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Chapter 559: Inter-academy Tournament (49)

All the spectators in the stadium were thoroughly shocked by the contestants speed in the match.

None of them expected a warlock could be faster than an archer!

Shen Yanxiao no longer continued with her attack; she only needed to dodge Li Xiaoweis arrows.

The spectators were anxious.

Li Xiaoweis arrows had covered about a third of the stage area, so She Yanxiao had limited space where she could move.

It was hard to imagine how she managed to avoid Li Xiaoweis arrows.

She danced like a butterfly; it was such a beautiful scene none could keep their gaze away.

“Why did she not attack” The crowd started to anticipate Shen Yanxiaos speed again.

However, she looked like she had no intention of approaching Li Xiaowei and maintained her defenses without closing the distance between them.

Li Xiaowei started to get anxious at that point.

He was still in disbelief; he had not been able to hit his target, and he felt that his strength and vision had been severely affected.

His shooting speed had started to slow down.

He finally understood that Shen Yanxiao had pushed her speed to the extreme to cast a curse on him.

Even though he did not know much about curses, he had deduced it based on the changes in his body.

It looked like the curse cast on him was intended to decrease his speed and vision.

His sight would get too blurry for him to continue with his attacks.

An archer could not attack without their vision.

Li Xiaowei felt anxious and helpless at the same time.

He had no idea how to dispel the curse.

That was also the terrifying aspect of Warlocks.

Even if it was just a single second, it was enough for a powerful Warlock to cast a spell.

They would be able to control their opponent as soon as they inflict a curse on them.

The spectators also seemed to realize what had happened at that point, and they could only look on helplessly as Li Xiaoweis attacks got slowed, and his footsteps became heavier.

In mere seconds, Shen Yanxiao had laid down the foundation for her victory.

Everything was within Shen Yanxiaos grasp.

Li Xiaowei would soon lose his vision, and he would become a little lamb ready for the slaughterhouse.

Shen Yanxiao would easily win the match!

Everyone also realized the terrifying aspect of Warlocks when they saw how Li Xiaowei lowered his arms as each second passed.

Experts from other professions would need numerous attacks before they could take down opponents of the same level.

However, Warlocks only required a short period of contact, and they could make their opponent throw their armor away!

That was a fact that made people despair.

“Ive lost.” Li Xiaoweis vision turned blurry, and he could no longer determine Shen Yanxiaos position.

His lowered hands still held an arrow, and yet a bitter smile could be seen on his lips.

Even so, he did not show any signs of anger or dissatisfaction.

“Youre strong.” Li Xiaoweis defeat would mean her victory.

Shen Yanxiao walked up to him and removed the curse she had cast on him.

His vision cleared, and the weight on his body disappeared.

Li Xiaowei felt that it was a strange sensation.

“My skills are lacking in comparison; youre stronger than me.” Without even the slightest discrimination, Li Xiaowei decisively admitted his defeat and Shen Yanxiaos strength.

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