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Chapter 526: Inter-academy Tournament (16)

He was in shock.

The little brat would not have minded the battle, but if she were to discover that he had lied to her…

Tang Nazhi could feel a lump of black clouds gradually enveloped him, and there were even faint sounds of thunder.

“Hold on!!” Tang Nazhi gulped.

“This is not my fault.

Its all because of that old man!”

He did have the intention to reveal his real identity, but he had agreed to three points with his old man to enter the Herbalist Division.

He was not to use his swordsman skills and battle aura, nor could he mention that to anyone else.

So, he had hidden that fact from her.

He was not a liar!

The trio looked at Tang Nazhis facial expression without any conscience and, at the same time, sighed in relief.

They were aware of Shen Yanxiaos focus on the academy tournament, and they were also anxious about her disappearance.

They had mobilized all of their contacts to search for Shen Yanxiaos whereabouts, but all of them returned empty-handed.

So, they could only hope and pray that the little brat could return before the tournament or else her plans would fall apart.

Fortunately, she had managed to return on time.

“Since Xiaoxiao managed to rush back, why didnt she head to the Saint Laurent Academys hotel” Yan Yu was curious about that.

“The tryouts for the Archer and Herbalist Divisions had ended, and if Xiaoxiao wished to participate in the tournament, she could only appear as a representative of the Warlock Division.

She should be with her mentor.

Well, we all know about a warlocks reputation in the Brilliance Continent.

If she were to expose herself in advance, it would only cause unnecessary troubles.

Since she has already arrived at Blizzard City, I believe she will appear during the tournament.” Qi Xia explained with a lazy tone.

“I believe Xiaoxiao would hide among the spectators in the next matches to spectate the tournaments progress.” Qi Xia stretched his body, and his slender figure attracted low gasps from the group of girls nearby.

“Well have to do well in the tournament so that the brat wont look down on us.”

After they conversed for a while more, they felt bored and returned to the hotel.

When they returned to their rooms, they heard bursts of sobs from Shen Jiayis place.

“Shes still crying” Tang Nazhi blinked.

It had been more than two hours since they left.

Even a person made of water would have already finished from all the tears, and as expected, Shen Jiayi could really cry.

The group of friends could only shrug their shoulders.

If it were not for Shen Yanxiao, they would not want to hang out with Shen Jiayi.

“Forget it; lets get some sleep!” Tang Nazhi was still worried that he had lied to Shen Yanxiao about his skills, so he had no mood to care for Shen Jiayi.

So, the four heartless bastards returned to their respective rooms.

In a certain someones room, Shen Jiawei stuck his ears to the door, and after he heard the consecutive sounds of doors closing, his expression soured.

He turned his head to look at Shen Jiayi, who cried like a weeping beauty.

“Sis, theyve gone to sleep, and it looks like they have no intention to visit you.”

Shen Jiayi, who was brewing with grievances, immediately changed her expression when she heard Shen Jiawei.

Her grievances and sorrows simply disappeared, and there was only pettiness and anger left on her face.

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