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Chapter 496: The Fourth Layer of Seal (1)

In the Temple of the Suns main hall, Shen Yanxiao sat on the ground with her legs crossed, and she held the Moling Plant, Flames Grass, and Skeleton Flower in her hands.

The ceiling of the main hall had a light crystal, which made it difficult for her to know if it was day or night.

Shen Yanxiao did not know how long she had been here.

Besides getting a bite or two from the food in her interspatial, she kept the same posture even in her sleep to consistently channel her battle aura and magical power to the three plants.

The constant irrigation exhausted her battle aura and magical power.

Thankfully, she had dual training in battle aura and magical power, so she could still switch between the two.

Otherwise, she would have collapsed already.

She had been vexed and agitated about her situation, but when she realized that no negative emotion could better the situation, she was at ease.

She cultivated the plants every day, and nothing interrupted her actions.

She would watch the wisps of dark aura as it surged into her and felt it as Xiu consumed them.

She had turned indifferent to everything else.

Shen Yanxiao had run out of food for days, and she had been filing her stomach with potions.

If she were extra hungry, she would devour some precious medicinal ingredients that she had in her interspatial ring.

They did not taste good, but they kept her alive.

If she could rely on her battle aura and magical power, she would not have felt hungry.

However, she used them all on the three plants so that Xiu could recover his strength as soon as possible.

She switched between the battle aura and the magical power repeatedly if one were depleted.

She was exhausted.

Fortunately, there was a silver lining in all that.

As battle aura and magical power ran out, they would be enhanced further.

Her battle aura and magical power had become so much purer even though her levels could not be elevated until the next seal was undone.

Shen Yanxiao closed her eyes; her mind had never been so peaceful.

She could feel the battle aura through her meridian vessels as it poured into the three plants from her hand.

She could almost sense its speed as every wisp of battle aura flowed through her meridian vessels.

“Xiaoxiao.” Shen Yanxiao heard a detached voice in her mind.

Shen Yanxiao opened her.

It was the first time she heard her name in Xius voice.

It felt…

It was hard to describe how it felt.

“What is it” Shen Yanxiao asked calmly.

She had nearly lost her mind when he called her in the first few days.

Thankfully, she had learned to keep her temper in check.

It was as if that irritable element in her temper had been worn down by the quietness and the ordinary.


“What” For a moment, Shen Yanxiao failed to understand the significance of his word.

“My strength has recovered by a large margin.

I can break through the magic array now.”

Shen Yanxiao blinked, but she was dumbstruck.

The next second, she jumped up from the ground and stuffed the three plants into her interspatial ring.

“Finally!” To hell with calmness! Shen Yanxiao was so happy she could weep over the news of imminent liberation.

“But, there is something else I need to ask you.”

“What” Shen Yanxiao pretended to wipe her imaginary tears of sadness.

She was glad; she no longer had to eat medicinal herbs like a bunny.

“There are ample light elements in the Temple of the Suns main hall.

It will be easier to undo the Seven Star Moon Seal here, and I have enough strength to do that now.

Do you want me to undo the seal here” Xiu provided his view rationally.

“Undo the next level of the seal” Shen Yanxiao hesitated.

The Seven Star Moon Seal had always been her biggest headache.

Everything she had done so far was to undo the seal.

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