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Chapter 524: Inter-academy Tournament (14)

Shen Jiayi hugged her head, and even though she could not see her appearance, she had managed to guess it from Shen Yanxiaos teasing expression.

When had Shen Jiayi, who always prided herself with her beautiful looks, received such treatment The crowds mocking gazes and pointing of fingers were all like thorns that pricked her.

Without a care for anything else, Shen Jiayi covered her face and ran away with tears in her eyes.

Shen Yanxiao clicked her tongue and thought that those unruly kids were still as vulnerable as usual.

As she patted the dust from her hands, she squeezed Clemance and her basket of arrows into her interspatial ring and was about to leave.

“Wait…” Tang Nazhi stood up with great effort and called out with a hoarse voice.

Shen Yanxiao turned her head and blinked her eyes.

Even after he was hit with her spell, that idiot still managed to hold on.

She could only say that his physique was exceptionally strong.

“Are you…” Tang Nazhi looked at the familiar back, and the suspicions in his heart grew.

Shen Yanxiao rewarded him with an eye-roll left without another word.

His stupidity was beyond redemption, and to think that they had even stayed in the same dormitory for several months.

After she taught Shen Jiayi and Tang Nazhi a lesson, she left in a strut under everyones astonished gaze.

The result of the fight had exceeded everyones expectation as the under-favored young archer had an overwhelming victory.

The swordsman did not even get a chance to retaliate.

When the show had ended, everyone began to disperse, and the temporarily challenged arena had returned to its bustling state.

The only one left was a certain someone who had been struck by a spell as he half-knelt on the streets and silently questioned the heavens in agony.

Tang Nazhi felt that his luck was at its extreme worst.

Otherwise, why would he have encountered such an unfortunate incident

The strange weight on his body did not seem to have lessened at all, and he could only silently wipe his tears and maintain his posture like a statue.

A while later, three handsome figures appeared on the streets.

Tang Nazhi was about to fall asleep when he suddenly felt the weight disappear, and he jumped up with a shout.

However, he saw three bastards in front of him the moment he looked up.

“Huh Why have you come” Tang Nazhi looked at the three guys in astonishment—Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi.

They were the ones who had caused him to encounter such an unfortunate incident!

“We heard that you were determined to perform the skill of immobilization on the streets of Blizzard City, and so, the three of us came to support you.” Qi Xia yawned lazily as he propped his hand on Yang Xi.

He looked like a tired little cat who just woken up.

“Shen Jiayi went to get you” Tang Nazhis lips twitched.

Only Shen Jiayi knew he had embarrassed himself there, and she had run away with tears down her face just moments ago.

He wondered if that woman would cause trouble along the way, and evidently, he had worried for nothing.

“She has returned, but she is currently bawling her eyes out in the room.

What exactly have you two done Why is there a… large turtle on her face” Yang Xi asked.

“Yes, a very large turtle.” Qi Xia echoed in earnestly, but his eyes revealed his laughter.

“Could you explain how you can cause so much trouble when you only had to bring her out for a walk” Yan Yu questioned.

The trio had the same questions in their mind.

They were rather curious about why Shen Jiayi had rushed back with tears on her face, but they were even more curious about why Tang Nazhi had yet to return!

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