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Chapter 529: Inter-academy Tournament (19)

The Longxuan Empires inter-academy tournament was a significant competition for all the academies.

Qualified students were usually the top students and backbones of their divisions.

Every academy would expect their students to obtain brilliant achievements within the tournament to bolster their academys position and reputation in the Longxuan Empire.

There were sixteen top academies in the Longxuan Empire and countless middle to lower-ranked academies.

Regardless of the academies strength, almost all the academies signed up for the tournament so that their students could participate in it.

Except for the warlock profession, every academy had six students from different professions in the tournament.

In addition to the six participants, all the deans and headmasters from divisions were present as well.

It was like a gathering of elite teachers within the Longxuan Empire.

Three hundred and seventy academies were in the tournament, and with six students each, that meant a total of 2220 students.

There were also a lot more teachers and principals than competitors.

The inter-academy tournament would take place within Blizzard City, where it could accommodate up to tens of thousands of spectators who would surround the stage at all angles.

The stage was divided into six areas for the six different professions, and every area had ten arenas for the matches.

It was still early in the morning when the elites from various academies entered the colossal coliseum.

The coliseum could accommodate more than tens of thousands of spectators, so a few thousand people could hardly fill it.

Other than the people from the academies, others were there to spectate the tournament.

Some of them were from various aristocratic families of the Longxuan Empire who were there to seek out promising individuals to join them.

Experts who lived in seclusion were also there to search for extremely talented youths who would want to join them as disciples.

Finally, some of them were merely hot-blooded individuals who wanted to spectate the fights.

The tournament would usually have exciting matches, so no one would want to miss the showdown.

As for the academies, the tournament was an excellent opportunity for their institution to strive for a better position.

For the participants, it was also a unique platform for them to obtain fame and wealth.

Even if they were not the victor, many aristocratic families would still want them if they performed well.

Not all of the students were as well-off as the students from the Saint Laurent Academy.

Many were from poor families, and they hoped to display their talent and strength in the tournament to capture the attention of those aristocratic families.

They could improve their life if any one of those powerful families wanted them.

In actual fact, only the top 16 academies were the real competitors for the championship.

The level of the students from the other academies could not compare to those from the 16 top academies.

The exclusive rewards for the champion would also intimidate many underachievers.

The champion would get a piece of land and become the lord of a city.

However, the land for the prize was one of the restricted areas in the Brilliance Continent—the Forsaken Land!

There was human habitation there, only barren land and a broken city, and demons that would cause many to faint from fear.

For the majority of the masses, the reward was a type of punishment!

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