also astounded when Shen Jiawei was rejected as that meant they had suffered a complete wipe-out.

Ultimately, the Vermilion Bird did not choose any of them, and that made no sense!

Just as everyone was still in confusion, the Vermilion Bird slowly floated toward a corner of the cave.

To everyones surprise, he swiftly landed on his feet and stood in front of Shen Yanxiao who had hidden in a corner as she enjoyed the show.

Shen Yifeng, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiaweis expression simultaneously turned as black as a pot.

What the heck! How could they have forgotten about that idiot!

Shen Yanxiao stood rooted at where she was and looked at that arrogant face that was almost within her reach.

There was a huge difference between the Vermilion Birds appearance and a humans.

He had a pair of small pointy ears that reminded Shen Yanxiao of the elves in the movies.

His scarlet-red eyes also did not project the kind of innocence that a child should have.

Instead, there was only arrogance.

His facial features were also so perfect that she could not detect any flaws with it.


She swore that if the stinky little bird dared to throw her around, she would let Xiu crush it to its death!

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