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Chapter 391: The Phoenixs Glory (3)

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What was wrong with Du Lang

Evil Wolf was not alone in such thoughts as the other five wolves were puzzled as well.

However, they would never question Du Langs orders.

Du Langs strange orders lingered in their minds, and they could only look on as the mercenaries at the frontline arrived near the Phoenixs nest.

At that point, they were only a hundred meters away from it.

Several of the mercenary leaders at the frontline were not complete idiots.

They knew that they would have to discuss a way to lure the Phoenix away from its lair.

Furthermore, the cave could not accommodate all of the men and their magical beasts as well.

After a round of discussion, they decided to send out five wind-elemental magical beasts to lure the Phoenix from its nest.

Wind-elemental magical beasts had the fastest speed amongst the beasts.

After that, five magical creatures as tall as half a man would immediately dive into the nest that was permeated with fire elements at their masters command.

At the same time, the other mercenaries could only fix their gazes on the entrance of the cave.

The moment those five wind-elemental magical beasts entered the cave, scarlet flames shot out from the nest and immediately engulfed those beasts.

Before anyone could react, those five beasts had been disintegrated into ashes.

The Phoenixs cry reverberated throughout the horizons, and its shrieks pained everyones eardrums.

The temperature at the peak of Mount Kuluo rose to the degree that no one could endure, and the scorching heat overwhelmed everyone there.

The earth shook slightly, and a dazzling fiery-red colored light darted from the dim cave.

It looked like a huge red sun that was suspended high above everyone present there.

After the light faded, a massive and elegant king of the birds suddenly appeared before everyones line of sight.

The thousand-men group seemed so insignificant in the presence of such a massive beast that stood as tall as a five-story building.

A pair of huge flaming wings stretched out like a large net and covered the sunlight, and what remained was the light from the sea of fire!

The elegant Phoenix suspended in midair while its stunning scarlet feathers ignited soundlessly.

The Phoenix was covered with flames, and it looked so gorgeous that no one could avert their eyes.

Yet, underneath the magnificent façade was a lethal and powerful being!

“An eight-ranked Phoenix This… This is an eighth-ranked Phoenix”

Everyone was thoroughly dumbstruck.

Even though they had only encountered such a beast for the first time in their lives, they could not believe that the majestic bird was only an eighth-ranked high-level magical beast!

The other magical beasts there trembled as they sprawled on the ground beside their masters side.

As soon as the Phoenix revealed itself, the other magical beasts had turned into frightened quails.

“That is a mythical-level beast! That Phoenix is a mythical-level magical beast!” Someone shouted amongst the group, and in an instant, the wordmythical-level struck everyones heart like bolts of lightning as they gasped.

Everyone felt as if they were stuck in a nightmare at that precise moment.

No one could imagine that the eighth-ranked magical beast that they had expected was actually a mythical-level Phoenix that they had only heard from the rumors!

A mythical-level magical beast!

Its power was so unimaginably powerful that everyone could only tremble in fright!

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