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Chapter 546: Inter-academy Tournament (36)

“Even though Warlocks arent Knights opponent, it seems like Yang Xi and Shen Yanxiao knew each other.

Perhaps he might go easy on her.” The spectators concealed their inner thoughts and made guesses about the two contestants.

“Thats right.

Even though he said that hes not going to go easy on her, who would believe it”

“How boring.

If that Warlock wins the tournament because her friends all went easy on her, arent we letting Warlocks represent our Longxuan Empire in the Forsaken Lands What a joke!”

The four young mens support for Shen Yanxiao left an impression in everyones mind, and they believed that she must have used some methods to bewitch them so that they would definitely go easy on her and let her get her victory.

That was not something they wanted to see.

Yun Qi had complicated emotions when he heard the comments, and he was worried about Shen Yanxiao.

She had only appeared moments ago, and the spectators had begun to speculate terrible things about her.

They would not be convinced even if she won the competition.

Could the people in the Brilliance Continent not accept Warlocks ever again

The tournament bell rang, and Yang Xi and Shen Yanxiao began their duel.

Due to the tournaments venue, Knights were not allowed to ride on horses.

However, Yang Xi was speedy, and he had managed to stab Shen Yanxiao with the long spear in his hand just as the bell rang.

His slender figure turned into a flash of lighting that was almost impossible to capture.

Shen Yanxiao reacted almost the same time.

The moment Yang Xi attacked, she swiftly cast a Speed singular curse.

Its effect was not comparable to potions, and it also had a short-timed impact.

However, it was a fast spell!

Lightning flashed, and the thunder roared, and the contestants began to duel.

A silver glint flashed, and the long spear swept across the stage.

Her ghost-like petite figure dodged the attack.

The instant she moved, Shen Yanxiaos fingers moved to form two singular curses.

Yang Xi noticed Shen Yanxiaos action, and he quickly retreated to lengthen their distance.

In mere seconds, the duel between those two contestants had managed to quell the spectators doubts.

All Knights in the stadium could identify Yang Xis powerful attack, the Dragon Killing Spear.

It was one of their most aggressive and destructive skills.

The knight would have to attack with all their strength the moment they launched it.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to gain that kind of speed.

Even if they wanted to go easy on their opponent, they would not be able to do so.

The moment the duel started, Yang Xi had clarified his stance, and that was to give his all in the match!

His attitude silenced the doubts in everyones minds.

They knew that he would not have used such a destructive method had he wanted to go easy on his opponent.

Furthermore, he had been very accurate in his attack, and if Shen Yanxiao had not dodged it in time, she would have been pierced by that spear.

Both of the contestants were obviously friends, but they fought like they were enemies.

That was a massive shock to many in the stadium!

They were also astonished when Shen Yanxiao would react to the speed of the Dragon Killing Spear attack.

She had managed to dodge his attack!

How did she manage to be that quick, and how terrifying was her judgment

If she were to make the slightest mistake, she would be seriously injured.

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