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Chapter 516: Inter-academy Tournament (6)

Shen Yanxiao had to fight her way out amidst the passionate stares that her companions received.

Then, they managed to find an inn of moderate size and settled down for the night.

Shen Yanxiao got four rooms, so each one of them could have one.

She had planned everything well.

After she had rested, Shen Yanxiao was hungry.

Yun Qi had turned in for the night.

If she were to go out with Lan Fengli and Vermilion Bird, it would invite too much attention.

She would not be able to get food there as the kitchen was closed.

Eventually, Shen Yanxiao had to sneak out on her own to see if she could find food to ease her hunger.

Nights at Blizzard City were as just lively as Black City, and it also had a bigger population.

Not long after she left the inn, Shen Yanxiao heard some noises from a random direction, and she decided to follow them.

She saw a crowd had gathered on the street, and there were shouts ofBravo andWell Done.

She bought some hot steamed buns from a nearby stall and made her way toward the crowd.

She had a bag of steam buns in her hand.

She took advantage of her petite figure and agile movement to find her way into the circle in the blink of an eye.

When she saw what was going on, the bun halfway in her mouth fell right back into the bag.

Two slim figures fought in close quarters in the center of the crowd.

No wonder Blizzard City was known as a city of battles.

Every corner of the town could be turned into a temporary fighting arena.

Even in a crowded street, people would quickly clear out a space for those who were eager to have a contest.

It looked like two young people had started a fight.

One of them held a staff in his hand as he chanted to release various magical attacks with dazzling effects.

The other one was tall and slim with a sharp, large sword in his hand.

While the magus dealt violent and fierce strikes, the young man with the massive sword was able to dodge the intense attacks with ease.

When Shen Yanxiao stared at that person, she wondered if she was hallucinating.

“These two kids must be students participating in the academic competition, right” The crowd had many comments about them.

Those men were young and powerful.

The young magus was able to release magical attacks within a short time, and the young swordsman had managed to dodge from all the strikes with gorgeous skills.

“The young men these days are so outstanding.

They have achieved so many accomplishments at such a young age.

I think that young magus must be at the peak of the intermediate level, and I suppose the swordsman must have reached the advanced level.

Otherwise, he would not have been able to dodge those attacks.”

“No kidding.

How old is that swordsman An Advanced Swordsman Which academy could have trained such a talent”

As they engaged in the discussion, the on-lookers fixed their eyes onto the temporary fighting arena as if they did not want to miss a moment of that fight.

As she stood amidst the crowd, Shen Yanxiao had a strange expression on her face.

There were some doubts in her eyes, but there were also surprise and joy as she laid her eyes on the young swordsman.

“An Advanced Swordsman” An eccentric smile blossomed on her lips.

She picked up the half-eaten bun and bit into it.

She kept her gaze on the back of a certain young swordsman.

Some sparkles of ill intentions flickered in her eyes.

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