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Chapter 537: Inter-academy Tournament (27)

Shen Yanxiaos expression was filled with disbelief, so Yun Qi could only change the topic.

The exceptionally lively preliminary rounds finally ended after six long days, and the majority of the contestants were eliminated.

Only 30 contestants from the six major professions managed to get to the rematch round in the end.

So, the semi-final round, which was the peak of the inter-academy tournament, had begun.

Representatives of various influential families had also begun to frequent the stadium as they intended to look for youths with potential.

It was no surprise that the four heartless beasts of Phantom had successfully entered the semi-final round.

Except for the unlucky herbalist who was there to fill the slot, all five students from the Saint Laurent Academy had won their matches.

Meng Yiheng even won one of the top positions in the Archers arena.

After six days of continuous battles, the crowd saw many talented contestants, including Shen Yanxiaos four heartless comrades.

Whether it was Qi Xia who instantly defeated the other contestants, or Yang Xi who eliminated his opponents with the blink of an eye, or Yan Yu, a priest who fought like a magus, or even Tang Nazhi who still managed to defeat his opponent while he was absent-minded, the four friends became everyones focus of at inter-academy tournament.

Everyone was sure that those four youths would make it to the final round as their strength had far exceeded those who were their age.

Their heaven-defying talents had left the spectators tongue-tied.

All four of them were from powerful aristocratic families of the Longxuan Empire, so no one would question their strength or the strength of their families.

Everyone expected one of them to win the tournament.

Shen Yanxiao sat in the stadium for the seventh time as she spectated the last round of the semi-finals.

Everyone cheered for her four friends as they won their respective matches.

However, Meng Yiheng, the top student from Saint Laurent Academys Archer Division, had lost to an opponent from a lower-ranked academy.

It was beyond everyones expectations.

“The final round is the day after tomorrow, and it looks like you dont have simple opponents.” Yun Qi was worried.

The six participants were strong in every aspect, and the slightly weaker one was that unknown archer.

Once again, everyone had overlooked the herbalists.

“As expected, the descendants from the five great aristocratic families are not your average joes.

What a coincidence! With you in the final round, all five families have their representative here.”

“Yes, that would seem like the case.” Shen Yanxiao nodded.

“Are you confident about your chances” Yun Qi asked.

“More or less.” Shen Yanxiao decided to be ambiguous.

She had not had an opportunity to fight her friends.

She had also used underhanded means when she fought with Tang Nazhi the previous time.

Shen Yanxiao had her own plans for the inter-academy tournament.

Yun Qi hoped that she could regain honor for the warlocks, but Shen Yanxiao knew that they used cruel curses in their attacks and so it would be difficult to convince everyone else.

If she used the same attacks she used on Tang Nazhi, then that would not display the warlocks prowess.

On the contrary, the people in the Brilliance Continent would only regard the warlocks as a shady profession.

Therefore, she had to win the tournament, and she would have to win fairly!

She wanted to face the enemy head on and use her strength to tell the world that the warlocks were a powerful profession.

She would have to use her own methods to let the warlocks rejoin society!

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