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Chapter 403: Battle between Mythical Beasts (3)

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The Vermillion Bird should appear in the form of an adult human.

Since he is currently in a childs form, I deduced that he still had an old injury that he is recovering from, and this minimized form was to help treat his injuries,” Xiu explained.

It seemed that the Vermillion Bird was in a deep slumber for hundreds of years for a good reason.

When Shen Yanxiao heard that, she was worried about the Vermillion Bird.

Even though the two Phoenixes were slightly weaker than him, their mutual cooperation would far exceed the other bird.

They advanced and retreated promptly to attack and to defend, and finally, to entangle the Vermilion Bird.

Xiu mentioned that the Vermilion Bird was injured and could not fight a prolonged battle.

It would not take long before the Vermillion Bird fell behind in his attacks.

Even though Shen Yanxiao usually treated the Vermilion Bird rudely, she had only wanted to tease him.

She had already regarded him as her magical beast, and she did not want to see him injured.

As if to verify Xius speculation, the Vermilion Bird looked gradually fatigued as the two Phoenixes continued to attack him.

Even the Vermilion Bird would find it a struggle to deal with two mythical beasts at once.

Plus, he was still not at his peak.

The massive fireball exploded on the Vermilion Bird and seemed to have blended into the flames on his body.

However, Shen Yanxiao could clearly see the scorched marks on the Vermilion Birds feathers.

The Phoenixes flames had wounded him!

At that moment, Shen Yanxiao was vexed at her lack of strength.

She could not even protect her magical beast from those two mythical-level beasts!

She clenched her fist and made up her mind.

If the Vermilion Bird could no longer hold on, she would immediately recall him into her body and try to escape the situation.

Even though she was not as fast as the Phoenixes, she would not stand idly by as the Vermilion Bird fought a losing battle.

It was evident that those two Phoenixes were out to kill him!

Two Phoenixes cries accompanied by the Vermilion Birds high-pitched shriek resounded throughout Mount Kuluo.

The Phoenixes combined their attacks to blast the Vermillion Bird with a massive fireball.

The angry flames covered his entire body, and his scarlet feathers turned scorched black.

Shen Yanxiao could no longer continue to watch.

She consumed a speed potion and dashed to the location where the Vermilion Bird had fallen.

The Vermilion Bird felt stinging pain from the fire but discovered that his bastard master had rushed toward him in an area that was already engulfed in flames.

He was stunned when he saw her action.

Why did she go to him Did she want to die!

When the two Phoenixes in the sky saw that the Vermilion Bird had fallen, they immediately flew forward with two massive fireballs aimed at him.

Just as the massive fireball was about to devour the Vermilion Bird and his master, a purple light suddenly burst out of Shen Yanxiao.

The blinding purple light immediately shrouded Shen Yanxiao and the Vermilion Bird in a layer of a dazzling barrier.

Just as the firewall was about to hit them, the layer of protective barrier bounced them away.

Shen Yanxiao had no time to react as she felt an acute pain in her chest.

The heart-wrenching pain swallowed her strength as her legs buckled, and she dropped to the ground.

The purple light that shot out of her chest gradually formed a human shape in the air.

When the light finally faded, a slender and elegant figure had suddenly appeared in mid-air!

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