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Unlike the three candidates who were in high spirits, Shen Yanxiao stood at the edge with a confused gaze and a slack expression.

She looked like someone who was on a mental journey of her own, and she did not even listen to what Shen Feng had told them.

The only bright and delicate feature on her face wandered left and right with a lack of focus.

When one looked at her, they would see no signs of someone who had a long journey ahead of them, and she seemed like an ignorant little kid who was forced to go along with the team.

When she stood next to others, one could see the huge contrast between them.

The three attractive and lively youngsters, and an oblivious ugly duckling with a dull appearance that looked confused had stood together.

It was quite a ridiculous scene.

Shen Jiayi dressed meticulously that day, and she deliberately stood beside Shen Yanxiao.

She had taken extra care with her looks, and she seemed exceptionally beautiful when compared with Shen Yanxiaos ordinary looks.

When the two of them stood side by side, the difference between them was as if one was made of flowers and the other of mud.

A triumphant smile quirked on Shen Jiayis lips.

There were only two women in the third generation of the Vermilion Bird Family, and Shen Yanxiaos undeniable ugliness made her seemed more beautiful.

Even if she was unable to contest for the Vermilion Bird, she had to make the idiot suffer during the trip and to disgrace herself before the sage, as revenge for the past humiliation that she had suffered because of her!

“We understand.” The three of them respectfully answered.

It was not only about their attempt to restore the Vermilion Bird Familys reputation to its peak, but it was also about the future of their status in the family.

No matter who it was, they would not let go of such an opportunity!

As its name implied, the Lava Valley was situated between several high mountains with countless burnt ash-colored stones.

It was autumn, and the weather was supposed to be crisp and refreshing.

However, the temperature for the area around the Lava Valley was so hot that it was as if the air was boiling.

Heatwave surged from underground, and there was no vegetation in the entire valley.

From a distance, it looked as if a rift valley was split between the forest, and it was pitch-black.

There were no houses in the vicinity of the Lava Valley.

Everyone in the Longxuan Empire knew that even the usually fuss-free jackals refused to live there, let alone the more picky humans.

In that barren and torrid place, only demon beasts would hide there and struggle at their deaths door.


Back when the Lava Valley had not existed, the land was covered in luscious greenery.

It was when the mythical beast decided to settle down there that all life was set on fire by the Vermilion Birds flame until there was nothing left.

All life then completely disappeared from the soil of that land.

Other than the Vermilion Bird Family who would dispatch men to check up on the Vermilion Bird for every generation, no one else would want to step foot in the land of the dead.

Even when the Vermilion Bird Familys men went there, every visit would incur severe injuries.

The high temperature that surrounded the Lava Valley made it impossible for people who had yet to advance to the sixth level to stay for an extended period.

The demon beasts that hid in the shadows would also wait for an opportunity.

Every visit would end with the death of several people at the hands of those ferocious demon beasts, and even so, the Vermilion Bird Family were unwilling to abandon the land that they had long regarded as their sacred place.

Seven to eight luxurious carriages slowly entered the quiet valley.

The leading carriage was much larger than the carriages in the rear.

The scene was actually quite weird.

The area was, undoubtedly, scorching hot, but the carriages radiated a slight chill around it, and they were not affected by the high temperature at all.

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