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Chapter 439: Detrimental Potion (2)

Shen Jue had put everything on the line and challenged an opponent that they would not dare to challenge.

Everyone had admired that students bravery.

An hour had passed before Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fan were nearly done with their potion.

When they completed the process, they stood at the side as they eyed Shen Yanxios progress with her potion.

“The potion that Shangguan Xiao had concocted is the Concealed Poison Potion and as for Luo Fan…” Ye Qing looked at the two bottles of potion.

However, he seemed quite upset.

“The potion in his hands seems to be the Chaos Potion.”

“Chaos Potion” Luo Des face paled when he heard that.

The Concealed Poison Potion was not incurable despite its infamous reputation, but the real problem was with the Chaos Potion.

Even though the Concealed Poison Potion was very toxic, it was still possible to produce an antidote in a short period if the herbalist understood the potion.

However, as its name implied, the Chaos Potion would cause massive disturbance to the human body, and that chaotic state would spread to the Concealed Poison Potion.

If that were to happen, then no one could predict the changes to its toxicity.

The Concealed Poison Potion would reduce ones five senses by half in a short time.

Furthermore, it would also cause significant harm to the human body that resulted in fatigue and acute pain.

Coupled with the Chaos Potion, the damage was not something that an average person could endure, let alone its increased toxicity.

The loss of ones five senses was usually fatal for the herbalists.

They would not be able to control the medicinal ingredient quantity accurately, nor could they perceive the changes to the potions scent.

They would not be able to produce potions that were usually familiar to them.

They would also require exceptional willpower and endurance to maintain their consciousness to tolerate the sharp pain throughout their body.

In such a scenario, it was near-impossible for them to concentrate on preparing an antidote for themselves.

The Chaos Potion would also be an unpredictable variable in that situation.

It would be hard for Shen Yanxiao to win that competition!

Luo De broke out in cold sweat.

He never expected that Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fans potions would have such terrifying effects when consumed together.

Even if he was confident with Shen Jues talents, he was still anxious for that student.

With the level of Shangguan Xiao and Luo Fans skills, it was impossible for them to come up with such an excellent combination.

There was no doubt that Pu Lisi had helped them with that.

That Great Herbalist so was shameless and ruthless that he would deal such a cruel blow to a youth who had yet to reach adulthood.

When he realized the situation, even the gentle Ye Qing was displeased about that.

However, Pu Lisi had been meticulous in his plans, and there was nothing more he could do since the competition had already started.

“Great Master Ye Qing, you have to help Shen Jue! Its obvious that Pu Lisi wants to force Shen Jue into a dead-end corner.

If he were to drink those two bottles of potion, he could never concoct another potion for the rest of his life!” Luo De felt anxious.

Shen Jue was getting destroyed right in front of him, and he could only grit his teeth in anger at Pu Lisis shamelessness.

He had even omitted the words Great Master when he mentioned Pu Lisis name.

Ye Qing shook his head in helplessness.

Herbalists had their own rules, and once the competition had begun, no one else could interfere with it.

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