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Chapter 540: Inter-academy Tournament (30)

All four of them were not interested in the championship title and as for the territorial rights in the Forsaken Land…

It was merely a joke to let those four well-off young masters develop a city in that remote and desolate land.

“Well talk more at that time,” Qi Xia declined to comment.

So, the other three did not say anything else.

A day passed by in the blink of an eye.

Sunlight sprinkled on the land as the final round of the Longxuan Empires inter-academy tournament was about to start.

The venue was packed with crowds who wanted to spectate the most exciting battle of the tournament and see the rumored warlock.

Almost everyone in Blizzard City was there, and the venue that could accommodate tens of thousands of people had been forcefully crammed with about 30 thousand spectators.

Everyone had to squeeze together, and it was difficult even to take a single step.

Even so, there were still many people who did not manage to get it, and they caused a ruckus outside the coliseum.

It was a warlock! They had not seen someone from that profession in hundreds of years!

The masses feared the warlocks, but they were curious about them as well.

They all waited for that one warlock to show up.

People could no longer recall the skills that a Warlock had since their decline, and no one remembered their fighting style.

Everything about the warlocks was unfamiliar to them.

The majority of the spectators were curious, and some had doubts about the tournament.

They were doubtful about the decision to let the warlocks participate in the tournament.

Most of them remembered the mistakes that the warlocks had committed in the years gone by.

Even though they had not witnessed the disaster, the memories of the problems left behind were still fresh in their minds.

They despised that shady profession.

They thought that warlocks were like rats that could only hide in the sewers, and they would never be on the same level as other professions.

The other six contestants had already arrived at the venue, and they watched the crowd at the stadium.

They were still quite calm.

Only the herbalists looked melancholic.

An expert from the Herbalist Division was still weaker than experts from the other professions.

The semi-final round of the annual tournament was like the final round for them as they could never participate in the real final round.

“Do you think Xiaoxiao will be here” Tang Nazhi was still uneasy as he looked left and right in search of that familiar figure among the crowd.

However, he could not distinguish any faces in the dense crowd.

Qi Xia glanced at him and lazily said, “This is the 134th time youve asked that question.”

“…” Tang Nazhi cleared his throat and remained silent.

Ouyang Huanyu stood among the crowd, and his powerful aura caused the people around him to retreat instinctively.

As a result, he had occupied a more comfortable area in the crowded stadium.

He was also waiting for that little guy to appear.

Minutes and seconds elapsed, and the final round was about to start.

However, there were only six silhouettes in the middle of the stage.

Everyone was curious, so they started to gossip.

They started to wonder if the rumor about a warlock in the tournament was real.

The old man presiding over the tournament walked toward the stage and looked at the six contestants.

As he looked up at the skies, he called one of the staff to ask about something, and it seemed to be related to the warlock who had yet to appear.

After he got some answers, the old man nodded.

However, the spectators had started to get impatient due to the wait.

“Perhaps the warlock is scared and doesnt dare to appear”

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