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Chapter 539: Inter-academy Tournament (29)

“Go How am I supposed to go! Are you saying that I should meet people like this!” Shen Jiayi threw the copper mirror in her hands at Shen Jiawei.

He ducked the item and looked at Shen Jiayi with a gloomy expression.

“Who was it Who was the culprit! I will turn them into mincemeat!” The more she thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt.

How did she end up like that after one night of sleep Her bald head reminded her of when she was set on fire inside Shen Yanxiaos room.

Her black and silky hair was burnt, and she did not think she would have the same experience again.

She could not accept that reality.

“Ive already sent someone to inform Father.

He will find the culprit for you.

Qi Xia and the others would participate in tomorrows finals, and one of them should be the champion.

Dont you want to be there to congratulate them” Shen Jiawei asked.

Shen Jiayi bit her lips.

She was even more annoyed when her brother mentioned Qi Xia and the rest.

She was someone who was like a moon with a myriad of stars that surrounded her, and yet she did not dare to take a single step outside.

She was afraid that if those handsome youths saw her unsightly appearance, it would destroy their image of her in their hearts.

However, Shen Jiawei made sense too.

With their talents, one of them would be the champion in the final round.

It was a critical moment for her to display her sincerity, and would it not be a waste if she were to miss out on that

Shen Jiayi believed that their care and concern for her was because of their affection for her.

She was hesitant to decide who she shouldaccept because she wanted to see who would win the inter-academy tournament.

She wanted to choose a champion.

After some hesitation, Shen Jiayi reluctantly said, “Head to the Blizzard City and purchase some disguise items.

You should know what to buy, and Ill tell father if you dont do well.”

Shen Jiawei opened his mouth like a fish but ultimately did not dare to say anything else.

Ever since Shen Jiayi was on close terms with Qi Xia and his friends, Shen Yue had valued her more, and so she would frequently step on her brother.

As someone who did not dare to disobey Shen Jiayi in the past, it was natural that he did not dare to say much and could only obediently follow Shen Jiayis orders to go to the Blizzard City.

When she was in the room by herself, Shen Jiayi took a deep breath.

In her opinion, Qi Xia and Tang Nazhi were most likely to win, and therefore, she had been exceptionally friendly to both of them during that period.

However, she was more inclined toward Qi Xia.

His seductive laziness was like an addictive poppy flower that she could not resist.

Even though Tang Nazhi had some strong points, he did not have Qi Xias elegance.

She thought that all four of them were interested in her, and she had the right to choose between them.

The four friends had gathered after the semi-finals.

“Do you think Xiaoxiao will appear tomorrow” Tang Nazhi slumped on the table and asked gloomily.

“Well, shes here, so she will definitely appear.

Didnt you hear the announcement earlier A warlock will join tomorrows finals.

How many warlocks do you think you can find in the Brilliance Continent” Qi Xia smiled; he was not worried.

“Well have to fight her tomorrow” Tang Nazhi furrowed his eyebrows.

He was not stressed about competing against the other three men, but to fight with Shen Yanxiao…

No matter how he imagined it, it was still uncomfortable.

If they had to share an arena, then Tang Nazhi felt he would be a target.

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