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Chapter 543: Inter-Academy Tournament (33)

Everyone felt as if their brains were about to explode.

The warlock that they had waited for was a beautiful young lady from the Vermilion Bird family.

Furthermore, she had also tamed her familys mythical beast, the Vermilion Bird!

Even though they knew that contestants were not allowed to summon magical beasts to support them in the tournament, the spectators could not calm down!

As they looked at the vast flaming bird that still hovered above the stadium, those who had made fun of warlocks could only keep their mouth shut as they gulped.

If they knew that the warlock participant had such a background, they would never have dared to utter a single word even if they had courage.

Amongst the crowd, Yun Qi looked at Shen Yanxiao with excitement as his eyes watered.

That child had revealed her identity before the masses.

How courageous was that act

Even if she were someone from the Vermilion Bird family, and even if she had the Vermilion Birds protection, repeated rumors make it into a fact.

The people in the Brilliance Continent had deeply rooted hatred for Warlocks, so they might criticize her endlessly in the future since she had exposed her identity.

Shen Yanxiao declared her identity because she wanted everyone to know that she acknowledged the existence of Warlocks, and she wanted to fight for them!

Regardless of how strong-willed a person was, it was impossible to endure the criticism of the masses.

Yun Qi had previously experienced similar hardships in the Brilliance Continent, and he was well aware of the issues she would have to face in the future.

However, at that moment, Yun Qi rejoiced.

He was glad to have met Shen Yanxiao.

He was happy that he had accepted the brave little girl into his division as she was willing to face everyone for her faith!

The people in the stadium did not dare to act because they were afraid of the Vermilion Bird family.

However, Yun Qi knew that they were already biased against her.

He felt proud of his student, and at the same time, he was worried about her too.

Shen Yanxiao smiled as she met the hostile gazes from the people around her.

She did not waver.

The moment she had decided to participate in the inter-academy Tournament as a warlock, she had already thought things through.

Regardless of the reasons she had to conceal her identity in the past, she would never disrespect the Warlock Divisions dignity!

Shen Yanxiao of the Vermilion Bird family was a warlock!

Even if everyone regarded her as evil!

Even if the entire world treated her with contempt!

She would never bring shame to the Warlock Divisions dignity!

That was how she wanted to repay Yun Qi for teaching her and also the persistence of her choice!

Qi Xia, Tang Nazhi, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi sensed the contempt that the people had for Shen Yanxiao.

They straightened their backs and stood by her side.

Four gentle and warm palms propped on her shoulders without any hesitation.

“If you were to arrive a minute later, I would have believed that you werent coming.” Qi Xia gave her a gentle smile.

“Youre finally here! I was so worried just now.” Tang Nazhi sighed in relief.

“Its good that youre here.” Yan Yu gently smiled as he nodded.

“Youre even more skilled in being late than Tang Nazhi.” Yang Xia showed a rare smile as he teased her.

The four handsome youths used their own methods to support Shen Yanxiao under everyones gaze.

The five great aristocratic families of the Longxuan Empire had aligned, and the influence they had was enough to shake the entire country!

They had managed to quietly restrain everyones doubtful gaze, satire expressions, and looks of disdain.

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